You just can’t get through this roller coaster ride called life without them by your side. But friends come in different shapes, sizes and levels of closeness. You’ve got friends, you’ve got good friends and then you have the big ones – the best friends.
We brings you the 12 differences between friends,a true friends and best friends
But before that a true friend is an exceptional friend. They are the most advantageous, desirable, or most suitable to you. A best friend is one you can call and talk to about most topics anytime, anywhere.
The word ‘friend’ can have numerous meanings. It is a mutual relationship between two persons who hold affections with each other. There are certain labels that are given for this relationship, such as friend, close friend, best friend, college friends, school friend, true friend, etc. The main difference between true friend and best friend is that, while we usually have only one true friend, we have only handful of best friends, usually two or three.

A true friend is unique. A true friend is the one with whom you feel that not a single person can harm. There is a feeling of relaxation that one feels with a true friend. True friends are those who have such a kind of understanding that you don’t need to explain any matter. A true friend will be there for you at good and bad times. True friends are the main problem solver. They will not have a second thought when helping you or solving your problems. When strong friendship exists, mutual caring is evident. They are the people that at your funeral cry because your are gone; at your birthday parties, they are the ones that stay after everyone else is gone to clean up; they are the ones that know when your are having a tough time. It would never occur to them to judge anything you do.

A true friend shows the value of his friendship by expressing the following:
1.Consider console
2.Consider touch barrier
3.The way they fight
4.The loyalty factor
5.The way they insult you with love and care
6.One with whom you share each and every minute thing
7.Stays in regular contact with you
8.He is someone whom you trust implicitly
9.He won’t neglect you if you disagree
10.Rejoices in your joys and sorrows over your pains

 best friend is someone who you want to hang out with alone, someone you can talk to about anything, someone you can ask for advice, without being judged. You can share secrets with them, talk about deep or personal things, and tell them anything. A best friend stands out in a group of friends. A best friend is someone who is more like extended family, a sibling you never had, someone who knows everything about your insecurities, your secrets, etc. They are brutally honest and loyal, who can be trusted always. They are the one who will try to help you, even when they have no idea how. They’ll come with you when you have to do boring things like watch bad recitals, go to stuffy parties, or wait in boring lobbies. Best friends are the ones on whom one can always depend and for whom you will do anything, and they for you. They are the shoulders to cry on, because they are always there for you and they truly know you and care about you.

best friend shows the value of his friendship by expressing the following:
1.The tendency to desire what is best for the other
Sympathy and empathy
2.Honesty, even in situations where it may be difficult for others to speak the truth
3.Mutual understanding and compassion
4.Ability to go to each other for emotional support
5.Enjoyment of each other's company
6.Trust in one another
7.Positively strong, deep, close reciprocity, mutuality – equal give and take between the two parties
8.The ability to be oneself, express one's feelings and make mistakes without fear

Here are 12 major differences between true friends and best friends.
1. True friends ignore your annoying habits but best friends point it out and make sure you know about it!
2. True friends don’t bring up things that embarrass you but best friends tease you about it from morning till dusk.
3. True friends put up with your terrible boyfriend/girlfriend but a best friend will tell you to your face they are not right for you!
4. True friends call you up at midnight to wish you happy birthday, best friends will be next to you pouring you the next round of drinks!
5. You can laugh like a fool in front of true friends but you can only cry like a baby in front of your best friends.
6. True friends are always on your speed dial but best friends are on your last called list.
7. True friends offer to help you in times of need but best friends just go ahead and do it.
8. You’ve barely had fights with true friends but you’ve had the most terrible fights with your best friends.
9. True friends send you reassuring, supportive text messages when you’re down but best friends call you up and talk to you for hours.
10. True friends like all your FB photos but best friends are in them!
11. True friends call you back within 10 minutes if you ring them up while they are busy. Best friends will leave whatever they are in the middle of and come to your rescue wherever you are!
12. True friends are always available for a talk on gchat on Whatsapp but you can only call up your best friends at 4 am in the night and talk till the sun comes up!

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