An 84-year-old great-grandfather has been hailed a hero after he single-handedly fought off three thieves who tried to rob a shop in Ireland.
Pensioner Denis O’Connor, was inside Bar One Racing bookmakers in Ireland, when three masked men, believed to be in their late teens or 20s, burst in wielding a gun and two hammers. One of the masked men hurled himself straight over the counter with a hammer and attacked manager Tim Murphy who was sitting behind the counter. The other one pointed a gun at Mr O’Connor, while the third ran round the side of the counter.
In the footage, obtained from CCTV cameras at 6.30pm on September 15, most of the people inside the bookies can be seen scrambling to flee, but Mr O'Connor, from Glanmire in County Cork, stood up to the men, despite having a shotgun pointed at his face.
He is seen in the footage going round the counterculture to fight off the armed raiders attacking the manager. The pensioner attempts to grab a hammer being held by one of the robbers and in doing so manages to pull him away and chase him out of the shop. He goes on to grab one of the chairs and uses it to threaten the gunman before heading back behind the counter to help Mr Murphy. The third attacker, visibly panicked by this point, then attempts to run out but stumbles, causing Mr O’Connor to kick him up the bum and shove him out of the door.
The courageous actions of Mr O’Connor and Mr Murphy meant that all three left the Crestfield bookmakers empty-handed.
Mr O’Connor has been hailed as a hero for his brave action. He put his brave response down to instinct, telling the Irish Independent that he didn’t even think before jumping in.
He said:When I saw them confronting him (Mr Murphy), I just acted.
I didn’t really think about it. I just wanted to help him out.

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