how can i think like a fashion designer and influence the future?

Over the years, fashion designers have been popularized, recognised, for their ability not only to dictate the present, but most importantly their power to influence the future.
From latest trends, vintage wears, to luxury goods, fashion affect our lives and our sense of appreciation. How then do a group of people influence the world So that it depends on them.
How does a fashion designer think and How do they influence the world.
Faith Ayoola a renowned Creative Fashion Designer with many of productive experience.
When I started out in my present career I thought being a fashion designer was just cutting and joining pieces of fabric,but then I discovered that this method of thinking was crippling because I was no different from your local seamstress.
Then I started thinking and researching on how fashion designers think and how they affect every facet of life,in my research I discovered change
I then realised that change was a constant disruptive feature of life and the fashion industry more than most thrives on change.
Fashion also creates a desire for change but you might say fashion doesn’t affect you
But if you remember vividly the last time you bought a piece of clothing it was to replace a piece of worn out clothing.
At the end of my research my perspective on fashion design is different.

I would say a fashion designer is a person with the capacity, and tools that can be used to relay,affect and change human behavior…. and change the world at large and yes the difference was clear I was no longer a “Help adjust this tailor “
Now What I  want to talk about is that you can fashion your future by using some of the ways a fashion designer thinks and also having a successful career (click here to read on pathway to a successful career)

ways to think like a fashion designer
1)widen your imagination
Imagination is a fantastic,  free, limitless resource that everyone has,and a true way of widening your imagination is to be creative everyday.
Creativity here is not in terms if your skills or talents,a lot of people do the same things everyday
Even though they know the results are not favourable.
Fashion designers do not have routines, they use their imagination to create new ideas and inventions,So we should try to do a different thing everyday day.

For example take a new route to work, try a different flavour of ice cream,greet someone you would normally ignore

2)be curious
Fashion designers are constantly curious about What goes on around them.
Fashion designers are curious about everything from science to accounting as they are constantly seeking inspiration,Information has never been easier to access. So next time you are online read a different article,something on architecture or maths just go out of your comfort zone

3)Be observant
Fashion designers aren’t witches or seers, they can’t decipher the future,Fashion designers watch and follow emerging trends.
They constantly strive to stay ahead of a curves.they constantly look for patterns that seem to weave into a new trend
As an individual you must look around you for emerging trends and find out how to become involved so as not to be left behind

4) don’t overlook simple familiar things
Every inspiring prose or book or movie you have gone through was created from the simple 26 letters of the English alphabet
fashion designers use simple things (like a tee shirt) to create new products. When you use simple and familiar things well you can create endlessly

5)have lots of ideas But don’t fall in love with them all
Fashion designers must have thousands of ideas But they select on the best,every second we get new ideas.
This topic I am speaking on took more than a week’s  preparation,with me constantly testing it with people to see their reactions.
Imagine I tried using that one week to develop a hundred ideas
My communication would be sloppy if I didn’t already pass out due to exhaustion
So remember that you need time, energy and expertise to develop an idea

6)Share your ideas
I remember in primary school after doing my assignment the next day a friend of mine would ask to see it and I would tell him to back off. Because I was afraid he was going to copy it,i realised late that I was my own undoing, I got most answers wrong while the rest of the class had higher grades
Sharing your ideas allows external influence in your material
I discovered someone may copy your idea But then they serve as a test run for your idea so you look at their pitfalls and refashion your ideas a solution to theirs

7)Be an influencer
The amount of your followers on social media or your power over others doesn’t prove influence.
Back in 1950’s Fashion designers described how to get clothing right,but people wanted to be different so fashion started to loose It’s foothold
Now fashion designers have allowed people develop their own styles by working and learning from different influencers,so don’t just be a boss influence people.

8)don’t be afraid to try new things and make mistakes
Most mistakes are easily remedied,when Fashion designers make mistakes, they are public and very embarrassing.
Fashion designers learn resilience and get back on

9) be optimistic
No one knows tomorrow not even the fashion designer,learn how to be positive even when you are pushing a foreign idea,we can fashion fashion our future by thinking more like a fashion designer.

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