January 2019

A 100-level student of the department of English Language in the College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti State, has been disgraced and handed over to the police after the boxers belonging to his classmate was found tied with charms inside his wardrobe in the school hostel on Monday January 28th.
According to students in the school, the boxers belonged to the representative of Pace Setters Hall of Residence Comrade Akinola Ayomide, popularly known as Mayegun. The underpants were found with Tunde, but popularly known as Zacchaeus
The students claim Zacchaeus is an internet fraudster, also referred to as yahoo yahoo, due to his questionable lifestyle.
Zacchaeus according to his classmates had boasted that he would buy a car before the year ends. There have been cases of missing boxes prior to when he was apprehended but the students had always found the missing boxers.
“We didn’t trust Zaccheus from the beginning.  Lately, he has been singing around that he will purchase a car before the end of this year. One of us, who kept his piano in the wardrobe, wanted to take it out when he, unfortunately, saw the calabash hidden inside the wardrobe. On checking it, he found the male underpants of Mayegun. He was able to recognise it because the male underpant has a hole. Mayegun had complained that the underpant had loosened and become too big for him before it disappeared. He called on us and we saw the boxer along with schnapps and other fetish items wrapped around it. When we searched the wardrobe further, we discovered two other underwear.
“This provoked other residents of the hostel who resorted to demonstration. The angry students descended on Zacchaeus and almost beat him to a pulp. Zacchaeus was on the verge of being set ablaze when he was rescued by the porters in the residence, who immediately got in touch with the Director of Students’ Affairs, who in turn, called the security personnel.  The Directorate of Students’Affairs, the security personnel, and student representative bodies immediately rushed, to the scene  to control the situation'' a student of the school told The Nation
The victim who was beyond shock, said
“I went to town yesterday and on my way back, I saw one of my friends who pointedly told me: ‘You have been used’. I couldn’t understand this until I was taken to the room of Zacchaeus where I saw my underwear in a kind of calabash along with schnapps and some fetish items wrapped around it. I could hardly wait for Zacchaeus’ arrival and I asked him how my underwear got to his wardrobe along with those charms. He tried to escape, but we chased and grabbed him''
The Director of Student Affairs in the school, Charles Egunjobi, described the incidence as ‘unbelievable and unexpected’, promising that management would treat the matter with  despatch.
“This is really unusual of the school. The management has issued a directive that the guy should be handed over to the police. As you can see, the police from the Ikere-Ekiti Area Command are here. Next time, when students are involved in a situation like this, I expect them find a lasting solution through non-violent means. The students aren’t supposed to make a noise or take laws into their hands,” Egunjobi said

A young Nigerian man has taken to Facebook to express his shock and disappointment after finding out his parents hid his twin brother from him since birth.
Emmanuel Rowland, pictured right, said he was heartbroken as he thought he was an only child, not knowing he had a twin brother who was taken by his father after their birth because his parents decided to seperate.
According to Emmanuel, he found out about his twin brother in August 2018, after his father had called to inform him. The pair reunited after 21 years and Emmanuel now refers to his brother as the best twin brother in the world. Read his post on Facebook below;
Have Been in tears have been in pains my mumy..y. do you have to hide my twin from me2016 one of my aunty said Emmanuel u have a twin jst lk a joke I took it, I didn't ask 4da
Since 1997, I grew up with no siblings no sister no brother, she doesn't even knw how hard it was 4 me growing alone mum y....mean while I had 1 hidden from me chai. Nigerians are wicked oh GODLast year 2018 August 8 I received a call from dad, tho we ain't close so we don't communicate due to mummy and daddy issues.We spoke 4 an hour explaining things to me how der got separate and how she took me and gave my brother to dad this so sad that have lived without a broda not jst a brother a twin my twin. I wish der wer in my shoes,der 4 knw say it wasn't ez...I needed som1 to be der 4 me stand by me laf with me and joke/cry with me, BT thanks to GOD I went to Cali we did the introduction

