The dangerous sleep— Dr.d.k olukoya

One of the places that man suffers his main defeat is on the bed. The sudden problem of a whole lot of people started on their beds. One superb thing that God can do for you in life is to offer you power over the war of the bed. while you win that struggle you’ll begin transferring the manner God needs you to transport. you may no longer end up a prayer warrior if you are nevertheless inside the bondage of the bed. you may no longer be useful to the Almighty if the bed continues to be your cellular. you’ll not become anything effective to the Almighty if you spend too long a time to your bed.
I read the tale of a man who died on the age of seventy five. He spent nearly 25 years snoozing and about six months praying, out of 75 years. it is clear that the fellow had long gone to hell fire. He spent one-1/3 of his life sleeping.
in case you are nonetheless caged by way of the bed you then can’t make any headway spiritually. The main non secular battles that many humans won of their lives had been gained after midnight.
Matthew 13:25: “however while men slept, his enemy got here and sowed tares, some of the grains, and went his way.”
The enemy does no longer come to entertain. once in a while, we begin firing at the enemy whilst he had already planted his evil seed and is gone. We begin firing whilst the destruction has already been achieved. sometime in the past, a friend of mine boarded a vehicle to Lagos from somewhere inside the eastern part of the country. He sat beside the motive force and as they had been going he noticed that the motive force become snoozing. He advised him to park the automobile and sleep for a while before persevering with on the journey, to keep away from an accident. but the driver abused him and advised him that he was no longer slumbering. He slept off once more and earlier than they knew it, they’d ended up in a pit. The accident took place due to the fact the driver was napping but did no longer admit he was doing so, like many people could do. some people allow the spirit of slumber to operate their spiritual life. nowadays, they may be unsleeping and day after today they’re asleep. Witches and powers of darkness have a look at a lot of us in amazement due to the fact they don’t sleep. They don’t need coffee to stay awake. I realize of a fellow, a child of the devil, who determined to maintain night time vigils against a person for one month. For the one month, from midnight to 3.00 am, he become cursing the person. The character being cursed changed into busy slumbering till he commenced seeing himself walking into a coffin.
Please, at this juncture I would really like you to hope like this: “You the powers of the night time, my life isn’t your candidate, within the call of Jesus.” if you are the type of character who sleeps so closely which you cannot awaken at the first tap, you want deliverance, because it method you are going deep down and to the extent that whatever could manifest for your spirit man. in case your spirit man can sleep that some distance, there is a hassle.
Romans 13:11 “And that knowing the time, that now it’s not high time to wide awake out of sleep: for now’s our salvation nearer than whilst we believed.”
Paul said they had been slumbering and had to wake up. If physical sleep could be very horrific what approximately faith sleep?
Sleep is a duration of relaxation at some stage in which the sleeper loses the notice of his surroundings. So, the hazard in sleep is the lack of cognizance. The elder brother of sleep is what clinical people name “coma.” some people are in spiritual coma. Messages and prayer do no longer well worth anything to them. they will be at church provider however would no longer hear what the preacher is announcing because they are already dead spiritually even though they’re alive physically.
whilst someone falls asleep, all his bodily interest decreases, his muscle tissues loosen up and he could have a nightmare. every now and then someone sleepwalks. someone who is sleep-on foot can upward thrust up, visit the kitchen, drink some thing go again to the bed and preserve to sleep. And in case you say, “Who brought this issue?” He could say, “I by no means stood up, I did now not pass there.” This isn’t commonplace in Africa although. I pray that it’ll now not happen to you, in Jesus’ name.
some people even talk of their sleep. that is why a nearby proverb says that sleep is the buddy of death. it’s far throughout sleep that the agents of devil in our environment lay evil eggs in humans’s lives and they are trying to ensure that their victims do no longer recognise what they have got achieved, due to the fact if they realize, they will shake off the evil eggs. this is why the Bible says that even as man slept, his enemies got here quietly, planted evil and went away. It isn’t always all enemies as a way to assault you without delay. In truth, more enemies will not assault you at once. They just come, lay their evil eggs and depart.
whilst you lose the battle of the bed, you lose all battles. devil has destroyed so many excellent glory due to sleep. while you are addicted to sleep physically it’s far terrible, however it’s is even worse while it’s far transferred to the spirit man. Sleep gives the enemy a hazard to sow tares. while men sleep, many human tragedies arise. as an instance, fireplace, typhoon and tornadoes sweeping homes and towns away every so often earlier than the victims wake up. So, sleep is a time of insecurities, you cannot guard yourself at that time. it is a time of inaction and a time of fable while you anticipate that each one is right best so that it will wake up to peer a outstanding exchange. So, we need to be privy to the dangers of faith shut eye. amazing adjustments might also occur for the enemy could be at work.
a few people could say, “after I went to sleep remaining night time, i was okay but by the point I woke up, I had become another person.” a few people visit bed sound handiest to wake up. The powers of the night waited for them to sleep and planted things in their lives.
