The video below shows the disturbing moment a Russian reality TV star brutally attacked his girlfriend after she admitted a man 'hugged' her on the show. 
34-year-old Andrey Shabarin launched a sickening jealous attack at his girlfriend Rozalia Raison, 21, during the popular Russian show titled 'Dom 2' - meaning House 2.
In the video, the jealous lover can be seen rushing towards her, grabbing her by the hair and hitting her on the head, as another man tried to stop him from attacking her further.
According to Mail Online, the incident was filmed by hidden cameras on the TV set in Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.
It was reported that the man identified as Valery Blumennkrants said in the clip: 'Did those men touch you?' His girlfriend, Raison, then replied: 'Well, they kind of hugged me.'
The confession was what sparked the attack on the show. 
The man was reportedly kicked off the show following the incident, but according to local media, his girlfriend forgave him for the abuse and left the show as well. 
The couple are also reportedly trying to rebuild their relationship. 
Watch the video below.

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