The greatest power in the world 2—Kathryn Kuhlman

One Spirit, One motive to start with, allow appearance briefly into the life of Joseph.
Pharaoh, who dominated over Egypt, use the power of the Holy Spirit in the life of this  man. Pharaoh
knew, and you will additionally simply agree, that there has been some thing distinct, some thing uncommon, about Joseph’s life’s. I don’t believe Joseph differed greatly from any other man living then or nowadays. but watch it. What made him uncommon? What became the supply of the power in the life of Joseph? Pharaoh recognized it and the
account is given in Genesis 41:38: “are we able to locate this sort of one as this is, a man in whom the Spirit of God is?”i ponder if Pharaoh truly knew of whom he become, and if he knew something about the character of the Trinity. One factor i am sure of, however, is that Pharaoh use the wisdom, expertise, and supernatural power in the life of Joseph a strength more than any human power and he categorized it efficaciously. It became the Spirit of God in Joseph’s life.
Now, in the 31 book of Exodus we are able to see something else that can be more enlightening. It concerns the workmen who erected the tabernacle inside the desert. if you’re a Bible scholar, you will recognize and simply agree that one of the more best works of work become the tabernacle in the barren land. to this point as craftsmanship and workmanship are concerned, it become without a doubt perfect. Even architects in these days’s world have marveled at the skills and competencies of these man who worked at the tabernacle in the desert. this is what God’s word states concerning those men: “i have crammed him [Bazaleel, the head artisan] with the spirit of God, in know-how, and in knowledge, and in expertise, and in all way of expertise, to plan foxy works, to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass, And in cutting of stones, to set them, and in carving of timber, to work in all way of workmanship” (Exodus 31:3-5).
The Holy Spirit worked through these men. I dare say they had been everyday men and not using a uncommon capacity; but God, through the Holy Spirit, took their minds, took their arms, and they became absolute perfection of their talents. The
tabernacle turned into to be erected consistent with a divine plan, with no imperfections in any respect in its design or in the craftsmanship by which it became constructed. It turned into to be a super
working order that there should be an excellent temple in which God could live. to its perfection became discovered in the Holy Spirit.

here is something else this is more enlightening it’s
in the number 11.we all realize that the Holy Spirit come upon Moses who, in the Old testament,became an regular man, a man with like passions as any man living today. but, he was one of the greatest
leaders that the country of Israel ever had. What changed into the power in his life? What became his remarkable management? It turned into the power of the Holy Spirit. despite the fact that he became a first leader, Moses had to have help, and God knew it; but counselors and advisors might simplest be a limitation except they, too, were of the same thoughts and had the same cause. therefore, it become important that the identical Spirit the Holy Spirit that indwelt Moses also indwell those seventy men who surrounded Moses. So God took of the Spirit that was upon Moses and put it upon them. As a result, these seventy men, who now possessed a oneness in cause, a oneness of thoughts and of Spirit in God, had been set aside to grow to be counselors and assistants and advisors inside the responsibility of supervising the nation of Israel. it’s far most hard for a Spirit stuffed character to work in perfect harmony and oneness of motive with someone who is not Spirit filled. I’ve found that there are few People that i’d find impossible to work with day in and day out in the Lord’s garden. They would be no assist to me in any respect, despite the fact that they may be born once more Christians. you see, there’s a difference while the Holy Spirit has taken over the life of men, has taken his thoughts, his body, fills him completely, and has given him the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16). it is then that it isn’t always  or three minds, now not several minds, but all minds operating as one because it’s far the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 1:10). See how splendidly God labored out this plan with Moses.There had been seventy man who had been set aside to assist Moses in the responsibility of supervising the Israelite, and God stated, “i will come down and communicate with thee : and i will take of the spirit which is upon thee, and could placed it upon them; and they shall endure the load of the people with thee, that thou endure it no longer thyself on my own” (Numbers 11:17). As far as i can decide, the Scriptures had now not formerly stated that Moses become indwelt and empowered and made clever via the Spirit of God, but we are able to see the specific consequences of the Holy Spirit in the existence and the leadership of Moses. God stated in this passage that He would take the Spirit that was given to Moses and might give it to these 70 men. And this is exactly what He did: “And the Lord came down in a cloud, and spake unto him, and took of the spirit that turned into upon him, and gave it unto the seventy elders” (Numbers 11:25). Moses himself ministered by using the gift of the Spirit that turned into given to him, and the seventy men who were his helpers additionally ministered through the present of the Holy Spirit.

 Another man is Gideon allow us to go to the book of Judges now and there we can see the account of a man named Gideon.Do you want to know the secret of Gideon’s power?It changed into the equal individual who’s the challenge of this book: the Holy Spirit.
In Judges 6:34 the Scripture says, “The Spirit of the
Lord came upon Gideon.” And as we examine on, we see the instruction of Gideon for the battle wherein he and 300 men were victorious. The substantial element, however, is that Gideon ministered due to the fact the Spirit of the Lord came upon him.


Now we come to every other account, one about Samson as recorded in Judges 14:6: “The Spirit of the Lord got here mightily upon him, and he lease him [the lion] as he could have hire a kid, and he had nothing in his hand.”We also study regarding Samson that the Philistines “shouted in against to him:and the Spirit of the Lord got here mightily upon him, and the cords that were upon his palms
have become as flax that was burnt with fireplace” (Judges 15:14).
I keep in mind that as a touch girl I ought to have that tale of Samson advised to me again and again once more. Oh, he become exceptional massive of a man in my sight! The children of this work may additionally have their eyes on Batman or Superman, but whilst i used to be a teenager, my ideal become Samson, the strongest man that ever lived. He changed into my Superman, and many a infant going to Sunday school felt the identical manner. however do you need to know some thing? It changed into now not till a lot later that I found out the secret of Samson’s power. As a toddler, I notion it was because he permit his hair develop, and i used to study all long haired men and assume that they ought to be robust too, like Samson.
studying the word of God, however, i discovered that the secret of Samson’s strength and power became no longer in his hair however inside the Holy Spirit. here became one raised up by means of God, upon whom the Spirit of God got here, now not as soon as, but on a super wide variety of activities while there was need for a manifestation of divine strength. It become no longer Samson’s strength.
Nor was his strength in the length of his hair.The duration of his hair become only obedience to God.It become the Spirit of God that got here upon Samson in order that he would possibly do mighty feats through the power that became given to him.the first step downward is usually when one refuses to obey the Lord.remember, the power in the life of
Samson that enabled him to do what he did, became the power of the Holy Spirit.while Samson obeyed God, the Holy Spirit got here upon him. however when he became from obeying God, the amazing power of the Holy Spirit became taken from him. one of the saddest portions of God’s word is in Judges 16:20: “And he woke up out of his sleep, and said, i can go out as at different instances earlier than, and shake myself. And he wist now not that the Lord changed into departed from him .” Up till that point, loved, it became the Holy Spirit who did the shaking as He came upon Samson. It was the Spirit of the Lord mightily upon Samson that made the cords that had been upon his fingers as flax that become burned with fireplace. but now, Samson become disobedient. He had grieved God and the Holy Spirit. since it turned into the power of the Holy Spirit that had achieved the shaking earlier than, there has been a distinction now. it’s far amazing and outstanding when the Holy Spirit does the shaking. however here Samson become not privy to the reality that the Holy Spirit had departed from him, and now he needed to shake himself. One is of the Spirit, one is of the flesh. The Holy Spirit had left Samson, and he became like every other man.

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The greatest power in the world—Kathryn kuhlman

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