Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri who is a chain-smoker has revealed the only person who can make him quit smoking.
The 59-year-old Italian who was known for chain-smoking on the touchline and smoke about five packs every day during his time in Italy, says the only one person who can make him even think about quitting is his father, Amerigo.   
Sarri told Il Mattino: 'When my father learned I had this offer (from Chelsea), he told me to go to London, that it was the right thing to do.
'He did ask me to stop smoking at least while I'm here. He is the only one who for five minutes can make me wobble in my convictions.'
Due to the fact that smoking is prohibited inside English football stadiums, Sarri has been forced to abandon his matchday habit, and only uses what appear to be plastic cigarette filters. 
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