Lassa fever has reportedly killed 50 people in Ondo state, leaving residents and medical practitioners worried.
Sources at the Federal Medical Center, FMC, Owo, revealed that the state government is struggling to curb the spread of the disease. A medical practitioner at the health facility revealed that the situation is almost beyond control adding that they have run out of space at the isolation ward where these patients are being treated.
Pleading anonymity, the source also revealed how a Lassa Fever patient “mysteriously” disappeared from the hospital. 
She blamed the incident on the negligence of some of her colleagues.
“What we currently facing, is quite beyond what anyone would ever imagine. Almost all the patients in the isolation ward are those that have contracted Lassa fever and most of the reported cases are from the border communities within Ose Local Government area of the state.It’s quite sad how the state government is not even attending to the situation. Citizens are dying from preventable disease, but the government is not showing any concern at all.”  
The Nation reports that the State Commissioner Of Health, Dr Wahab Adegbenro, insisted on the fact it would take the combined effort of stakeholders to fight the disease as the state would be unable to handle the situation on its own. He revealed that it cost about N1.2m to treat one Lassa patient, which was far too high for the state to afford considering the number of people infected.

Honestly, Nigerians are you kidding me. They are actually selling 'Big Brother Naija Past Questions' in traffic for aspiring BBNaija housemates...smile..
Wonders shall never end

A woman who claims to be a "wife material" has shown off the pot of chicken stew she made with just 400 Naira only. 
She wrote:
My 400 naira stew. Wife material 200%

The;Don Jazzy led record label has just secured a major partnership deal with Kupanda Holdings which is aimed at creating better opportunities for African music.
The record label, which is focused on scaling operations to meet the rapidly growing international demand for African music, on growing its roster and on strengthening its services across A&R, touring, marketing, distribution, publishing and partnerships.  
According to Don Jazzy, “our mission is to grow Mavin Global into the music powerhouse of Africa. By collaborating with artists, African creatives, local and international partners, we can become a globally recognized household name and the go-to platform for connecting African music with the world.” 
Mavin is home to top African artists like Tiwa Savage and Korede Bello. Since its inception in 2012, Mavin has been an industry leader in leveraging digital platforms like Youtube, Twitter and Instagram, both to reach local audiences and grow significant fanbases among the African diaspora in the US, Europe and UK.  
This investment will enable the company to strengthen this advantage as it develops brand partnerships that support its artists’ values and stories.

The management of the national youth service Corps (NYSC) has announced date of registration for 2019 Batch A Corps participants.
Although the timetable below has not been published on any of the NYSC official websites and social media handles, but from its look, it is legit but Entertainment and gist hub promise to give you more updates as it drops
Let’s hold on to the timetable until we get an official announcement.
Stay connected with us and we will keep updating you as time goes on.

Toke Makinwa has addressed the issue of married men going after single women and promising them love. And she has some words of advise for the women being chased by these men.
In her latest vlog, the media personality said to women being chased by cheating husbands:
When next you meet a guy who is confident to tell you to your face that 'I'm married but available', chop his money and run away.

A homeless family-of-five was spotted passing the night in the open in Festac and a concerned Facebook user took their photo and shared online.
According to reports, the mother of the family is mentally unstable. Her oldest child is the breadwinner. He makes money by begging and dancing in bars. His younger brother, a 9-year-old,  sometimes joins him in begging to bring home money.
The family have no home and they sleep outside on the cemented floor behind the blocks of 202 road E close, Festac Lagos.
Sharing the story to Facebook, King Alfred Luminorse Falope wrote: 
Am NOT going to spare the pics tonight but I'll say there is a family of five sleeping on the cement floor behind the blocks at 202rd E close..the peculiar thing about this family is the oldest kid is just 11 with 3 other sibling and a demented mum..the oldest boy seems to be the breadwinner cos he goes around with the 9 year old brother begging for food and dancing at public beer parlours..its very bad..please the GOVERNOR To be Sanwo-olu or Jimi Agbaje.. Lagos state house of assembly flag bearer Honourable Dipo Damola Olorunrinu should see this..help me tag Local Government chairman ..the councillor of ward K .. Child services.. And every true Nigerian who has a heart should please help.AMONGST THEM IS A TODDLER LESS THAN 2YEARS.if u can't please help tag the necessary people u know can help and share.. MAY GOD NEVER LET OUR CHILDREN GO THRU SUCH.. AS I POST NOW ITS 10:15PM AND THEY CLAIM THIS LITTLE FOOD I COULD AFFORD WAS THEIR BREAKFAST

