A student of Abia State University has narrated the unique way he handled a sassy student who tried to be smart with him during his class.
Chris Ifeanyi, who took up teaching to pass time as the ASUU strike continues, said he asked a question in class and one of his students gave a sarcastic reply. Other students expected him to punish the girl and waited with trepidation but he had other thoughts.
He narrated the incident, writing:
I volunteered to teach some secondary school students literature while ASUU thinks its my destiny they are playing with. A bell went off and since I am not yet familiar with their bell signals, I asked the class if that bell was for going home.One girl answered with side talk "No sir it's for assembly"
I heard her, the class heard her too and took to that hushing silence of trepidation as per someone has spoken out of turn and should expect the worst ? ? ?
"Class, do you all realise what she just did?""She just insulted you""Oh no, she gave us an example in figures of speech, Sarcasm. And for a topic we have not yet broached Emmanuella has displayed excellent wisdom hence, she'd be leading the discussion in our next class which would be figures of speech" I changed scheme of work ? ? ?
"I'm sorry Mr Chris, I was just playing""it's alright my dear, the best way to learn is by playing"You will die on top of question tomorrow, you think you can talk anyhow


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