NCDC Whatsapp Number for Coronavirus Update in Nigeria

The Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) Nigeria has released official Whatsapp number which people should add to get latest updates on Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic in the country. This is developed to help NIGERIANS to get information about the deadly virus.


Part of it is how to properly sanitize our mobile phone.The NCDC Whatsapp number is a bot just like that of World Health Organization (WHO) Whatsapp number all info about how to get tested, how to protect yourself, travel guidelines, what to do if exposed to the virus and so on.
This deadly virus has been spreading in Nigeria after first case was recorded in February 27, 2020. As at 29 March, 2020, 111 people are already infected with the virus and one death recorded, whereby different steps has been taken by different Governors such as lagos,oyo,ogun etc

Features of NCDC Whatsapp Number

  • Latest updates on COVID-19 NIGERIA
  • Information on how testing is carried out
  • Receive urgent messages from NCDC

How To Add NCDC On Whatsapp for COVID-19 Updates

  • Use this link to add NCDC on Whatsapp.
  • Or add this NCDC WhatsApp number: 07087110839 Once added, send “Hi” via WhatsApp to NCDC
  • You’ll automatically be registered to receive updates and also have an option to ask for more information as shown.
  • Just enter the number that corresponds to your question and get answers immediately

Additionally, for global Covid-19 updates, you can join our facebook Page or you can add World Health Organization on Whatsapp. Or manually add this WHO number +41797818791 on Whatsapp and send “hi” in a chat to receive updates Or manually add this WHO number +41797818791 on Whatsapp and send “hi” in a chat to receive updates.
Note: Whatsapp is free and it’s the most popular instant messaging platform in the world right now so it’s a good idea for these Government health organizations to be readily available.

you can read the symptoms and ways to prevent this deadly virus HERE.
GodzGeneral says keep safe, protect yourself and seek for medical attention immediately you feel some of the Corona virus symptoms in your body

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