A disc jockey identified as Jerry Okirwoth has been killed by concert-goers for playing boring music.  
Late Jerry Okirwoth, a part time DJ and student at Parombo Secondary School in Uganda was murdered by the mob for failing to play their favourite songs. He was killed in a disco hall in Nebbi District, Northern Uganda.  
Nebbi Resident District Commissioner William Bob Labeja blamed the establishment’s management for failing to protect the fast rising DJ from the angry crowd.
"As the head of security in the district, I will no longer allow any disco operators to conduct their businesses in the sub-county and anybody who defies the directive will be prosecuted.All disco halls in all sub counties must be closed because they are causing insecurity and redundancy among the youth,” he told the press.  
In 2014, three Zimbabwean men were charged with murder after assaulting a DJ on Independence Day for playing ‘boring music’. Elson Samuel Tirivavi, 22, suffered severe head injuries after he was hit with a chair and a bottle in the ensuing fight.

A family has been thrown into mourning after gunmen attacked them, stabed the father and mother, kidnapped the daughters, then later murdered them and removed their private parts.
The father, a resident pastor of the Assemblies of God Church in Amiyi Obilohia, Isuikwuato, Abia state, was left bleeding badly by the assailants. His wife was also stabbed and they abducted his two daughters, Abia Facts reports.
The injured pastor was rushed to the hospital for treatment while a search for his daughters was initiated.
Sadly, the bodies of three ladies were later found along the Amaba – Ezere road in the region and it was discovered that two of the bodies belonged to the pastor's daughters. The bodies found along the Amaba and Ezere community border were without head and breasts. 
The decapitated bodies of the victims have been recovered.

A masquerade converted to Christianity after an evangelist met him on the road and preached to him. Six months later, he's now an evangelist and the man who won his soul has taken to Twitter to share on how it happened.
Daniel Olawande said the  "Lord led me to preach to a masquerade named Segun." Segun was immediately converted and was sent to a "Rehabilitation and Discipleship school". He is now "saved" and has now become an evangelist.
Daniel Olawande wrote:
Today I am the happiest man on earth, 6 months ago, the Lord led me to preach to a masquerade named Segun, He got saved, he went to church and we sent Him to A Rehabilitation and Discipleship school. Today He is a graduate of the Discipleship school and Rehabilitation. 6 months thoroughly taught in the word of God. KaiMy fruit AbidesHe is saved and now becoming an evangelist.
He wrote in another post:
Beauty of Soul winning Met Him a masquerade He Just Graduated from Rehabilitation and Discipleship school, Ready for the work of the gospel now.Beyond evangelism, do follow up.I am a soul winner

See more pics:

South African actress is recovering in the hospital after she was beaten beyond recognition by her boyfriend after she kissed an actor in a stage play.
The incident reportedly occurred at the weekend after 30-year-old Londiwe Ngcamu featured in a theatre production Seven Days War, set in the 1980s. 
She was said to have played the lead role of an IFP woman who fell in love with an ANC member at the Winston Churchill Theatre.
After the show ended at around 10pm on Saturday, the mother of a two-month-old baby girl and a six-year-old boy met her boyfriend at the bus stop and walked home with him.
When they got home, they got involved in an argument before the man attacked her. He banged her head on the ground and used his knee and fists to hit her face as she begged for her life.

