Ways to Properly Clean Your Mobile phone From Deadly Diseases

The latest disease in the world now is Corona virus also known as Covid-19 which begins from China in January 2020 has now move from about 100 countries like European countries(united state,Spain,England and so on),also Africa are not exempted, can you imagine that.
Keeping our personal hygiene is one of the ways of protecting yourself from being infected by this deadly Virus (Covid-19). Our Smartphones are one of the major carriers of dirt so in this post, you will know the best ways to properly clean or Sanitize your smartphone against Corona Virus infection.
It started like a drama and now Coronavirus has been declared by World Health Organization as an epidemic threatening the existence of human beings.

There was a time that football,tennis even wrestling are no more due to this deadly virus.
In China, companies has shut down, schools shut down, in fact, people rarely stay in public places. In Italy, both outgoing and incoming travels has been banned. In Nigeria, people are advised to maintain good hygiene as there are already two confirmed case of the virus in the country.


Mobile devices are one of our most valued properties that stays with us 24/7 and it caries a lot of dirt stuff especially in the screen which you might not know. Do you know that your smartphone screen can carry the Corona Virus for about 6 hours and when you operate the phone and touches your face, mouth, nose, eyes, ear or private parts with the same hand, you might contact the deadly virus.
So GodzGeneral will show you tips to properly Sanitize your smartphone against Corona Virus infection.

Ways To Clean and Sanitize Your Mobile Phone Against Corona Virus (COVID-19)

  • Try Cleaning Your Phone With Methylated Spirit

One of the best is Sanitizing your mobile phone is to clean it every 30 minutes especially if you are in a crowded area. This will help wipe the virus away. This is best done before operating the phone.

  • Use a microfiber cloth and dampen it lightly with soap and water
Microfiber cloth is synthetic fiber finer than one denier or decitex/thread, having a diameter of less than ten micrometres.
Both Apple and Samsung say on their support pages that wiping your phone down with a cloth preferably one that’s soft and lint-free is the best way to clean it. You can dampen the cloth with warm water and soap to get rid of any debris or substance that requires more than just a wipe-down.
Knowing that most modern smartphones are water-resistant, but you should still be cautious when exposing them to liquids.
  • Wash your Hands Regularly
Form the habit of regularly washing your hands with soap immediately after using your phone or shaking hands with someone. If it’s possible, don’t even shake hands at all for now.
  • Using a case on your phone, try cleaning that in addition to or instead of your device.
Although you shouldn’t use cleaning products on your mobile device, you may be able to do so on its case, depending on the materials it’s made from. That could be an effective way to sanitize your device as well, especially since the case is the outer shell that most frequently comes into contact with foreign surfaces.
  • Use Nose Masks
Though it’s not part of Smartphone cleaning methods but it’s also advisable to always wear a nose mask to prevent Corona virus infection.
Symptoms of Corona Virus (COVID-19)
The symptoms of Corona virus can start manifesting after 14 days of contacting the virus.
You can read more on Corona virus symptoms using this Link or More details from BBC.
Also make sure you see the Doctor when you notice this symptoms
GodzGeneral employ all to safe clean so as not to contact this deadly disease called Coronavirus…
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