Ways to Download or Save WhatsApp status Pictures and Videos on your Mobile Phone(Gallery)

Long time guys, we are here to show you how to save WhatsApp status videos and pictures  on your phone.
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Now How to save WhatsApp video and pictures on your mobile phone
We have different ways of saving pictures and video from WhatsApp into your phone gallery

  1. Check hidden Whatsapp Statuses Folder:

After you tap on one of your friend’s status, the status photo gets downloaded to .Statuses folder on Android Lollipop/marshmallow/Nougat Device. The .Statuses folder is usually hidden to prevent you from saving whatsapp status images to gallery. All you have to do is to unhide the folder to copy whatsapp status photos of others. There is no need to root android marshmallow/nougat device or jailbreak iOS iDevice. You can download whatsapp status images/photos to gallery using this method. 

2.How to Save WhatsApp Status Videos and Pictures on Android using WhatsApp status app

You can avoid the complexity and rely on a 3rd party app to save your friend’s WhatsApp Status. The app will automatically collect the statuses which you have seen and show them in an organized manner.

  • First of all download the Status app HERE
  • Provide the permission for the app.
  • Now, the app will show you the Status. The “Images” tab contains image statuses, and “Videos” tab includes Gifs and video statuses.
  • To save WhatsApp Status, long press the one that you want. Hit “Save” icon at the top.
  • Alternatively, you can save it by tapping the one you want, tap “+” icon, and then choose “Save” option.
  • The Statuses you save will be stored in the “StorySaver” folder of your Android device.

That is how to save your friends status, you see it is very easy
GodzGeneral blog will keep updating you.if you have issue on this please you can use the comment box, we will be here to reply you…

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