Video Conferencing App Called Google Meet Launched by Google

The biggest search engine Google just introduce an app called Google meet. You are thinking what google meet is? yes we will explain what we meant by Google meet.


Google Meet is a video conferencing application by Google which is designed for High digital video meetings with support for multi-person video calls, also provided as part of G Suite.  Which means that If you use Gmail with a company email address, you’re already a paid G Suite user, meaning you can use Google Meet Apps to create or host online meeting via, like this time of pandemic you can use this app for video coverage.

Little Details about Google Meet

This is similar to Hangout app which is also owned by google which offers group video calls and other things. we all know that Hangout is limited to 25 video conference but Google meet is limited to at least 200 video conference call, can you imagine that.

Features of Google Meet

  • Able to adjust your camera, microphone and speaker options.
  • Unlike Google Hangouts’ often dark interface, Meet puts its tools in a bright white toolbar
  • Able to turn off your camera, mute your mic, or share your screen
  • Also followed by a longer list of participants’ screens, names and emails
  • Also making it easy to access these calls while on the go
  • Also integration with Gmail and Google Calendar.

How To Join Google Meet Meeting Sessions

You can join google meet meeting session by:

  • web browser and mobile app (You don’t need a Google Account to participate in Meet video meetings via your web browser)
  • Google Calendar
  • Meeting link URL or code
  • Dial in by phone – enabling users with slow or no internet connection to call in
  • Google Meet hardware and Chromebox and Chromebase for meetings

How to Download Google Meet App for Android and iOS

Click the below link to download the google meet app

Google Meet Pricing Plans

But the only different is that you will have to pay to enjoy Google meet app, with just $6 you can enjoy the app also,
G Suite has a few different membership tiers, and the more you pay, the more people you can have on a single Google Meet call.


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