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A way to subject Your Flesh “we are more than conquerors.” that is what the word of God says
about us as believers. however there has been a time in my lifes while that triumphant description just failed to seem to apply to me. I become born again; I had made Jesus Christ the Lord of my life, but some thing became nonetheless incorrect. in preference to dwelling like a conqueror, i was getting conquered through the whole lot from illness to cigarettes to coconut pie. it is not that I did not put up a fight towards the ones matters. I did! I attempted and failed to whip them, over, and over… and over again. you know precisely what i’m talking about, do not you? you’ve got been there, and you are no longer by myself. There are believers everywhere who are caught proper now in that kind of defeat, more of them have “repented and rededicated” for instances than they can name. however every time they take a sparkling stand against the devil, he simply knocks them flat again. It doesn’t must be that manner. that is what i found out more than 20 years in the past and my lifestyles has in no way been the same due to the fact. i discovered out that I could stay as “more than a conqueror. That I could combat the correct fight of faith like a winner so that once the fight was performed, the devil would be the one left
sprawled at the mat.
you may do the same thing. Now remember what number of areas you may have failed in, irrespective of how many instances the ones screw ups had been repeated, if you’ll follow the truths
i’m approximately to reveal you from the word of God, you may turn those screw ups round. you may sooner or later start to live like the amazing and
effective conqueror you’ve got been born once more to be.

The Battlefield of the thoughts

Before you may always enjoy that kind of victory,
but, you need to visit the word and learn something about the strategies the devil is using against you. You should learn the way he operates, so you can positioned a forestall to those operations on your life. You ought to discover, for example, exactly wherein he’s going to attack you. in any case, you may rarely expect to win the struggle if you can not
even find your way to the battlefield. Hebrews 12:1-3 will assist turn you in the right path. It says:
“Wherefore seeing we additionally are compassed about with so extremely good a cloud of witnesses, allow us to lay aside weight, and the sin which doth so effortlessly be set us, and allow us to run with staying power the race this is set before us, looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the pleasure that was set earlier than him endured the cross, despising the disgrace, and is about down at the right hand of the throne of God. For recollect him that continued such contradiction of sinners in opposition to himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.”
read that closing word again.
“recollect Jesus…lest ye be wearied and faint to your minds.” so long as you live in a mortal body, your thoughts is the location in which your combat with devil can be won or lost. Your mind is the battlefield.
some people have made the mistake of questioning devil’s attacks come within the realm of the spirit, but they don’t! Jesus defeated him as soon as
and for all where the spirit realm is worried and whilst we made Jesus Lord of our lives, that victory
became for all time ours. The war for your spirit is over. It has already been fought and received. As a
believer, you have been spiritually reborn into the picture of God, and there’s clearly nothing the
devil can do to change that. he’s been permanently kicked out of that life. except you understand the
difference between the soul and the spirit, that can be difficult for you to comprehend. So let me come up with an example to help you see the distinction among the two. through the years, I’ve met some
individuals who, via supernatural visions, have had the privilege of certainly seeing Jesus. In describing
their visions, several of these people have told me the same aspect. they have said that after Jesus
seemed to them, nearly all the questions they had continually desired to ask Him abruptly vanished from their minds. Then later, when the imaginative and prescient was gone, they had think about that splendid possibility that they had and marvel how in the world they could have not ask Him the
questions after they had the Opportunity. Why did not I ask Him about this? they had think. Why didn’t I ask Him about that? i’ll inform you why they did not. It changed into due to the fact visions take place in the world of the spirit; and while you’re operating basically in the realm of the spirit, your thoughts
(that is within the realm of the soul) isn’t always in rate. The most effective questions the ones folks ought to assume to invite have been questions that had simply been in their spirits. all the others the
ones they so speedy forgot were virtually questions they’d been unique in their minds.

when those oldsters have been stuck up in the ones visions, the devil wasn’t even a aspect. due to the fact they don’t for that moment stepped totally into
the spirit, he couldn’t get in and mess things up. despite the fact that he himself is a spirit, he is lost all his authority inside the spiritual realm. He
cannot fight you there anymore. take into account, 1 Corinthians 10:13 says, “There hath no temptation
taken you but inclusive of is not unusual to man.” that means devil has to function in this old, soulish
realm. and even on this realm he has no authority, however he can try and lie to you. Deception is all that he has. that does not suggest, but, that he’ll just percent up and cross domestic. he’s nonetheless going to come back when you. he is still going to attempt to thieve from you and kill you and destroy you and he is going to attempt to do it through gaining manage of your mind. with the aid of bombarding you with damaging mind and setting pressure on your feelings.

You need to understand that. You want to put together yourself for it. You want to understand that in case you’re ever going to take a a success stand against him, you are going to do it
on the battlefield of your mind.


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