Get 500MB Free MTN Data Valid For 14days Without VPN

About some weeks ago, I posted about MTN Giving Out Free data on gidimo to its customers. Here is another free 500MB from MTN to its users. I was just pressing my phone this morning and I recieved a message from MTN that they’ve just given me 500MB worth of data valid for 14days. Waoh
All I need to do was to COLLECT or CANCEL the offer, which I accepted by tapping the collect button.That is a give away data for all mtn subscribers
And here I am to share it with you pals.


How did I receive 500MB Data From MTN Valid For 14days

  • checkout your data balance to know if you are one of the lucky subscribers the free 500MB was given to.
  • In fact, no settings or VPN is required. It’s just by dialing a code on your Phone via your MTN line.
  • So to check if MTN also gave you the free 500MB valid for 14days, just pickup your phone now and dial *131*4#.
  • That’s the code for checking data balance on MTN.

Notice this:Incase you check your data balance now and can’t find any data and you later recieve the popup message on phone, all you have to do is just click on COLLECT and your free 500MB will be given to you.

Dont dull and dont lose your hope,this is your best oppourtunity
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