February 2018
The management of the national youth service Corps (NYSC) has announced date of registration for 2018 Batch A, stream 1 and 2 Corps participants.

The facts was in the recently updated NYSC Mobilization Time-table For 2018 Batch A corps members.
The management of the scheme said on-line registration will Start on 26 March, 2018.

See the entire and complete NYSC Mobilization Time-table For 2018 Batch A corps members as posted at the NYSC official portal corps:

Table For 2018 Batch A
S/N event Date
1 2018 Batch 'A' Pre-Mobilization Workshop 5th - 9th March 2018
2.Briefing/Sensitization of final year students/prospective corps participants. 5th March - 16th April 2018
3.display of list of all accepted programmes for institutions on NYSC portal for cross checking and comments 9th - 13th March 2018
4.Collation of prospective Corps members' data through Corps producing institutions CPIs 9th - 13th March 2018

5.Submission/uploading of Senate/academic Board accepted results for complete/part-Time Graduates and Revalidation Lists by CPIs 19th - 24th March 2018
6.Registration by means of foreign and locally skilled Nigerian Graduates 26th March - 8th April 2018
7.Deployment and Printing of call-up Letters by ICT department 9th - 11th April, 2018
8.Notification/ Printing of call-up Letters/delivery of call-up letters to institutions (stream I) 12th - 15th April, 2018
9.Printing of Deployment Disposition by means of Corps producing institutions (CPIs) 12th - 16th April, 2018
10.2018 Batch 'A' Orientation path (stream I and II)
Good luck to all corps members
So that you finished watching the entire collection of Harry potter or seasonal film like prison break,Atlantis and so on and remains looking for some thing fun and cool to do? anyway,GodzGeneral is here to help you out. No, we aren’t going to suggest you to hang out with your pals, because there has been someone near you, You wouldn’t be searching the net for “ things to do whilst you are Bored ”, right?

Boredom can be a actual torture at the same time as there are individuals who yearn to feel that way due to their tense schedules. it is sort of important to keep busy to not experience the state of boredom because it kills happiness. It becomes tough to kill time and it seems that it has stopped. You can not sleep all the time and wander off to your dream land, nor can you scroll facebook timeline which has humans supposedly “taking part in” their life and not being bored. nicely, it depends on your interests that what you will honestly enjoy doing whilst you are bored.
although, there are hundreds of things you could do to stop being bored. but we're simply listing the pleasant ones. here’s how you can flip “i m feeling bored” into “i'm enjoying the day”. those twenty Four matters are positive to pass a while, as well as make you glad on the cease of the day.

24# Surf articles on internet that spark your interest.

much like you're doing right now. You might be conscious the opposite topics that you have interest on. The universe? Or the world? maybe dinosaurs? it is always desirable  benefit understanding in particular when you have nothing else to do.

23# start organizing your closet.

many of us don’t hold our closet organized as we just throw in the clothes in a haphazard way while we are getting ready. Your closet need no longer appear to be a tornado hit it and you may arrange it well. you'll make a good use of your spare time and it will feel good.

22# begin taking into consideration ways to save cash.

find how you can keep cash as you might not be aware of the hints that you may placed into use to have a great saving in your hands. This manner you can pass purchase new pair of shoes time to time.

21# cook a new recipe.

while you are bored, you no longer order a takeout but as you can look on the net and learn how to prepare what you were about to order. Am I right? It may not be as tasty in your first strive, but you may be proud sufficient with a new ideas

20# reading spiritual books

you may look bored however analyzing spiritual books eliminates boredom...it add to you physically and spiritually

19# Video games.

it would have been years since you last played a online game and they can be addictive too, but you can truly kill your time with the aid of playing video games. although, remember the fact that you do not start doing it all of the time, every day!

18# study a novel.

there's no better pal than a book. You won't be a e-book lover, however you may attempt page by using web page b reading on topics that hobby you.

17# Write a weblog.

studying is ideal but so is writing and having a weblog is a pleasing manner to attain out to readers to talk about any subject matter. Who is aware of how desirable you become at it? start these days and see where it takes you.

16# Have a makeover.

determine that you need to exchange your look and begin analyzing style related magazines or articles and accumulate thoughts on what you need to put into effect on your self. maybe new fashion of clothes or maybe change your hair?

15# trap up on favored soap operas.

if you are hooked to a cleaning soap opera which you favored, several hours could be handed just like that. Have some snacks on the facet, and down load that show or watch on-line for so long as you need.

14# Dance like there is no tomorrow.

Did you ever need to exhaust your self just due to the fact you're bored? properly, dancing involves a rescue as it's far an incredible mood elevator. you may even examine a few steps online and dance to the beats of your favourite track. even when i am home on my own, I consider that i am giving a performance on degree and it's miles super-amusing. *loner, you say? I realize.*

13# Create a video and add on line.

You by no means recognize which video may want to go viral on internet as YouTube is giving delivery to stars in recent times and you can be one in every of them when you have some thing exceptional to file. you can get fifteen minutes of fame, even if you don’t get to be a large superstar. So try it on!

12# revel in a chilled bath.

placed the track on and take an extended shower. when you have a tub bathtub, then convey in the ones bath salts and draw your self a chilled bath. it would be soothing and time might bypass through quickly.

11# Spend time with pets.

when you have a pet, you then need to no longer be bored. Play with them or take them out as they could die to spend time with you. deliver them a bathe as hygiene is important for them as nicely. you can train your puppy a new trick or at the least try! I recall when I used to educate my dog a few tricks and he regarded to be the cutest in the world when he obeyed.

10# clean your room

The excellent element to do whilst you are bored by myself, especially if you are a boy. As a boy, we don’t reflect on consideration on cleanliness lots, however trust me, you will experience a lot happy and prouder than your mother after finishing the task. if your room is purifier than Google’s headquarters, first make it messy after which clean it again. in any case, all you need to do is to skip your “dull” time. Isn’t it?