Please, take this prayer points:
“evrry seed of the power of the night, roast, in the the of Jesus.”
The Bible categorizes dangerous sleep into many classes. we can observe some of them. this can help you to realize whether or not you’re wakeful or now not. The fact that any person’s eyes are open does now not suggest that he isn’t slumbering spiritually.
1. The sleep of Jonah: Jonah 1:5-6 : “ Then the mariners were afraid, and cried each man unto his god, and solid forth the wares that had been in the ship into the sea, to lighten it of them. but Jonah turned into gone down into the perimeters of the deliver; and he lay, and changed into asleep. So the shipmaster got here to him, and said unto him, What meanest thou, O sleeper? arise, call upon thy God, if so be that God will think upon us, that we perish now not.”
It changed into an unrealistic sleep, a sleep of illusion. The hurricane turned into raging, men were in threat however Jonah did no longer comprehend it in any respect. Likewise many people nowadays suppose that they are able to put a cover over their head and all the terrible matters they’re seeing around them would depart simply due to the fact they are snoozing. No, they will now not go away. The sailor faced Jonah, “What meanest thou, O sleeper stand up, call upon thy God. Can’t you notice what is occurring round?”
there are numerous people like Jonah, a lot of factors are occurring around them, yet they are napping. Many, these days are roaming about drowsing unrealistically. Their sin is raging like the storm and is as dark because the night and the risk is incredible but they want to trust that everything goes to be all proper. that is why Paul warns: “wide awake thou that sleepest and rise up from the useless and the light of Christ shall shine upon thee.
alas, many will die below this delusion due to the fact their eyes are blanketed, they suppose that the world will simply cross on like that and that not anything will show up. They agree with that politicians could be politicians, army men may be army men, governors may be governors, and so forth. No, very soon, things will manifest. if you are sleeping like Jonah, I pray that the Lord could help you, in Jesus’ name.
a few people have the decision of God upon their lives and God has told them where to head however they have slept off like Jonah and feature additionally decided to head any other way. God told Jonah to go to Nineveh but he headed for Tarshish and slept off on the way. sooner or later, he went from his bed of sleep into the mouth of a fish and became there for 3 days. He did 3 days dry fast within the stomach of the fish due to unrealistic sleep. He become jogging faraway from God and consoled himself via napping.
2. The sleep of the apostle and the sleep of the disciple: what is the nature of the sleep of the disciples? it is the sleep of weariness. Mark 14:37 says, “And he cometh, and findeth them sleeping, and saith unto Peter, Simon, sleepest thou? Couldest not thou watch one hour?” He first known as him Peter and later known as him Simon. there is a difference among the two names. Peter method rock while Simon means reed. each time Peter started out to do a gradual movement within the Bible, Jesus could not name him Peter, He would say Simon. And while he became doing well, He might call him Peter.
when Peter left Jesus and started to fish after the resurrection, Jesus stated, “Simon son of Jonah lovest thou me…” right here He known as him Simon this means that a reed, any person who shakes here and there. “Simon, sleepest thou? Couldest not thou watch one hour?” this is, may want to you now not do one-hour night time vigil? there are numerous people like that. The only night time vigil they do efficiently with minimal sleep can be the ones organised by means of the church. Such people are deceiving themselves. while you can’t sit down  and do a personal vigil for as a minimum one hour, you are sound asleep the sleep of the disciple. Jesus asked His disciples to hope for risk was coming. The betrayal changed into to come back that night time and squaddies had been coming. perhaps if Peter had prayed that one hour prayer, he could now not have denied the Lord. whilst chance got here, they stood up and were huge unsleeping however that could not help the scenario. I pray that you’ll not awaken whilst it is too past due.
today, people are exhausted and weighed down, and their senses are dumb spiritually. there may be a want to be watchful, for the enemy will assault when we least expect. whilst righteous men sleep, the enemy does no longer sleep. The Bible says, “Be sober, be vigilant for the satan, your adversary walketh approximately in search of whom he may consume.” Evil lurks in each corner while the righteous human beings are weary. The disciples slept the sleep of weariness and we see where it landed them.
