MTN Cameroon Free Browsing Cheat via Droid VPN

Are you using MTN and live in Cameroon? This is another opportunity for you to browse freely with Droid VPN using an MTN Sim.


What is Droid VPN

Droid VPN is a VPN software developed for android devices. It can be used to bypass the restrictions of your ISP. Unblock websites and use as free data to browsing. Using 4g for internet make it very easy to connect to Droid VPN server so that you can use it well either to download, chat or ping with friends and family.

It is very fast and durable in using, though this is the latest working free browsing cheat in Cameroon. So pick yours as it last because for now it only work in two different countries Cameroon and Uganda.

Note that free browsing cheat shared on this blog are for educational purposes to alert the ISP about the loopholes available on their network also providing free internet for users at the moment.

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Features of Droid VPN

  • Easy to set up
  • Fast in connecting
  • Simple User Interface
  • UDP, TCP, ICMP and DNS support

Requirement for Droid VPN for MTN Free Browsing Cheat in Cameroon

  • An MTN Uganda sim with no credit or data
  • An android device or phone
  • Droid VPN which you can download here

Droid VPN settings For MTN Subscribers In Cameroon

Follow the following steps to enjoy MTN free browsing via Droid VPN

  • Download Droid from the link above
  • Click Here to create droid account
  • Register and login to the account
  • Click on settings and then click UDP settings
  • Now follow the configuration settings below
Local UDP portLeave Empty
pick UDP modeMode 1
TcountLeave Empty

OR follow the second option if the first did not work for you, just configure the VPN this way. Go to settings and click UDP Seating’s

Remote UDP port60000 or 6000
Local UDP port6000
Choose UDP modeMode 1
Tcount808 or leave empty

Go back and go to TCP and HTTP and follow the following steps

Remote TCP port9201
Local TCP port8080
Send HTTP headers on TCPTick
Set HTTP headersTick

Make sure it is in Editor and Generator and follow the following steps
Request methodGet
Injection methodBack inject
Keep aliveTick
User agentTick

After successful configuration click on generate, validate and then save. Make sure you connect before you minimize.


If you have any issue on Droid VPN in Cameroon please don’t existate to beep us via comment box, we will be fast in replying you. It can also work on PC if you follow the same guideline for phones and tablet.


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