Updated Phones that will get android oreo(8)

updated listing of telephones so as to Get Android Oreo(android 8)

When will my telephone get Android Oreo? it’s a question we are seeing and hearing regularly at the start of 2018. Many OEMs have officially kicked off beta packages to check 8.0, even as others have confirmed a listing of devices receiving the update. in addition, rumors have leaked about phones that might receive Oreo at some point this year. permit’s take a look at the entirety we know up to now.
At this factor, the most important Android OEMs have shared their Android Oreo roadmap for their flagship devices. some agencies, like Samsung and LG, have even released statements regarding some mid-range phones. As we check every device, we additionally be aware which level of development the 8.0 update is presently in.

about the list
For the functions of this article, there are three stages: Rumored, confirmed, and beta. devices in the rumored class have now not been confirmed to get hold of Oreo with the aid of the OEM, but evidence indicates they’ll. showed popularity method that the producer has officially stated the telephone will obtain the update. lastly, telephones in beta status presently have an open or closed Oreo beta testing software.
telephones with showed Oreo updates or current builds

The listing of phones crucial made in 2017 is fairly short, as the PH-1 is the first device ever released from the young company. With simplest one phone to support, you would think essential would have an less difficult time getting out timely updates. presently, the PH-1 Oreo update is in beta status, with  beta updates launched at the time of writing. The
second Oreo beta is pretty stable on the important phone , hinting that possibly a stable launch is coming quickly.
crucial smartphone PH-1 : Beta to be had

one of the predominant perks of purchasing a Pixel or Nexus device is the timely Android OS updates. As of book, all the current Pixel and Nexus devices are strolling a strong build of Android 8.1 Oreo — no longer even just 8.0. This list consists of the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel, and Pixel 2. you can test out a complete list of what’s new in Google’s model of Android Oreo in our guide.
Nexus 5X : stable OTA available
Nexus 6P : stable OTA to be had
Pixel : stable OTA to be had
Pixel XL : stable OTA available
Pixel 2 : Android Oreo out of the container
Pixel 2 XL : Android Oreo out of the box

to this point, HTC has showed that their flagship gadgets from 2016 and 2017 will get hold of Oreo. This includes the HTC 10, HTC U ultra, and HTC U11. The unlocked version of the HTC U11 has already acquired the replace, however we are nonetheless awaiting the reputable release for the HTC 10 and U ultra. further to the flagships, the mid-range HTC U11 existence received Android 8.0 in past due December 2017 .
HTC 10: confirmed
HTC U ultra : showed
HTC U11 : stable OTA available
HTC U11 life : stable OTA available

There are some of Huawei devices rumored to obtain the Android Oreo replace . Huawei turned into busy pushing out the update to several phones at the stop of 2017. The flagship Mate 10 collection ran Oreo out of the box. below is a list of gadgets predicted to get the Oreo update.
Honor 7X: Rumored
Honor 8: Rumored
Honor 8 pro: Rumored
Honor 9 (AL00, AL10, TL10): stable OTA available
Mate 9 : stable OTA to be had
Mate 9 Porsche design : stable OTA to be had
Mate 9 pro : stable OTA available
Mate 10: Android Oreo out of the box
Mate 10 Lite: Rumored
Mate 10 seasoned : Android Oreo out of the box
Mate 10 Porsche edition : Android Oreo out of the box
Nova 2 (%-AL00): Rumored
Nova 2 Plus (BAC-AL00): Rumored
P9: Rumored
P9 Lite Mini: Rumored
P10 (VTR-L09, VTRL29, VTR-AL00, VTR-TL00) : stable OTA available
P10 lite (Lx1, Lx2, Lx3): Rumored
P10 Plus : stable OTA available

LG has been fairly mum approximately the fame of its Oreo updates. but, for the company’s 2017 flagships, we’ve got concrete records about eight.zero’s status. it’s far worth noting that we accept as true with an Oreo update for the LG G5 seems unlikely. The G5 offered very poorly and the time invested would not be worth it for LG’s software program team.
LG G6 : official beta launched in China .
LG V20: Rumored
LG V30 : official Oreo released in Korea

