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How to maintain your CGPA

Just like salary in a job, stock prices in share market or scores in a football match, a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is an indicator of your success in institutions. Since after graduation your CGPA would have the greatest influence on your studies as well as professional careers in life, you need to gear up to maintain your CGPA scores (to at least 3.5).

CGPA is known to be the cummulative grade point average .CGPA is refer to as the average grade point obtained by a student .
In another word , cummulative grade point is the computation of average grade point obtained by a student.
GodzGeneral brings to you on how to save your CGPA(click here to read on tips to raise your CGPA) from falling?

1.Strong academic foundation
Foundation refers to as the base, good foundation is the major key for an excellent academics performance . To obtain a good CGPA ,there must be a strong academic foundation.for good academic pursuit, a strong foundation must be laid,begin with good grade

2.Learn what is in your syllabus
Your syllabus is the road map to your class, so use it wisely.
Tips to dig into your syllabus:
  • Read it carefully.
  • Hang it somewhere so that you can refer to it easily.
  • Underline those lessons that have been discussed already in the class.

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3.Don't miss your lectures.
 Paying attention during the lectures and keeping up to date with assignments, allows you plenty of free time to pursue any kind of extracurricular activity

3.Make a plan.
Part of getting good grades is balancing off the various things you have to do, week by week. So get a calendar,electronic is good and enter in all your classes, exams, and papers, and professors' office hours (more on that data). For the brave, also enter in the hours you plan to study each week for each course. That way, you'll have a plan for (or at least a fantasy about) what you'll be doing as the semester progresses.

4.Time management
Time management means how we can balance our time coupling academics with other non academics activities. A proper management of our time must be made. To obtain a good CGPA,much time must be dedicated to our academics. Time management is one of the major factor that must be considerred for good academic performance.Have a proper time management.

5.Don't overload.
 Some students think it's a mark of pride to take as many hours as the college allows. It isn't. Take four or at the most five courses each semester. And, unless you are very special, don't take more than one major. Each major comes equipped with 10 or 12 required courses, and you can really kill your GPA if you're taking lots of required that is, forced courses in a major that you're only interested in.

6.Study like you mean it. 
At college, you're expected to prepare an hour or two (sometimes more) for each class meeting. This means budgeting the time each week and finding an appropriate "study environment." No devices, no social networking, no friends, no eating just your mind up against the work. We know this can be painful but all students who get A's do this (no matter what they tell you)

7.Minimize your distractions
Students are easily distracted by phone, Facebook, music and television. It is wise that you remove these potential distractions from your study area.
Tips to avoid distractions:
  • Give yourself a target and do not leave your task until it is done.
  • Silence your phone, put it away.
  • If there is too much noise in your dorm, find a silent place

And lastly,
8.Undergo a tutorial classes
Undergoing an extra tutorial classes after school hour is another factor to obtain a good academic CGPA.undergoing extra classes will boost up the brain and therefore make the subject more understandable than before. encouraging extra classes will help in obtaining good CGPA.

If you follow these listed tips carefully, you will find the end result in the form of maintaining CGPA scores.

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