Speaking to The Witness from her hospital bed on Monday afternoon, Ngcamu, from Sobantu, said:  “We had just come back from the theatre after our performance and I was chilling with my cast members at the clubhouse in Sobantu, where some of our cast members who live far away stay during shows.
“At around 10.30 pm I got a call from home informing me that my baby was restless, so I had to rush home,” she said.
Ngcamu said a man known to her, who cannot be identified by The Witness at this time, had called her and offered to walk her home.
She decided to walk alone for some of the distance intending to meet the man halfway, but when they met on the road an altercation broke out between them and the man then dragged Ngcamu to his home where he beat her severely.
“When we got to his home the gate was closed and he pushed me onto the gate to open it.
“One of his friends and [that man’s] girlfriend were there but they did nothing to help me.
“They saw him beating me up but stood and watched for a while before they left.
“When we got to his room he threw me on the floor and started beating me. He banged my head on the ground and used his fists and knee to hit my face. He even used the small suitcase I had with me to hit me on my face.”
Ngcamu said at some point the man started punching her and kicking her in the ribs, telling her that he wanted to break them.
“I was so scared and kept on begging him not to kill me, but he kept on going. It went on for hours.
“When he got exhausted he would lie down on his bed to rest and gather his strength, then start beating me all over again.”
The woman said at some point she realised that he had a knife and she tried to grab it.
“I can’t remember what happened to the knife but I have a huge cut on my palm and I think it was from when I grabbed the knife.
“He then pulled out an axe and asked me if I would prefer that he used the axe to slit my throat or to cut off my fingers. I thought he was going to kill me. I kept on praying, asking God to spare my life.”
She managed to grab the axe and threw it under his bed.
“While beating me up, he was shouting to one of his relatives who was in another outside building that he must help him dig my grave because he was going to kill me,” said the still visibly shaken Ngcamu.
She also added that she made her escape from his house after he went to bed, and rushed to her siblings who took her to the hospital and reported the case to the police.
Confirming the incident, police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala, said a case of assault has been opened at the Mountain Rise police station.

Please he needs your advice, how will you advice him?

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, says Nigeria is not a colony and that foreign bodies must apply caution in their interference with political affairs in the country. 
Oshiomole said this after representatives of the United Kingdom, United States of America governments and the European Union in separate statements condemned last Friday's suspension of the Chief Justice Of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen over the non-declaration of his assets years after assuming office as the CJN.
Reacting to the statements from the EU, US and UK, Oshiomhole asked them to stay off Nigeria's internal political affairs. Speaking to state house correspondents after a meeting with President Buhari and APC senators last night, He said;
“Those are very valuable contributions that we appreciate. But Nigeria is not a colony. We will not accept any foreign interference in the internal affairs of Nigeria. When they dismiss judges in Europe…judges have been dismissed in the United States when they are found guilty of corruption and the Western world cannot on the one hand, when it suits them, describe Nigeria as fantastically corrupt and when a corrupt judicial officer is being charged, people want to interfere.“Now, if a Chief Justice of the Federation admits that he has breached the law, if a Chief Justice of the Federation admits that he has several foreign domiciliary accounts, even though he also admits that by nature of his office, he is not trader, what is he doing with accounts in British pounds, US dollars and in Euros and to the extent of forgetting that he has those accounts?“If he has such memory failure about the size of his number of accounts as to fail to declare them, you and I know that not even ignorance is not an excuse in law. So, why are we being hypocritical?”

Miss Mary Owan, a fresh graduate of History and International Studies, University of Calabar died in a fatal motor accident on Monday, January 28, just few days to her wedding.
Mary and her partner Emma's wedding was slated to hold on Saturday, February 2 2019.
The accident occurred in Edor, Ikom local government area of Cross River State. 
She was said to be on her way to her hometown for the traditional wedding rites. 
Late Owan was a niece to University of Calabar Vice Chancellor, Prof. Zana Akpagu.
Below is a video of the late bride-to-be trying her wedding dress.

