Latest MTN Free Browsing cheat With Combo VPN 2023

Free browsing cheat this year has been really been a thug of war unlike past years but we have for you MTN free browsing cheat with Combo VPN. Trust me it has been where there were numerous cheats to choose from. All hope is not yet lost, that is why we are here for you guys we will keep updating you guys on free and cheap browsing cheats as we have them.
Less I forget free browsing cheat with tweakware are still working perfectly to download click HERE


As always as before GodzGeneral brings to you the latest free browsing cheat on Combo VPN

What is combo VPN?

Combo VPN is a fast app providing free VPN proxy service, very easy Just click and you will be able to access the internet safely and securely especially on MTN.

Likewise AnonyTun VPN, Combo vpn is similar to it in appearance and functions so it’s also used for tweaking free browsing on MTN.
I won’t be saying too much. Let’s just go straight to why we are here.
But before configuration, you must meet the requirements below for a perfect connection.


  • An MTN sim without data
  • Default MTN APN settings
  • Works on MTN 3G and 4G sim
  • For Android phones.
  • Download Combo Vpn HERE for Android

How to set up MTN free Browsing on Combo VPN

  1. First of all you have to download the combo app , you can click on the link above
  2. launch the app and use these settings below:
  • tap on Combo Settings and turn on STEALTH SETTINGS and leave CONNECTION PROTOCOL to TCP.
  • Connection Port use 443
  • Turn on the switch for Connect via parent proxy.
  • Edit and set your parent proxy as and 8080 as port

3. Turn on the switch for Custom TCP/http headers

  • Edit Custom TCP/http headers
  • RL/host:
  • Request method: CONNECT

4.Injection method: Normal
5.Tick keep-alive and user-agent

6.Press Generate and Valid a ConnectS ave.
7.Save all settings and Connect


You shouldn’t have any data or Airtime on your phone when testing this cheat else it will be zapped. Therefore I advise you to only use this cheat on an MTN SIM without any credit or data inside.
If it stops, simply open the Combo app again and change URL/host to

That all from here we hope we have more data cheats to share, 24 Clan VPN free browsing cheat is still working grab it as it last…see you all later

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