3. The sleep of Samson: it’s far very sad to recognise that many men are snoozing the sleep of Samson. They leave their better halves at domestic and find a local Delilah somewhere and are drowsing there. To get worse their case, their pals who will come and smoke cigarette at their funeral are encouraging them to die. Samson, whose delivery was prophesied via an angel, a supernatural man, could not face up to the lap of Delilah.
Judges 16:19: “and she made him sleep upon her knees; and she referred to as for a person, and she prompted him to shave off the seven locks of his head; and she or he commenced to afflict him, and his power went from him.” The seven locks of head stand for perfection.
what is the NATURE OF THE SLEEP OF SAMSON? it’s not the sleep of presumption. that is the spirit of “i can deal with it, no problem,” the spirit of over-self assurance. Samson knew that he changed into in threat for Delilah turned into after the secret of His power, but he could not help himself. Delilah made him to sleep on her knees and she reduce off his hair. while he awoke due to the cry of the Philistines, he stated, “i will go out like different times.” but the Bible says that he did not know that the Lord had departed from him. He become amazed that day due to the fact he had presumed that everything was still okay. Then his eyes had been pulled out and he became made to grind pepper in the mill of the enemy. It is incorrect to presume which you are secure and therefore area yourself in danger. at some point, you can wake up and discover that the Lord has departed from you.
4. The sleep of the sluggard: someone who will take a seat for assessments and is drowsing 8 hours regular will come to be a failure. Proverb 24:30-34: “I went by the sphere of the slothful, and through the winery of the person void of understanding, and lo, it become all grown over with thorns, and nettles had blanketed the face thereof, and the stone wall thereof was broken down. Then I saw, and taken into consideration it well. I looked upon it, and received practise. but a little sleep, a little shut eye, a little folding of the fingers to sleep; so shall thy poverty come as one which travelleth, and thy want as an armed guy.”
Many Christians are very lazy. They don’t need to do the Lord’s work. simply as a lazy man or woman can not do well bodily, additionally a lazy individual cannot do properly spiritually. Laziness is the purpose people provide excuses for no longer doing what they are alleged to do. for instance, they would whinge that Bible studies commonly take time and that is why they do no longer attend. Many are inactive when it comes to sowing the seed to the dominion. Lazy people lack non secular exercise. own family worship and Bible look at are overseas to them. just as a lazy farmer will not acquire the best crop, a lazy Christian too will not acquire the high-quality from the Lord. The sleep of carelessness that many people sleep can’t fetch them anything from the Lord.
5. The sleep of Eutychus: Act 20:7-12: “And upon the primary day of the week, when the disciples got here together to interrupt bread, Paul preached unto them, equipped to depart on the morrow; and continued his speech until midnight. And there were many lights in the top chamber, where they were accrued collectively. And there sat in a window a certain young guy named Eutychus, being fallen into a deep sleep; and as Paul become lengthy preaching, he sunk down with sleep, and fell down from the 1/3 ground, and become taken up dead. And Paul went down, and fell on him, and embracing him said, hassle not yourselves, for his life is in him. whilst he consequently became come up again, and had broken bread, and eaten, and talked a protracted even as, even till crack of dawn, so he departed. and they introduced the man alive, and were no longer a little comforted.”
this is the longest sermon inside the Bible. right here changed into a person who had a bed at work and could have slept at work, but he did not do so however got here to the house of God and decided that the whole thing they had been saying there has been slumbering pill and he started sound asleep. And as he slept, his enemy that pursued him to the assembly stated, “we shall use you to disgrace them here.” He slept until he fell down. If a fellow could be drowsing like that at the same time as a message goes on, it shows that he will no longer be useful at a night time vigil. He would be a useless disciple. one of the matters that has captured particularly this country is that there are some folks who awaken in the morning even as believers are nevertheless dozing and take over the entire day. They give orders to the day to co-function with them at the same time as Christians are nevertheless slumbering. if you wake up at 8 a.m. and pray a 5-minute prayer, and later you assert, “I don’t understand how nowadays went,” this is the sleep of Eutychus.
6. The sleep of the silly virgins: we’ve their story in Matthew 25. They did now not have sufficient oil of their lamps and yet they had been dozing.
HOW DO you realize whether or not you are ALREADY DEEP IN DANGEROUS SLEEP?
1. when prayer ceases to be a priority to you.
2. when you emerge as content material with the religious know-how that you have already acquired.
3. whilst your biblical know-how isn’t always applied inwardly. You simply go to church, hear the message and read the Bible however you cannot observe them inwardly. They don’t have any impact to your notion lifestyles or for your manner of lifestyles.
