Monday, 26 November 2018

Watch video;Agonizing moment bat fights back as a python tried to squeeze it to death... See which animal won the battle

The moment a bat fought desperately for survival as a python tried squeezing it to death was caught on video.
The struggle lasted 4 long hours as the snake slowly constricted the bat in the backyard of a home in Bundaberg, Queensland.
A mother, named Bonnie Chaplin, came upon the sight in her backyard last Wednesday and decided to film it. 
In the video shared online, the python trapped the bat and the bat could be seen struggling to escape its predator's grasp. The snake eventually won the battle and slowly devoured the bat. Almost five hours later the snake was filmed crawling through the garden fence having finally consumed the bat.
Ms Chaplin said she didn't bother calling snake catchers to move the snake because she was just two days away from moving house and the new owners could deal with it.
She said:
Not when it costs $80 and we will be gone in a few days.It can stay here and meet the new residents when they move in.
 Bonnie Chaplin added she had little sympathy for the bat as it had been leaving droppings on her car and had been making a lot of noise outside her house. 
Watch video below.

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