Latest MTN Free Call Cheat 2020 (unlimited)

MTN unlimited Free Call 2020
Its been rare to have Free Mtn call cheat nowadays but thanks to our source who has been working tirelessly on how to satisfy our esteem customers.

The cheat works even when you have a 0.0 KB airtime balance on your phone. So if you have been looking for how to make free calls on MTN, then you are at the right place. The process is a bit technically so you have to follow the steps carefully to enjoy this.

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Features Of Mtn Free Call

  • Call is available in an unlimited way when activated
  • No need to recharge any amount before it will work
  • Available for mostly all mtn subscribers
  • Actually some sims are selected for these cheat
  • It work for most people
  • 100% Tested and trusted.

Type Of SIMs to Use For Activation

  • For you to enjoy this latest MTN Unlimited Free Call Cheat 2020, you need SIMs that have these prefixes;
  • 081641
  • 070630
  • 081640
  • 090611
  • 080640
  • 081640
  • 080641

How to Activate Mtn Free Call On My Sim

  • Get any of the specified SIMs above
  • Activate the SIM by recharging N100 but if you’ve been using it earlier ignore this step,
  • On your phone, Navigate to Settings > Mobile Network > Network Operator > Click Select Manually,
  • Then wait for the network search show results,
  • When done, you’ll be shown a list of the available network to select from,
  • Next is to choose any network on it EXCEPT MTN,
  • Ignore any error message that might come up,
  • Navigate to Dial Pad/Dialler,
  • Input 999 as the Prefix when you want to make a call; I.e 99909039535287.
  • In case you get an error message notifying you of number not existing, simply go back to network settings and select another network EXCEPT MTN.
  • Next is to redial the number, if it hangs up constantly, then keep dialling the number,
  • The constant hangup is as a result of network congestion on 999,
  • If the unlimited call activation was successful, make sure you don’t visit the network operator for the meantime.

Enjoy making calls with your mtn network in an unlimited ways.
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