Top 50 Facebook Games For Android and IOS Mobile Device

Numerous numbers of people thought that largest social media platform Facebook is just a platform where you can just stream videos, chats, upload pictures and videos above all have fun but many does not know that Facebook has games where you can play with just a click to download.


We all know that Facebook boasts of over 2.6 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2020 and one of the reason is just the ability to download and play games on your mobile phone either Android or IOS devices, so if you want  play high intensive and graphics games, Facebook games are their for you. This games has a lots of genre and their are lot of individual choice to play games on Facebook

Some of this Facebook games are either multiplayer or single player so you either choose to play with friends or play alone. also don’t be surprise if i choose to list shooting games you can play or do you think its only playstore you can download shooting games? let get down to business.

Best Facebook Game around the World

Candle Crush

We all know that candy crush is loved by lot of Android and IOS users, whether you are playing the game on Android, Windows, iOS, or Facebook, the game is still addictive and fun to play. Do you know what is special about this game, you can get more life from friends on Facebook if you exhaust you life. You don’t really need more explanation, just click and play this wonderful game.

Coin Master

Another top class Facebook game you will ever dream of with a lot of spin, attack and raid plain options. They stole your coin, join the vikings team to search for the lost coin, build your way to become vikings empire.

Bejeweled Blitz

Our next target is bejeweled blitz which is also a Facebook game you can play. This wonderful game is similar to candy crush saga even harder than candy crush which is becomes more aggressive as the game goes on.

Dragon City

As the name implies dragon city; it is a big city filled with dragons to fight with, you need to defend the building given unto you, to protect from the dragons in the city. we can’t explain further until you download the Facebook game now.

Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings is one of the most populous strategy games on Android and iOS devices which is now on facebook. This game has a lot of target or mission but the biggest mission of all is for you to raise powerful army that can defend your castle or temple from attacks from looters.This game will test how you aim, your strategy and skills in overcoming your enemies. It really a high intensive and challenging game.

Global Strike

Global Strike is a plugin-free, fully 3D browser-based shooter inspired by the classic era of FPS gaming. The game features realistic weaponry, massive environments, multiple frenetic game modes and more. the bad side of this is that the graphics on this game are not as good as the one on Dead Trigger 2, the game is also very light on the system and doesn’t require any additional downloads to work. If you have a low-end system and want to enjoy a classic first-person shooter game, this is the one to play,  you will enjoy this game more on the system.

Dead Trigger 2

As we have said above about dead trigger 2 which is about having the best graphics on any Facebook game platform. Dead Trigger 2 is one of the best zombie action games that you will get to play and the opportunity to play on Facebook was very surprising to me. Joining more than 30 million players around the world in your quest to rid this world of zombies. very competitive and full of fun.

Social Wars

Aliens are back to take over your territory, you have been chosen to lead army of warriors and men in battle to save the planet. Can you do it? i think you can. armor and weapon are available to defend the territory.

CSR Racing

Facebook also have racing game which you can play, so if you are looking for wicked fast racing game to play this is what you are looking for i mean CSR racing is what you should go for. The game is all about choosing a super car, giving it a stunning look, and then kick starting a high-octane racing battle. Featuring a huge collection of top-notch cars from well-known manufacturers including Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani, and Koenigsegg, the game has got the variety to let you pick the right bet. And with plenty of customization on offer, you can also customize your favorite cars from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Above all, it offers a lot of rewards to keep you pumped up to dominate the ranking.

And finally,

NCIS: Hidden Crimes

NCIS: Hidden Crimes is a puzzle game where you solve crimes by finding clues and solving puzzles. The game is a little bit graphic so it might not be for everyone however if you love crime related games, this is going to please you a lot. The cases start very simple but get challenging over time. This game is certainly going to please your gamer heart.


Enjoy every bit of Facebook games, just click on the downloading link and start enjoying the entertaining game, you can share with friends and never forget to comment on this post using our comment box and we promise to updates this as soon as possible.

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