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We all know how job opportunities are nowadays, with issues of no employment around the youth in Nigeria, but still the government are doing what they can do to create employment for people in the country and that is why the little help the government can do is to create this job opportunity call NPower which is Empowering Nigerian youths for prosperity

What Is NPower


N-Power is a youth empowerment scheme sponsored by the Federal Government of Nigeria to help the youth in launching their career into prosperity as their name implies. It has been in existence since August 2016 and it has help more than millions of Nigeria to get to their dream land

What To Do In NPower?

Don’t worry about the job, because you don’t need to search for job. You will be given a job to do and you will be paid monthly for 2yrs. You are just learning something and also working with payment every month.

How do I apply and register for NPower

You don’t need to rush, you just need all this requirement stated below and you are good to go.

Requirements for NPower Registration

  • You must be between the ages of 18 – 35
  • You must have a valid bank account
  • You must have a valid BVN number
  • You may or may not be educated
  • A valid ID card; Voters card, National Identity card or International passport

Also You might need any results to show you really pass through school starting with;

  • Primary school certificate
  • Secondary school certificate
  • NCE certificate
  • OND certificate
  • HND certificate
  • BSc degree certificate
  • NYSC certificate

Available Categories in the Npower programme

You can apply for any of the below categories:

  • Npower Teach
  • Npower Agro
  • Npower Health
  • Npower Tech hardware
  • Npower Tech software
  • Npower creative
  • Npower Tax
  • Npower build

How to apply for the NPower recruitment

To register and apply for the recruitment, follow the below procedure:

Visit this Npower application portal to get started

  • Provide your valid email address and your prefered password for the Npower you have use to register
  • Then click the register button
  • login to the page
  • Provide the full details you used in the account creation
  • Click the login button
  • Fill the entire form by providing the details below
  • Your names
  • Educational Qualification
  • National Youth Service Certificate (optional)
  • BVN
  • Phone Number
  • The Category of your choice
  • Upload your certificate, passport and identification card

Simple questions people ask about NPower 2020

When will NPower close?

No closing date has been communicated yet, so application is open for the main time.

Why is this site so slow in loading?

Yes you might actually experience that since lots of Nigerian are trying to apply and it might result to slow server response due to server overload. So you need to keep cool and reload the site
You might try in the midnight if you it not working well in the day

Can I apply with Awaiting Results?

No you can’t but you can apply with the current result you have with you. Either primary, secondary and teirtary institution results

Can I apply with SSCE certificate?

Sure, you can apply with a secondary school certificate, you don’t necessarily need to attend a polytechnic or University before you can apply as there is a job specifically made for you.

Can a current (NYSC) serving corp member apply?

Sure you can apply, if you don’t yet have your NYSC certificate as far you are currently serving.
There is a column you can fill to indicate you are currently serving in the country.

How much is NPower paying?

Npower is paying from the region of #10000 to #30000 per month. Payment varies in all categories


If you have any question to ask on NPower 2020, please use the comment box, we will reply you asap. Don’t forget to share with friends and family, a friend needs a job beside you

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