Spectranet 5 Big Bonanza, Get 55GB Data For 16,000 Naira,100GB For 20,000 And More Data Bonuses

Spectranet is one of the fastest growing internet service providers in Nigeria owned by
Shyam Spectra Pvt. Ltd which is previously known as and Citycom Networks Pvt. Ltd. or Spectra, is a Gurgaon headquartered internet service provider which offers fiber optic broadband services to residential, business, and enterprise customers
It offers affordable, fast and reliable broadband internet service and was the first internet service provider in Nigeria to launch a 4G LTE internet network.As before they are here again to offer another big Bonaza

What do they offer
Few days ago through there social media Spectranet announced that With just N16,000, you can get Spectranet Freedom Mifi plus 55GB data and free unlimited night browsing from 1 AM to 7 AM.
Wao not like free data on gidimo and also not like 24clan VPN cheat or free data on hammer VPN

5 Big Bonuses You Get Using Spectranet

  • You get data bonus of 10GB per renewal on N7,000 plan or above for the next 3 renewals within 120 days of activation. 
  • You get data bonus of 10GB per renewal on N7,000 plan or above for the next 6 renewals within 210 days of activation.

List of Spectranet 5 Big Bonanza Offers

  • N 16,000:Freedom Mifi (25GB Activation + 30GB data Bonus) = 55GB Free Unlimited Night Browsing (1 am-7 am). Thisvalid for offer, is 30 days.
  • N20,000: Evo Mifi (40GB Activation + 60GB* Data Bonus) = 100GB Free Unlimited Night Browsing (1 am-7 am) Valid for 30 Days.
  • N22,500:Ace Mifi (60GB activation + 60GB* Data Bonus) = 120GB Free Unlimited Night Browsing (1am-7am) Valid for 30 Days.
  • N25,000:Any Mifi Unlimited Gold plan + Any Mifi 100GB Data Valid for 30 Days.
  • N25,000: you get; Zoom CPE Router Unlimited Gold plan 100GB Data Valid for 30 Days

It is important to noted that fair usage policy applies, that is, your browsing speed reduces to 512kbps after you most has consumed up to 100GB of data.
You can read more of the offer on their official site by clicking HERE

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