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More on the way to discipline your flesh by Kenneth Copeland
Defeat by way of Deceit
Now that you understand where in the fight goes to take place, you want to recognize what kind of
guns the satan is going to use against you. it really is not virtually too tough to parent out. He handiest has one, and that i can describe it to you in one word:


He has to use deceit due to the fact he would not have the power to defeat you some other way. He doesn’t have the power to win outright. In truth,
he does not have any power of his own. Jesus stripped him of all of it when He arose from the dead and took away from him the keys of hell and death. He has to win the struggle on your soul with the aid of tricking you into defeating your self. He must by hook or by crook deceive you into placing apart the positive life of righteousness and con you into stepping once more into the slavery of sin.
“properly now, Brother Copeland,”
you could say, “i am without a doubt now not going to fail for that. i have been chairman of the deacons too lengthy to get sucked lower back into a life of sin!” There have been a brilliant many believers who stated that identical element and but ended up absolutely shipwrecked, their lives torn aside
by sins they never anticipated to fall into. such as you, the ones believers could never have jumped headlong into a existence of Hardy middle sin. but
one way or the other, with out even figuring out it, they saved inching toward it a little at a time till at closing they slipped right over the threshold. you see, sin in no way begins out big.

It starts off evolved small and grows. The devil would not simply come blaring up to you and say, Why don’t you be a prostitute? Why do not you be a
killer? He starts off evolved by using planting a little seed to your thoughts. He starts off evolved through inflicting you to wonder, as an instance, what
might show up in case you cursed just a
little bit. let me let you know, i am talking
from enjoy once I say that due to the fact that is exactly how the devil started out with me. i was raised in a Christian home. I grew up understanding that it became wrong to curse. In reality, I figured, as a bit boy, that for me it would nicely be downright risky. I did not know but what God would simply strike me useless if I ever said a lot as one curse word.

Of direction, I knew that other people did it. I had household who were practically geniuses at it. I
just didn’t assume God might placed up
with it out of me. however at some point while i used to be 9 years old, I commenced thinking about it. I started out thinking just what would happen if I cursed. Now I don’t imply I simply concept about it once or two times. I idea about it for hours. I in reality could not get it off my thoughts.

We had a long driveway lower back then that ran from the road to the garage at the back of our house, and i paced up and down that driveway all morning lengthy, considering cursing the whole time. The idea of it just saved working on my mind hour after hour, i’d assume, Boy, God doesn’t want me to do this.
Momma doesn’t need me to do this. Daddy does not need me to do this. but I need to do it! I wrestled with those thoughts manner up into the afternoon. Then subsequently I determined. i was going to do
it. If I die, I die, I thought. It took all the courage I had to say just
about a half of a word. but I did it. not anything passed off Lightning didn’t strike. I did not drop dead. not anything. So I finished that word and began some other. all of sudden, the dam broke. I
started cursing everything in sight. I walked up and down that driveway cursing the entire time.

Of path, in Texas we do not curse, we cuss! i might kick a rock and cuss it. I stubborn the dog, the cat, the residence. I stubborn the garage. I called that
storage the whole thing I should think about. Boy, I imply, i was getting with it. that does not without a doubt sound like any such big deal, does it? A nine-year-
old boy on a bit cussing spree? but i will tell you. that afternoon some thing moved in on my life. I knew it even then, despite the fact that I would not had been capable to inform you just what it become. I knew some thing negative had moved in on me.
From that point on, it started to take over. It actually began to rule my existence. over time, it nearly destroyed me spiritually, mentally and bodily. you see, devil had come and planted the seed of riot. It changed into only a little element at first. but it
grew. pretty soon i used to be smoking everything I could get my palms on. At 11 years old, i’d shred cedar bark and smoke it. It failed to flavor correct either felt like it set my neck on hearth whenever. but I did it anyway because something turned into
inner me pushing me to do it. by the point i used to be a grown man, I turned into rebellious to the whole thing that had a prison lone to it. i was rebellious to the law. i used to be rebellious to my parents i used to be rebellious to God. On the only
hand, I wanted God. however at the different hand, I failed to because I didn’t want to do what He informed me to do. I notion that if I threw off the ones sorts of restraints, I can be free. but the reality become, i used to be in bondage the entire time.

My flesh my natural, human appetites and goals became the boss of the whole thing I did. with the aid of receiving that seed of rebel, i might set a law in movement and i did not understand how to prevent it. by the time I turned into 20 years vintage, i used to be 100 kilos overweight, smoking over a % and a 1/2 of cigarettes an afternoon  rebellious, self looking for and mad at everybody who loved me. I knew I changed into headed for destruction, but I couldn’t stop it. i was out of manipulate. My frame turned into out of manipulate, and that i didn’t understand the way to put on the brakes.
Then, once I subsequently made Jesus Lord of my life and were given added from all that, i discovered I could not stay brought. The Lord would set me
loose all right. however then devil could come right in in the back of, planting the ones little seeds in my mind. they had start to grow after which i might
locate myself proper lower back in bondage once more.

As a born again believer, I absolutely had the power to be an over comer. but due to the fact I did not
understand the strategy of the devil, I kept being triumph over!
subsequently though, after searching the word and seeking solutions from the Lord, I commenced to
get clever to that approach and i discovered a manner to counter it. it’s a way so simple, you can teach it to a baby. but it is so full of power, it can actually set you free in any region of your existence.

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Kenneth copeland—:how to discipline your flesh

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