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Pathway to a successful career

Icon academy present to you their second online seminar,a lot has benefited from the last seminar called EXCELLENCE MIND SHIFT
Icon academy is a group organized by the 300lv computer science of Ekiti state university.
Another seminar  was organized online on the 24th April 2018,our guest speaker was Mr Peter Olayinka
Mr peter olayinka is a web developer, founder of quizboot.com, a computer Science graduate of Ekiti State University, he presently works as a software developer at Tuteria, he is the 2016/17 president of Computer Science EKSU
He says and I quote “Before we get down to business, i will like to highlight that,I am not at the peak of my career yet, but trust me am getting there,and what i will be sharing with us, just as the topic implies is the pathway i am on to a successful career

My dictionary tells me that career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. This definition refers to what a person does to earn a living.
According to Merriam-Webster’s definition of “success,” anyone who’s rich, respected, or famous is successful.
With this dictionary definition, would you say that a success career is when you are rich or respected in what you do?
Some of us would say yes and some would answer no,I would like to tell you the answer is something personal,So ask yourself…what do you want as a career success?Is it wealth? Fame? Respect?Or to impact others with what you do?
Personally my goal for a successful career is to impact people and affect others with what i do,if i have this i am satisfied,So i would share with us  7 path to a successful career

1. Define what makes a successful career to you:
Sit down and think what do you want to achieve with your life?If you can get this straight,You now have a mission for yourself,You can’t work on something you don’t know

2) increase your value:
Increase you value to your employer, network, clients, yourself and environment,Not everybody in your class you go to for a solution to a class assignment,you have specific people you know once you get to them the assignment will be sorted
Right?Why do you go to that person?
Because he has set some value for himself,Let imagine you are a fashion designer and you sew only woman’s cloth,By the time you level up and start sewing men’s cloth you get job from me?

3) stay positive:
Always be optimistic of the future,Believe!!! you will make it out of whatever condition you find yourself and hope for the best

4) wear a positive habit and attitude as much as you can:
Naturally people like to move closer to a person with a good attitude and habit,Imagine your senior colleague asked you for help and you showed off with some negative attitude,do you think he will come to you again
By that you are loosing opportunity. If he had something you could handle (like a job offer, contract etc).Do you think he would ever refer you?
Not that he hold grudges with you, just that he won’t trust you to behave well with such opportunity

5) set goals and break them:
Having done point (1) write down goals toward your main objective (career) then work towards it in chunks before you know it you have accomplished more than half of the whole goal

6) be persistent:
everything in life it takes time,That is just how life is, so look beyond what you are currently facing and keep on trying,fail and try again,the more you try the more you stretch and we will all agree that nothing that stretches comes back to it original shape because in that process you will learn new things
7) focus on your connect:
That is your network,having a network of people that has the same orientation with you,people of like minds,grow a connect of relevant people.

At every point of your career, always ask yourself, if you are happy with your current career,because you can’t be successful with what you are not happy with,the fact that you are not happy voids the success of such career
At any point, if you detect your career isn’t going as plan (sit down and re-strategize)

1) learn as much as you can
2) don’t be scared to try
3) and always keep trying
Every little opportunity you have to learn a thing or the other. Use it well,i would use myself as an example,Some years back i was learning to program in php, (just doing it for fun) then a year or 2 after i got connected with some set of guys(senior colleague). And they hooked me into their team of developers,If i didn’t make use of the opportunity i heard when i was chanced i wouldn’t get into their clique,And also sometime in 2016 I started learning python. While learning i thought to myself i can build a product out of this. After a while (quizboot.com) came my way,That isn’t all.

You remember i was talking of network. Then at i particular conference i showed someone quizboot. And he loved it and the next thing he said to me is i should resume work in tuteria on Tuesday (that day was saturday),If i had stopped working on quizboot when it seem tough then. I wouldn’t be here… All because i kept trying and am not scared to fail
Esther 300lv student of computer science(edu) asked that;if someone has a career and his or her parents said they’re not interested in that ,that if he or shedo it they might disown him or her. what do you expect that person should do
Mr peter olayinka;you have to realize they are not the one to live your life,after a while they ll leave you to this world,and again you won’t want to disrespect them,you can try negotiate with them,and if they seem not to yield to your tone but you must determine if you are willing to sacrifice your happiness for theirs,if you can get an answer to this. I believe you know the next step,If you willing to satisfy them, then do their bid,But if you are willing to be happiness with your self. You could try practise the career without them knowing about it,As long as you Believe in YOURSELF

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