historically, Motorola is one of the best Android OEMs in terms of quick updates. This year has been no exception, as they have already rolled out updates for the Z2 force and Moto X4. further, Motorola has showed on their blog the whole listing of telephones with a purpose to acquire the Android 8.0 update . all the phones inside the listing under are showed, some of them have already obtained the update wherein cited.
Moto G4 Plus : confirmed
Moto G5 : confirmed
Moto G5 Plus : confirmed
Moto G5S : confirmed
Moto G5S Plus : confirmed
Moto X4 : stable OTA available
Moto Z: region-specific beta available
Moto Z Droid : showed
Moto Z force Droid : confirmed
Moto Z Play : showed
Moto Z Play Droid: confirmed
Moto Z2 force version: stable OTA to be had
Moto Z2 Play : showed

over the last few years, OnePlus has taken some criticism for their Android OS replace practices. Android Oreo is scheduled to be the final fundamental OS update for the OnePlus 3 and 3T. both of those telephones presently have Oreo beta builds available. The OnePlus 5 and 5T additionally have beta builds available, but are not as far along in testing as the 3 and 3T. OnePlus started rolling out the stable Oreo build for the OnePlus 3 and 3T, but halted it because of an obvious bug.
OnePlus 3 : Beta available
OnePlus 3T : Beta available
OnePlus 5 : Beta available
OnePlus 5T : Beta available

As the biggest Android OEM, Samsung pushes out a ton of devices every 12 months. at the same time as Samsung never officially confirms OS updates before release, a leaked Oreo schedule regarded online in November 2017. The leaked document speculates that older flagships like the Galaxy S6 and S6 side will get Oreo, in addition to the note 5. further, some of telephones in Samsung’s A line of phones are scheduled to get the replace.
due to the speculative nature of this leak, almost all Samsung phones are presently inside the rumored fame, with some excellent exceptions. both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy be aware eight have Oreo beta builds available, which you can without problems install in your device now.
Galaxy A3 (17): Rumored
Galaxy A3 (18): Rumored
Galaxy A5 (17): Rumored
Galaxy A5 (18): Rumored
Galaxy A7 (17): Rumored
Galaxy A7 (18): Rumored
Galaxy C5 pro: Rumored
Galaxy C7: Rumored
Galaxy C7 pro: Rumored
Galaxy C9 pro: Rumored
Galaxy C10: Rumored
Galaxy J5 pro: Rumored
Galaxy J7 (2016): Rumored
Galaxy J7+: Rumored
Galaxy J7 core: Rumored
Galaxy J7 Max: Rumored
Galaxy J7 top: Rumored
Galaxy J7 pro: Rumored
Galaxy note 5: Rumored
Galaxy note 7 FE: Rumored
Galaxy note 8 : Leaked beta build available
Galaxy S6: Rumored
Galaxy S6 edge: Rumored
Galaxy S6 edge +: Rumored
Galaxy S7: Rumored
Galaxy S7 edge: Rumored
Galaxy S8 : official beta build available
Galaxy S8+ : official beta build available

In stark contrast to several different OEMs, Sony
has posted a rather complete list of Xperia gadgets getting Oreo. Their support article not only details which devices will receive the update, but whether or not it’s far presently available to download. All devices in the list below are showed or already have a stable OTA for Oreo to be had.
Xperia touch : confirmed
Xperia X : confirmed
Xperia X Compact : confirmed
Xperia X overall performance : stable OTA available
Xperia XA1 : confirmed
Xperia XA1 Plus : showed
Xperia XA1 ultra : confirmed
Xperia XZ : stable OTA to be had
Xperia XZ1 : stable OTA available
Xperia XZ premium : stable OTA available
Xperia XZs : stable OTA available

similar to Samsung and Huawei, Xiaomi makes an overwhelming number of gadgets every year. whilst many Xiaomi gadgets are rumored to receive the Oreo update , only a few have a running beta or stable OTA presently. possibilities are excellent that maximum of the flagship Mi devices will receive Oreo, however it could take quite some time based on Xiaomi’s track record with OS updates. All phones in the list underneath are rumored unless in any other case noted.
Mi 5S: Rumored
Mi 5S Plus: Rumored
Mi 5X: Rumored
Mi 6: Rumored
Mi A1 : stable OTA available
Mi Max 2: Rumored
Mi mix: Rumored
Mi mix 2 : Beta available
Mi note 2: Rumored
Mi note 3: Rumored
Redmi 5A: Rumored
Redmi note 5A: Rumored
Redmi note 5A prime: Rumored
Is your device scheduled to get Android Oreo? let us know inside the remarks if it made the listing, or if we’d have unnoticed some thing. This listing can be constantly updated, so ensure to bookmark this web page to preserve up with the update repute to your phone!


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