Monday, 4 February 2019

Pics:Up to 11 killed, several injured as car bomb explodes around shopping mall in Mogadishu, Somalia

A car bomb exploded in front of a shopping mall in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu killing at least eleven people and injuring several others in Monday.
The blast occurred in Mogadishu’s Hamarweyne district, a busy area with shops and restaurants. A pro-al-Shabaab website, cited an unnamed Al-Shabaab official claiming responsibility for the attack. 
Police officer Ahmed Baashane told journalists the explosion was caused by a car bomb,  but it was unclear whether a suicide bomber was involved.  
"The latest death toll we have suggests that up to 11 innocent people were killed in the blast, " he said. 
The number of casualties may rise, an official he said.
A Reuters witness saw one dead person at the scene, where four cars burned and a restaurant was destroyed


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