Latest Free Browsing Cheat with Tweakware VPN 2020

Latest unlimited free browsing on Tweakware Vpn settings in the month of june 2020 for all glo subscribers. This is coming after I shared Working free data plan on Airtel,glo and Mtn| May 2020. Dont forget that gidimo free data is still working for all mtn subscribers, then Tweakware VPN will definitely work for you.


App info

  • An Android device
  • Glo sim card
  • Tweakware app (click here to download)

How To Import Config File On Tweakware VPN
Let start from there!!!

  • install, and open Tweakware app
  • On the main page, select Free Server- Auto Select.
  • And in the second box below, select Import Tweak
  • Locate the config you’ve downloaded from this site and click on it to import.
  • When you are done, go back to Tweakware Home Screen and
  • Finally, tap on Connect. It will connect within 30 seconds.

How to set unlimited free browsing on Tweakware Vpn

  • Free Browsing Configuration
  • Open Tweakware App.
  • Click Settings.
  • Leave Custom Tweak.
  • Hit the Setting icon
  • User-name and password leave blank
  • Select custom tweak
  • Select Connection Mode as HTTP.
  • Make your Server Port as 80
  • Config your Host header as
  • Click on select header line type and mark multiline
  • Make sure the reserve proxy is not tick
  • Now go back to main menu and hit the connect button

Now this while it last, you can share this post with friends,family or anyone who needs it. Also, please leave a comment below if it works for you, and happy new month fellas

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