How to enable WhatsApp dark theme on Andriod

WhatsApp finally gets dark mode on Android  here’s how to enable it


GodzGeneral is happy to announce to all WhatsApp users that WhatsApp has finally bring out dark mode feature for Android users. This is coming as WhatsApp beta for Android was recently updated to version 2.20.13.

The new features of WhatsApp bets allow users to choose between light or dark theme when on the app. With the new features, chats appear with dark background, and your messages are shown in green bubbles.
Up until now, the only way to get dark mode on WhatsApp was to use third-party apps and other similar tricks, and those only worked on its web version (to my knowledge, at least). Not anymore.
Here, I will share with you how you can enable dark theme on your WhatsApp. The process is simple and easy to follow

How to enable dark theme on WhatsApp

  • First, you need to update WhatsApp for Android to the latest beta version from Google Play or download the APK from HERE.
  • Go to WhatsApp Settings ⇒ Chats ⇒ Theme ⇒ Choose Dark theme
  • ‘System default’ option available for Android 10 users identifies the theme used by the Android system and changes the theme to light or dark theme accordingly
  • ‘Set by Battery Saver’ option available for Android Pie and lower versions automatically switches to light or dark theme based on Battery Saver settings
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