4. when mind approximately heaven and eternity stop to be normal to your life. You don’t consider heaven. It does not go your mind that this world isn’t a permanent region. you’re only involved about fabric wealth. it is a sign of spiritual shut eye. You neglect that our period in the world is transient, that very quickly all you’ve got acquired in this world might end up uncooked materials for fire.
5. while offerings in the residence of God keep no pleasure for you. You are not interested by what goes on there.
6. while non secular dialogue becomes a source of embarrassment to you. for instance, to your office, talking about Jesus or religious matters turns into exceedingly embarrassing due to the fact you recognize that the ones round will virtually recognize which you are not behaving like a Christian
7. while such things as amusement, sports activities, pastime, enjoyment, and so on. take a huge part of a while, sleep has crept in and if you don’t wake, up the enemy will come and sow tares or lay eggs if they have no longer already performed so.
8. while you dedicate the sin of the mind and body with out your moral sense pricking you.
9. when the aspiration for holiness is not paramount to your heart. while you look for Scriptures to lower back up your unholy behaviour, you recognize the truth but you are going for walks far from it. people can always understand the truth when they see it and they could always recognise whilst they are trying to wriggle far from the blunt fact. The reality can be sour and unpalatable however it’s far very cussed. irrespective of what you do to it, it’ll stand searching at you. if you knock it down, it’ll stand. You throw it away, it’ll stand. You bury it, it’s going to arise. it is very stubborn. it can take time to happen, but it should occur.
10. when acquisition of worldly fabric is the important a part of your wondering.
11. while you are singing Christian songs and chanting Christian phrases just from the lips and not from the coronary heart. Surrendering to Jesus, best what is convenient is a sign of slumber.
12. Taking the Lord’s name in vain indicates which you are sound asleep. You communicate about the Lord as though He was your houseboy. pronouncing that He has spoken some thing when He has no longer spoken: you did not receive a revelation and also you say you did.
13. watching grimy films and T.V shows and analyzing impure literature is a sign which you have already slept. loads of people can live glued to the T.V for hours with out napping however right now you are saying, “let us pray” they sleep off.
14. whilst with the slightest excuse you keep away from non secular obligations, you’ve got slept.
15. while you are contended together with your loss of non secular power and also you no longer searching for power from excessive. the primary key to non secular power is loss of rest on your soul because you aren’t satisfied with your gift degree.
16. whilst you pardon your sin and your laziness through saying that God knows, you are spiritually napping.
17. whilst you as a Christian can without difficulty alter to the lifestyles fashion of the world. You dress in a different way to church and in a different way out of doors. it’s far a signal that you are spiritually asleep. if you still crack grimy jokes with unbelievers, or they feel comfortable to your organization to do some thing they prefer, you then are asleep. the suitable role is they need to discover it very hard to do or say positive matters before you.
18. when you are willing to cheat your enterprise, you’ve got slept.
nowadays, my cry to God for you is that you will awaken like Paul said. Paul become now not say to unbelievers. He turned into speaking to Christians. He said, “awake thou that sleepest and Christ has shown you light.” So, it is time to awake from our sleep due to the fact now is our salvation nearer than it became before. Do no longer waste time clearing the evil eggs that the enemy has laid for your life at the same time as you have been drowsing. The time you have to do beneficial things for the Lord, you are busy the use of it to do deliverance for what took place to you whilst you were sound asleep. it’s miles better to be awake and pursue the enemy proper into their gates. this is a severe matter and need to be tackled aggressively.
It is not a very good aspect for you to say which you go to church and God does not speak to you. You can’t hear Him even on easy matters of lifes inclusive of your task. you’re a Christian, yet you’re gambling with existence. whilst somebody starts off evolved to experiment with lifestyles, he does now not get the great out of it. The nice factor is to be in the right region at the proper time and to be sure what the Almighty desires to do along with your life. The fact that what you’re doing is good does no longer imply it is divine.
if you have things to type out with the Lord, do that now. appearance again at your religious existence. take a look at what’s taking place now. Are you having the nice? Haven’t you observed the error that you have made because you couldn’t hear from heaven? Haven’t you observed the error became due to the fact you were spiritually asleep? you have got given your enemy opportunity to plant weeds. sort your self out with the Lord. Make a promise that as any more, your spirit man can be on fireplace and that fireplace may be burning on the altar of your life. Why should your ears be making noise and you are hearing not anything? Why must your eyes be itching but you are seeing not anything. you understand the whole lot approximately your subject of specialization however you do now not recognise what the Holy Spirit is saying about your existence.
Please, pray aggressively.

1. O Lord, wake me up from each dangerous sleep, in the name of Jesus.
2. each evil seed sown into my life whilst i was snoozing, be removed by fire, in the name of Jesus.

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