Top Quality Places To Sell Cars Quickly To Buyers In Nigeria 2021

With the cost of things all over the world especially Nigeria, it’s cool to save costs by going for used vehicles other than brand new, am I right? Do u know that the exciting side of things is that finding these cars for sale in Nigeria is quite easy. With different companies building online market places to sell cars online in Nigeria, you can become a car owner from your house.
If you don’t want to go through the hassles of finding a buyer for your car or to buy an 100% guarantee cars in Nigeria then you need to check the list below


Best Places to Sell Cars Quickly to Buyers 2020

I will be listing them according to their levels. So I will start with the best and go down to the least. But all in all, you can make your choice.

Phakom motors

This is the best global motor dealer in the country. this company even uses global to indicate their commitment to Nigerian car sellers. It is the number one market to sell cars online and offline in Nigeria. No matter the state you check into in Nigeria, you’ll find out that Phakom is the thing. It is fast becoming a household name in Nigeria, just like every other top company name. I often have transactions using phakom to sell, and the results are always lovely. Interestingly, there are some unnecessary trade charges by most other online car market websites, but this is absent when using Phakom.
The most interesting part is that all cars on phakom are certified. Fears about buying stolen vehicles?

Is it Difficult to Advertise Car for Sell on Phakom?
No, you can get in touch with Phakom on Facebook or call +2348084204010
They buy and sell different set of cars all over the world


Car45 offers something great that I’m yet to find in other platforms. There are kinds of services Cars45 offers that most sites on this list do not such as:

  • Inspection services
  • Valuation
  • Pre-purchase Inspection
  • Fleet Liquidation

These services would really help one as a buyer and as a seller in trade situations. Some people who find it very difficult to inspect or value cars before buying or selling properly. Worry less because this is a service that Cars45 offers. The most interesting part is that all cars on Car45 are certified. Fears about buying stolen vehicles? With Cars45, such isn’t much of an issue.


Founded in 2014 by Anton Wolyansky in Lagos State, Nigeria, the 6-year-old online marketplace is have grown to become one of the best classified ads website to buy and sell cars in Nigeria. Though a wide range of things ranging from Electronics, Fashion items, Real estate, Pets and lots more can be sold on Jiji, Jiji Cars remains one of the best places to easily and safely get your car sold.


This is one of the oldest online marketplace to easily find a buyer for your Automobile. Founded in 2012 by Fabrice Grinda and Alec Oxenford, OLX has over 1200 employees and about 2 million active buyers who may want your old or used car.

Why We Recommend These Car Selling Sites
The listed websites feature some sort of higher trust ratings from us. As you can see, we’ve experienced the services of some of these companies which make it easy to review them.
In truth, there is no 100% recommendation for any of these companies. That is, if you’re certain with the services, you might end up being a scam victim.

NOTE: Not all of the deals you find out there are authentic. Some are just there to scam the earth out of you. As a final advice, be careful with those contacted for the car selling and buying.

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