How to Unlock Your Phone Using Unlock Phone Codes

Using a carrier-specific phone can be a pain in the neck. If you have a locked phone, then you must know the struggle. Unlocking a phone is essential to remove the SIM restrictions on the modem and enabling the iPhone to be used on any carrier. Unlocking the phones is a legal action to get out of the restriction of your current carrier. If you own a Samsung phone, then you can get it unlocked at Cellunlocker‘s free Samsung galaxy s8 unlocked.


For the majority of the people, buying a new phone outright is an expense that they simply can’t bear. So, they choose to get a phone on a monthly contract from a carrier. But when the contract period is up, you become the owner of your phone and have the authority to do whatever you want. In such cases, the is usually locked in order to restrict the use of any other carrier.

You won’t be able to change your carrier and have to bear high roaming fees if your phone is carrier-specific. Before getting started with the ways to unlock your Samsung phone, you need to figure out whether your phone is actually locked or not.


SIM lock prevents phone users from using any other SIM on the phone other than the one they are currently using. Sometimes phone users might not be sure whether their phone is SIM-locked or not. If you are in the same confusion, then consider inserting a SIM card from a different network service provider. In case your device asks you to enter the unlock code, you will get to know that your phone is SIM locked.

Unlocking phones by using codes is legal but sometimes carriers made the process difficult. Let’s talk in detail about how to unlock your phone using unlock codes to free yourself from the grip of your carrier.


The process of unlocking a phone by using the unlock code is quite simple. There is a plethora of service providers who helps you in unlocking your phones- no matter what the model is. The person or the organization who unlocks the phone sends a special request to the carriers that have locked your phone. The request is made to remove the locked flag for the IMEI and carries notifies the phone manufacturing company to remove the restrictions. When the restrictions are removed then the person can activate the phone with any other carrier.

This procedure takes place automatically via software APIs. Carriers hand over the authorization to some third parties for unlocking the phones for free. However, these individuals and companies abuse the auth and charge for providing the unlocking services.  They have the authorization to unlock or whitelist your phone legally and this is the only authentic way to carry out the process.


Looking for a reliable and secure option to get your phone unlocked is a challenging job. The difficulty of unlocking a Samsung phone varies from carrier to carrier. Depending upon who you are dealing with and the model of your phone, unlocking it can be a laborious process that requires a lot of calls and might take a few hours or can be the simplest one. No matter how complex and difficult the procedure of unlocking a phone is, you should better get it done before leaving your current carrier because the process can become even tougher after your contract has ended and you’ve left.

Unlocking your Samsung phone isn’t as complicated as it might often sound. There can be various reasons that someone might not have access to their phone at the moment. Maybe the owner has forgotten the code, purchased a second-hand locked phone, or the code might not be working. Here is the detailed process to unlock your phones by using unlock codes.


You must have a 15-digit IMEI code before getting started with the process. Enter *#06# from your phone and press the call button to get your specific IMEI code. After that, contact your carrier or any unlocking service provider to get a free consultation about the process.  


If the first step doesn’t work, then you should remove your battery to look for the code or can get it from your phone’s box.


You can get your unlock code from your carrier or online from any website at a reasonable price. You will receive the code along with the instructions. Follow the simple steps, enter the code, and that’s it.


You can unlock the phone on your own. Just power off your phone, remove the SIM card, then power on it again. From that moment you can unlock your phone on your own. There will be a pop-up notification to ask about the IMEI code, enter it, and you are good to go.


You can find hundreds of websites that provide you the phone unlocking services. Phone unlocking websites are quite reliable and considered a secure way to get your phones unlocked. Their representatives will guide you throughout the process. Not all third-party unlocking service providers are trustworthy, that’s why you should do the homework before getting an unlocking code from any website as some of them are fake and cons companies.

You should do some research about the reliable phone unlocking websites, check out the reviews about their services, and, if possible, talk to the person who already has used the services. Below is the list of the most trusted and reliable phone unlocking websites:

  • www.unlockmonster
  • And many more

Steps for unlocking a phone differs from model to model. Unlocking phones has made quite simpler in this technologically driven era. Get your phone unlocked from the restrictions of your carrier and feel free. 

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