9mobile Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat With EdozTunnel VPN

If you are 9mobile User dreaming of using free cheats or data to browse then this is another opportunity using EdozTunnel VPN.


Edoz Tunnel VPN tunnel is an encrypted link between your device and another network.Its either use to change location or to surf free into the internet. It now works for 9mobile Users after testing the app with C Cell Sim in South Africa. Do you know that 9mobile Socialpak Free browsing cheat using TLS is still working, try it too and enjoy both cheats

How Does 9mobile Works With EdozTunnel VPN

9mobile Unlimited free internet is now working very well on the Edoztunnel VPN, and Which you can access the internet for free without any data subscription by following the guideline given. Edoztunnel VPN is a new VPN with pre-configured free internet settings and the 9mobile unlimited free internet is now among them. Well based South Africa guys are now enjoying the cheat its now 9mobile users should follow this instruction if they want to enjoy this free browsing cheats.

Requirement For Free Browsing cheat Using 9mobile with EdozTunnel VPN

  • Mobile Phone
  • 9mobile Sim
  • Latest EdozTunnel VPN

Features of EdozTunnel VPN

  • Unlimited Fast Server
  • Good SSL /HTTP /SSH and TCP
  • Very Conducive Interface
  • Fast Connection
  • Works For different Country with different settings
  • Free of Charge
  • No need to update the App

Where to Download EdozTunnel VPN

You can download the app from the downloading link HERE, you don’t need any updates on the app.

How To Activate 9mobile Unlimited 0.00KB Free Browsing Cheat 2022

  • Get new 9mobile sim or your old sim without data or airtime on your mobile phone
  • Install your EndozTunnel VPN you downloaded above
  • Launch the app then connect with the app

Note: If you were not shown welcome message, use a sim that has data to connect so that you can connect, after connection, switch to sim that does not have data

  • Then select 9mobile Unlimited
  • Click on the Server of your Choice
  • Then you will see a pink colour shown on your mobile phone and click it
  • If you have issues of browsing but connecting, click on top left thumb and click on CPU wakeLock
  • Before the above instruction follow the below ones first
  • Recharge your 9mobile to any 9mobile socialpak with N350
  • Dial *200*3*3*2# and subscribe to monthly subscription by pressing 3
  • It will give you 500mb for social media browsing and 2gb hidden data which will be used for EdozTunnel VPN
  • To check dial *228#


Enjoy the 9mobile 0.0k free browsing cheats using EdozTunnel VPN, you can use the comment box if you have issue setting it up

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