Prayer is spiritual communication between man and God, a two way relationship in which man should not only talk to God but also listen to Him. Prayer to God is like a child’s conversation with his father. It is natural for a child to ask his father for the things he needs.
Also we can say prayer is another way to communicate with God. Though often directed heavenward, the reverse can also be true. Therefore, prayer is not a mere repetition of words, a position of the body, or a means to participate in a religious society. Prayer is the human heart before its maker. It is appropriate anytime and ideally, all the time.
Want to build a prayer room in your home, but you’re not so strong on prayer?
You can use these steps to learn how to pray and to increase prayer time in your life!

What to do when you can’t pray anymore?
1)Pray Anyway
Even if it is just 60 seconds. Oftentimes, when I can’t pray I make a commitment to pray for a specific time. I am often amazed at how, once I start praying, I am able to continue to pray.

2)Decide if it’s a sin issue that keeps you from praying. 
If your pain is the result of your continuing in sin, you have no option but to confess your wrong and seek God’s forgiveness. God’s grace can reopen your prayer channel.

3)Just Say His Name
Jesus. I believe there is so much power in uttering His name that even when I can pray, I just whisper His name and know He heard the unspoken prayers of my soul.

4)Get someone else to pray for you and with you. Find another believer who can intercede for you. You don’t have to be the one whose voice says the words you want to say.

5)listen to God's voice 
 I have studied and worked with mentors in the metaphysical arena to help me go deeper on my own understanding. In turn I ALWAYS take what I learn and pray on it. To pray is to LISTEN(you can also click here to read on how to know if God is speaking to you).

6)Say a Prayer of Praise
No matter what is going on in my life, there is always something to thank God for. In addition, it is hard for seeds of discouragement, despair, and anger to take root in a heart filled with gratitude.

7)Take a walk, knowing that Jesus is praying for you. 
That’s what Hebrews 7:25 and Romans 8:34 tell us. The exercise will be good for you, and the trust in the Word will strengthen you.

8)Read Different Prayers in the Bible
The Bible is full of prayers. Here are a few of my favorites: Psalm 57; Psalm 145 and 1 Samuel 2:1-10.

9)forget everything that has been worrying you
Let’s say you are praying for your pain to go away. Pain serves a purpose in your life at the very moment it arrives until it leaves your physical or EMOTIONAL body. This is a very difficult concept for people to grasp. As your spiritual journey goes deeper you will realize that EVERYTHING has a bigger purpose. And, EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is our teacher in some way. Your job is to be willing to be the student. Be curious.. ask questions.. As, Rumi says, become child like.

Finally, there are times when, asking with a pure heart for what is good, God says no in lieu of something better. That happened to Paul when he asked for relief from distress (2 Corinthians 12:7-10). Whether with a yes, no, or wait, God always responds graciously to the prayers of His children.
I am not here to tell you how to pray or what to pray to. I am simply someone who has found a way that works for me. I AM encouraging you to PRAY… pray all the time. Never give up on prayer. Turn in your need for answers and turn on your acceptance to learn.

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