Nowadays,WhatsApp has been the most used app in the world. Right? but a lot of people preferred using WhatsApp Mod App rather than the Official App. because WhatsApp Mod  has essential features than the official app such as OGWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero and GBWhatsApp. Today,we have for you latest NoWhatsApp APK version to be reviewed for you.

The NoWhatsApp is a combination of YOWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp, and works like the popular WhatsApp Plus. NoWhatsApp is developed by Abo Norah and comes with the latest Version 9.55. The new update is based on WhatsApp V2.18.327.

Features of NoWhatsApp 9.55

  • New Base Updated to 2.19.150
  • Antiban
  • You can see the number of Statuses published in the Statuses section of any contact
  • If you got a picture in a conversation you can search for it in the web 
  • Enabled "Frequently Forwarded messages" option in the Group Settings section "available to moderators only"
  • Add option 2.31 to turn on/off play voice messages automatically
  • Add option to change Document text size Color 
  • Add option to change "new" text color in the Recent updates screen 
  • Add option to change "update" text color in the Vieed updates screen (NorahMods - App 
  • Improved split videos option
  • Improved Contact Online Toast
  • Fix App suspension and not receive and send messages
  • Fix the appearance of incoming and outgoing calls in the call log
  • Fix two ticks not show on Gifs messages
  • Fix the message counter not show on the application icon
  • Fix Disable messages counter ( option 10.4)
  • Customize the interface and icons with new themes.
  • Extended options for our camera and microphone.
  • Extended management options for chats, calls, and contacts.
  • Greater control over the user’s privacy.
  • Customized management of the files to be shared.
  • New user functions.
  • New Status Story
  • Hide Play Status
  • Hide recording status
  • Hide typing status
  • Hide second tick

How to download NoWhatsApp APK v.9.55 Latest Version
You can download the app HERE.

App Info
App Name: NoWhatsApp
Developer: Abo Norah
App Size: 38MB
Exclusively: Anti Ban
Last Updated: 23 july 2019

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