Download Latest WhatsApp Aero v7.92 APK (WA Aero) 2020 for free

GodzGeneral Introduces the new WhatsApp Aero APK app developed by Turkey based developer Hazar. The app is a next to mod version of the popular messaging app called Whatsapp. It is developed based on Fouad Mods WhatsApp, and customized with a great performance, colors, UI. The app not only comes with a lot of customization, but also with improved tweaking and features.

The app, has a new version called WhatsApp Aero 7.92.What makes WhatsApp Aero so unique, cool UI and features. Although it comes with features that are available in Fouad Mods, the app also comes with some amazing features such as:
Brand new and cool UI like WAMOD.
Theme Store: 3000+ themes in Aero Themes store.
It lets you know who visited your WhatsApp profile.
Prevent messages from being deleted (Anti Revoke).
Customization: fonts, bubble styles, teak styles, and other mods.
Emojis: WhatsApp Emojis, Facebook Emojis, Emoji One V3,
Latest Android Emojis and more.
Hide Media: You can hide all images, videos, and GIF from your gallery and only view them inside WhatsApp.
All other features that are available in Fouad Mods.
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How To Install WhatsApp Aero APK For Android

  • Download the app and install it from the link below.
  • Go to Settings to Enable Unknown Sources Settings
  • Launched the app
  • Verify with your Mobile Number and Continue.

Where To Download Latest WhatsApp Aero v7.92

The latest WhatsApp Aero v7.92 can be downloaded from HERE. The app is free and safe to use.
Download WhatsApp Aero v7.91
You can download the previous v7.91 from HERE.
and you can download the recent WhatsApp aero v7.99 HERE
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Application information

App Name: WhatsApp Aero
Version: 7.92
App Type: APK
App Size: 60.62 MB
Developer: Hazar BOZKURT

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