ZArchiver Pro v0.9.5.8 Apk Download Latest Version 2021

Download latest version of ZArchiver Pro v0.9.5.8. ZArchiver Pro v0.9.5.8 is one of the most populous file manager, compressing and decompressing app across the world which helps in unzip archived files. The file comes with many features for managing archives in a simple and functional user interface.
Its is one app that most android devices use to unzip moded apps games.

Features of ZArchiver Pro

  • Ability to choose between Dark and Light Mode
  • Ability to view image from the app
  • Ability to create folder and sub folder from the app
  • Ability to store password
  • Ability to modify files in achieve

What you can do with ZArchiver pro


There are lots of things you can use ZArchiver pro for;

  • Able to view archive contents
  • Able to create archive files
  • Able to decompress archives
  • Ability to compress archive files and share with others
  • unzip and extract zipped files
  • Create and decompress password-protected archives
  • Use to edit archives
  • Create and decompress multi-part archives
  • Open an archive file from mail applications
  • Open compressed files
  • Create and decompress multi-part archives
  • Partial archive decompression

Download ZArchiver Pro APK V0.9.5.8

The latest version of ZArchiver APK can be downloaded below. Just click and download to unzip all games apps

App information

NameZArchiver Pro
UpdatedApril 30 2021
Android Requirementv2.0 and higher


If you have issues installing or using this app, please don’t hesitate to let me know by the comments box or by contacting me through the contact page on this blog, we will always try to reply you soonest.

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