A Texas teen mistakenly shot his girlfriend dead moments after brandishing a gun in her face  thinking it wasn't loaded.
Javon Martin, 17, was arrested on Sunday, January 27, following the death of Makaila Simon, 15, in Spring, Texas. Moments before he fatally shot Simon in the chest, Javon shared a video of himself playing with a gun and pointing it in his girlfriend's direction.  Simon is heard giggling in the background and telling Martin to stop pointing the gun at her.
Unfortunately for both of them, the gun was loaded and the victim, who had just turned 15 years old three days before her death, was shot at 1:30am. Simon was pronounced dead at the scene from her injuries.
Court documents state that when police interviewed Martin, the boy told them he had picked up the rifle and had begun pointing it in Simon’s direction when he pulled the trigger and the firearm discharged.
The pair were alone in the room but there were other people in the house at the time, according to the authorities.
Simon, a freshman at Lamar High School, had celebrated her birthday at a Cheesecake Factory just 24 hours before her death.
She and Martin had been dating for about a year. The girl’s family members said the couple had been arguing over allegations of infidelity.
Simon's mum said she believes the shooting death of her daughter was not an accident.

This pics has got a lot of people confused and it is not exactly what it looks like at first look.
Can you reveal what's going on in the confusing pics above?

A final year student committed suicide due to a poor GPA.
According to Twitter user, Kofi, the student took his life on Sunday, January 27.
He killed himself because his GPA wasn’t good enough and he feared he wouldn’t graduate with Us. This is the story of our mate who lost his life Yesterday . Every final year student having a hard time, Just hang in there fam. We go make am regardless of the GPA. #StayWoke

Funke Is back game is nice! The actress who gave birth to a set of twin boys late last year, stepped out for her first official engagement today and she looked amazing. 
more pics below

Members of the Lagos State House of Assembly on Monday evening began moves to impeach Governor Akinwumi Ambode over alleged gross misconduct.
Ambode controversially lost the APC governorship ticket to Babajide Sanwo-Olu in the party primaries that held in October last year.

You give them, they complain, you don't give them, they complain. What do we men even want???? Lmao

All progressive congress govermorship candidate in Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, was yesterday  stunned after a lady that attended his interactive session harrassed him verbally.
As part of his campaign activities, Sanwo-Olu had an interactive session with some residents of the state where he availed them the opportunity to ask questions on his plans for the state if he wins the governorship election.
However, during the question and answer session, a lady caused a stir when she verbally harrassed him while she was asking her question and trying to air her view on issues bothering residents of the state.
Watch video below

Hours ago, an election tribunal sitting in Abuja unanimously struck out the case of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP)Governorship candidate in Ekiti State, Olusola Eleka and upheld Dr Kayode Fayemi of the APC as a duly elected governor of the state 
petition has been raised against APC candidate Fayemi. Prof. Kolapo Olusola challenging the electoral victory of the All Progressives Congress candidate July 14 election, Dr Kayode Fayemi.
In an over 800 page petition, Olusola had asked the Ekiti Governorship Election Petition Tribunal to declare him as the winner of the election “having scored the majority of lawful votes.”

A pastor was publicly humiliated after he was allegedly caught with the wife of one of his members in Benin, Edo state.
In a video going viral online, Pastor Innocent of Army Power Ministry in Benin, Edo state, is seen confessing to sleeping with the wife of a church member.
The pastor and the woman were caught in the act by the woman's son who then raised alarm, attracting members of the community. The pastor was then stripped of his shirt and taken to an uncompleted building where he was beaten. He then confessed to the act.
"How e take happen?" members of the community can be heard asking.
"I'll talk. Let me talk abeg," Pastor Innocent pleaded.
He went on: "Yes, na true. Everything na true."
The son of the woman who caught the pastor with his mother can be heard in the background asking the pastor to narrate what happened and how.
The pastor said: "Me and your mama. Yes.... We we we sleep together for Aduawa."
Someone can be heard suggesting that they kill him but another voice can be heard opposing to it, saying, "No touch am oh. No touch am."
The son of the woman involved with the pastor asked him three times, "You sleep with my mama?" and each time the pastor replied, "Yes".
He proceeded to ask the pastor in whose room he had intercourse with his mother, and the pastor replied: "Una house.
Watch the video below.