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The Holy Spirit: In life usually
you’ll agree, I am sure, that thousands of professing
Christians of all denominations provide honor the Holy
Spirit each Lord’s Day morning as they sing the
Doxology. each Catholics and Protestants fill our
churches, making a song the Doxology or speaking the name of
the Holy Spirit; yet, very few recognise some thing about Him or
even consider in Him as a person. We think we know about
God the father, regarding Him because the terrific up to date. We
understand Jesus, the Son of the living God, who got here
and walked upon the earth and died at the go. He is not any
thriller updated lots of people, but up-to-date the
Holy Spirit, nearly little or nothing is thought updated about
consequently, in laying the foundation for this collection
about the Holy Spirit, I need you up to date realize that after I
speak of the Day of Pentecost, i’m speaking about the time
while the word was fulfilled, while Jesus promised
earlier than He went away (John 16:7). He stated that it
expedient that He go away because He become assume the
position of awesome high Priest, seated at the right hand of
God the father. He couldn’t live right here, but He stated He
would no longer leave us comfortless or without power.

promised us power in our own non-public lives and additionally that
He would give the Church power through
the Holy Spirit. Jesus stated that this mighty spirit of
the Trinity would come after He had gone back to the
Father; and, at that time, Jesus might fill His new position of high Priest. The Holy Spirit additionally could expect a
new position, one that He had in no way filled before.
Now in speak to me of the “day of Pentecost,” i’m now not
speaking abouy best one revel in that that they had within the
Upper room when the Holy Spirit got here. we are residing in
the day of Pentecost, and at the present time of Pentecost will
maintain until that moment whilst the Holy Spirit leaves
this earth while Jesus left. And whilst He leaves, the
Holy Spirit will take with Him the Church made of
believers who have been born again as the body of Christ.
What we’re going right here is the individual of the
Holy Spirit and His work of the Day of Pentecost, so
that you may better familiar with the character of
the Holy Spirit who has been in life continually. This
may be quite an eye-opener if you have concept of Him as
a personality existing best for the reason that Day of Pentecost. He gift on the time of advent; we see this as we examine
Genesis 1:1-2: “in the beginning God created the heaven
and the earth. And the earth with out shape, and void;
and darkness upon the face of the deep. And the
Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”
I shall by no means overlook the instant the Holy Spirit
discovered a reality of my heart. I feel
one of the greatest revelations I’ve ever received, while
He made it clean me that the complete Bible from Genesis
through the last book of the new testament
the Revelation, is a revelation of 1 man: Jesus, the
Son of God. The Bible is the word of God; it is
the Holy Spirit; and in its entirety, it’s far the revelation of Jesus Christ.
Now i am sure you are familiar with the account of
Eve’s temptation inside the lawn of Eden, the sin of both
Adam and Eve, and they were pushed by God from the
garden lest they consume of the tree of life and live forever in
their fallen kingdom (Genesis 3:22-24).
God is in no way defeated, however, and i accept as true with this
triggered God for a conference in Heaven where
the 3 humans of the Godhead met—the father, the
Son, and the Holy Spirit— talk about the sacrifice that
 be supplied for man’s redemption. around that
conference table those three gathered, each with a distinct
personality, however constantly working in perfect concord and in
conjunction one with the others. It up there at that
convention that a plan was devised for man’s redemption.
They knew that the price be paid by means of one whom sin
had in no way ruched, a pure and sinless man, and Jesus
grew to become the father and offered himself, thru the Holy
Spirit, receive for man’s salvation. We regularly quote
John 3:16, one of the excellent acknowledged Bible verses; but,
cherished, God could not have given His handiest begotten Son
if His Son had not first of all been inclined to return to earth
as a sacrifice. No, the father couldn’t have given Jesus
as that exquisite present of affection humanity, except Jesus
had supplied himself as a sacrifice.
As a result, Jesus agreed totake upon himself the form
of man and pay the charge for man’s salvation. it’s far the
blood that makes an nement for the soul (Leviticus
17:11); however, most effective sinless blood, blood that sin had by no means ruched, blood of 1 who had in no way acknowledged sin, may want to
meet that situation and pay that price. there has been only
person who meet this criterion: God’s perfect Son. envision that meeting wherein the 3
conferred. I accept as true with the Holy Spirit, who’s the strength of
the Trinity, have became Jesus and vowed, “
do my element in fulfilling the plan. if you pass, take care
of your ‘press.’ I might be your promotion man.”
Please do now not assume me sacrilegious after I say these
words. I mean them with all of my coronary heart in  sacred
manner. I believe that the Holy Spirit meant: “if you
 give your life as a sacrifice for lost humanity, the
least i will do is sell you and reveal your love and
reason the hearts of males and females.” And from that
second, the Holy Spirit started His wishing promotion
of Jesus, glorifying Jesus’ call and pointing as the
Christ. He did no longer wait until Jesus came in the shape of a
babe that first Christmas morning. He began to show
Jesus as the hearts of men and women without delay.
allow me remind you that on every occasion the phrases “the Spirit
of God” are used inside the Bible, they continually seek advice from the
Holy Spirit. They do not refer toGod the father, neither
do they refrr Jesus Christ the Son. whether inside the old
or the new testament, the word“the Spirit of God” refer
to as the Holy Spirit.
It was the same Holy Spirit who gave the old
and New prophets all of the
revelations that they acquired. It was the Holy Spirit who
discovered John all that is recorded inside the closing  book of the new testament. at the very outset of Revelation, John
says: “be in the Spirit on the Lord’s day” (Revelation
1:10). All that John acquired in prophecy concerning these
closing days, we’re seeing literally fulfilled earlier than our very
eyes. That which was prophesied and searched for with
expectation for generations is now quickly becoming
up to date. The more book that we have is
the last book of the new testament— The Revelation of
Jesus Christ.
All these items have been given by way of revelation of the Holy
Spirit in exactly the identical manner the Holy Spirit gave
revelations of the old testament prophets. The Holy
Spirit gave the ones revelations Jeremiah, Isaiah, and
all of the old testament prophets. The things they
prophesied did not come by using their very own expertise, and
this is the motive there are no contradictions in either the
antique or the new. The equal individual,
the Holy Spirit, the only who gave all revelations.
inside this valuable word of God, the Holy Spirit has
discovered all the truth that is important for to understand
concerning the things of God. Upon these truths, a man
might also build for time and eternity. it’s miles God’s revelation
given through idea of the Holy Spirit. The book of
Hebrews affirms that God’s word is a living strength,
sharper than any -edged sword, which could pierce the
depths of the soul and spirit (Hebrews 4:12). And if the
word of God given by means of thought of God through the Holy
Spirit—and it became—then we concentrate it, we
agree with it, and we obey it.
long earlier than the Holy Spirit got here on the Day of
Pentecost, lengthy earlier than the Holy Spirit made His
appearance those believers in the room, He changed in
energetic in revelation—for all of the prophets obtained their
proposal and their revelations from the 1/3 man or woman of
the Trinity. Now let’s go away the overall ministry of the
Holy Spirit and observe His ministry folks who
lived in old testament days.
As we do, allow’s the most vital
aspect within the world,God is the person character. you’re
crucial to Him. there’s nothing that is more exciting
me than to see how He works inside the lifes of an man or woman— Him take an earthen vessel, a surrendered existence,
and see the Holy Spirit works in and thru that existence.
there may be no more compliment than to have the Holy
Spirit work in and via the lifes of a man or woman.

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