Eksu student reaction to the ongoing strike

 strike turns Ekiti varsity into ghost city
•Fayose should pay our lecturers’ salaries, frustrated university student plead

GodzGeneral, Ado Ekiti

For over six weeks, educational activities have been paralysed at the Ekiti state university (EKSU), Ado-Ekiti, since the educational staff of the institution went on strike. And the scenario has been taking a toll on the students.
members of the academic staff Union of Universities (ASUU), EKSU wing, had been on an industrial action since January 16. they’re asking the payment of their eight months’ salaries allegedly being owed by the state government.
Investigations by GodzGeneral Correspondent discovered that students freshly admitted into the school, who had infrequently spent a semester before the strike commenced on January 16, have become stressed. this is just as other students, specifically the ones in their final yr, are becoming pissed off about the strike.

Ifeoluwa Stephen Sanusi, 18, a 100-level undergraduate of the department of Theatre and Media Arts of the university, told the reporter: “i’ve simply got admitted and have been longing for a very busy and challenging mastering experience. but then the school become shut down on January 16, and we were right here doing nothing. Efforts to read on our very own have been boring and unchallenging, as there is no lecturer to guide you.
“i’m bored and i want government to urgently pay our academics so they can resume work on time. I also appeal to the striking academics to kindly reach an affordable % with the authorities. They should placed our destiny in thoughts.”

Marian Ayodele, a 100 level student in the department of English and Literary studies, said she and her idle friends have determined a brief solace in paying frequent visits to the mosque to shed off the burden of boredom slammed on them by the strike.
“This strike isn’t always desirable for us, especially those of us that are still freshers. We aren’t glad because we’re being not on time for no fault of ours. we’re even losing self assurance in the system. We appeal to authorities to urgently heed the academics’ demand. They ought to simply find a manner and solve this hassle once and for all and on time too. The campus has become a ghost town and all of us has left,” she stated.

Olanrewaju Taiwo, a 300 level student of technology Laboratory generation, declared that the impasse caused by authorities’s non-fee of salaries was negatively affecting the fortunes of the students. He called for urgent action via government: “This strike is just delaying me and my destiny. I want each the academics and the authorities to urgently discover a way to the crisis and let us resume for lectures.”

miss Akande Morenike, a final year student in the school of law, appealed to authorities to pay the academics and quit the strike to prevent the consequences of youthful restiveness at the campus.
Her words: “I need to appeal to the authorities especially to urgently deal with the situation. This strike is affecting a lot of us psychologically and we’re already getting depressed about the entire system. i’m already in my final year and were calculating that I have to be in the Nigerian law school in more than one months. but now i get weary with this pointless delay in the academic calendar occasioned by using the strike.
“All my colleagues are burdened. The fresh students are getting stressed. And  an idle thoughts is the devil’s workshop. So, I appeal to both parties, government and the striking staff of the school, to urgently reach a percent and give up this stalemate for our sake and the sake of their children also.”

Adeolu Oluwagbemiga, a 200 level student in the Economics department and Akintunji Oluwaseun of the science Laboratory technology department are heaping all the blame on the management of Governor Ayo Fayose over authorities’s failure to pay salaries. in step with them, anyone working and not receiving his salaries while due must not be blamed for downing tools.
“We learnt that our lecturers are on strike to call for some understanding from government on reduction of taxes that the government imposed on their salaries, and which they didn’t like. the lecturers additionally need the authorities to pay their outstanding salaries for 8 months. We learnt that there’s this confrontation over what number of months need to first be paid. I think the authorities is imparting much less than 5 months, which is what the academics want. For us as students, we might rather pitch our tents with the lecturers because they are also fathers and mothers and have their very own children and different duties to take care of.
“imagine, if my moms and dads were to be academic lectures on this university and each of them have worked for eight good months with out getting a dime, would they be capable of pay my school fees? So, authorities has to do some thing quite urgently and stop giving us excuses.
“if they need to borrow to pay the salaries of lecturers, they must, please, do it. Governor Fayose ought to help solve this trouble as soon as and for all. We additionally need to appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari to assist our state authorities by means of giving him a bailout, if possible, to pay our lecturers’ salaries and allow us to resume in time.

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