9# read books

analyzing books is one of the satisfactory activities whilst bored. you will no longer only get a few treasured expertise however will also be able to bypass it slow very without problems. Who knows, reading books will become your favored pass time once you begin your “analyzing”.

8# shop online

This calls for you to have a few brief dollars. cross round your favorite e-commerce web sites and keep for brand spanking new gadgets. you could look for new shirts, jeans, new telephones, or whatever else you want to. Even if you don’t buy some thing, simply browsing through the internet site alone will bypass some of a while!

7# Watch humorous YouTube movies

humorous YouTube movies are a amazing manner to decorate your mood. if you are bored alone at domestic, then YouTube will be one of the a laugh things to do at home. YouTube entertains humans higher than powerful tv as you have got entire choice over the content you desire to look.

6# visit the closest supermarket

Getting out of your home will help you uplift your temper. you may be able to see new faces in the marketplace, so one can freshen up your temper. if you are lucky, you'll be able to find a new pal there. (i'm not kidding)

5# Watch your GF/BF’s old movies

Doing so will deliver up the suitable smile to your face. certain, there might be a few sour memories too. however, it is able to virtually help you to pass some time.

4# name your excellent buddy

excellent friends are always there to entertain you, regardless of how a ways you are from them. just call them up, and talk about all the rubbish you want to. Don’t worry, buddies never get irritated. If he/she appears to be too busy to talk to you, it might be a signal that he/she isn’t your true great pal . (There are exceptions, in this case)

3# pay attention in your favorite song

rather than thinking what to do while your bored, genuinely plug-in your headphones. song can provide you with a first-rate company whilst you are bored. Create a playlist of your favored tracks and revel in the tunes. if you are a music lover, it will suck up 5-6 hours of some time without you even figuring out it. ( note: paying attention to song at high extent for longer intervals will harm your ears.)

2# Create a image collage

pick out up your image album and go through the antique recollections. Now, take all the photos you want, and turn then into a photograph collage. consider? How innovative have been you at some stage in your childhood days? Create a photo collage or a wall frame simply to test how much of your creativity has been affected as you grew old.

1# Throw a small party

well, if you throw a celebration, you honestly received’t be staying by myself. but it’s a pretty cool idea, as you can enjoy the day. name your pals who can be at your own home, create a terrific playlist and then name up the pizza guy. Don’t forget about approximately the coke though. if you did it right, you could have the biggest birthday celebration at your house.
want even more thoughts on activities whilst bored? Ping me on facebook then! simply kidding, you can watch a completely cool video covering the identical…
fun games for whilst your bored:
The snake game! you can Play with thousands and thousands of players round the arena and try to come to be the longest of the day!
3D car Simulator
you can force modified motors all around the Earth! In 3DCS, you could steer a rally vehicle, unusual police care, or muscle car.
The ultimate word game. Lettepress is a clean aggregate between simplicity, strategy and mind.
So, what do you think? Are those sufficient things to whilst you are bored? Or have to we provide you with a larger listing? Don’t no longer forget to leave your remarks on this!
Samsung has found out its ultra-modern flagship phone,the Samsung Galaxy S9 . the brand new cellphone follows its exceedingly successful Galaxy S8 and could set the bar for Android phone(click here to read on new anticipating 2018 latest phones);  for the year to come.
the new phone capabilities Samsung's now ubiquitous edge-to-edge show, AR emoji, a effective digicam and fashionable exceptional-slow motion video. Samsung has stated the smartphone will "reinvent the camera", placing high-spec digital camera technology front and centre of the brand new handset.
The Samsung Galaxy S9 will lay down a task to Apple's premium iPhone X. it is slightly less expensive at £739, but comes with lots of premium specifications to make it a main rival to the present day Apple line up.

Right here is the entirety you want to know about the Samsung Galaxy S9:
Samsung Galaxy S9 launch date and price
The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be released on Friday, 16 March, with pre-orders starting on 1 March. It was announced on 25 February at mobile global Congress in Barcelona.
The Galaxy S9 may be priced at £739, even as the larger S9+ will be priced at £869. this is close to £50 extra for every version than the last generation.
it's far expected to be available from most main outlets and network providers, however numerous have set up pages in which you can check in your interest for a pre-order.

assessment review
What does the Samsung Galaxy S9 seem like?
The Samsung Galaxy S9 is available in  models, the Samsung Galaxy S9 with a 5.8-inch display and the larger Samsung Galaxy S9+ which features a 6.2-inch display screen.
It looks pretty much like the older S8, but the screen is slightly longer with slightly thinner aspects. each feature a rear fingerprint sensor, while the S9 has a single lens camera and the S+ capabilities a dual lens digicam for the first time, following on from the twin digital camera
it's going to be availabe with 4 colours, despite the fact that only three are available in the uk on release. the UK colours are midnight Black, Lilac pink and Coral Blue.The Samsung Galaxy S9+ in lilac pink Samsung Galaxy S9 high-quality functions

The camera, reinvented
The Samsung Galaxy S9 features a far advanced camera with numerous thrilling tweaks and innovations that the corporation hopes will make it the top player on the market. these consist of a dual aperture, because of this the digicam lens can be made larger or smaller, basically controlling how lots light is let in.
The lens is both an  F1.5 or F2.4. the larger can allow more light to skip via, creating a brighter photograph and enhancing the photo in low light situations.
The Galaxy S9+ additionally features a dual lens digicam, which should allow for greater depth effects. both cameras are 12MP, while the front selfie cameras are 8MP.
customers will need to wait for a full review to peer just how properly the Samsung Galaxy S9 digital camera is, but the Galaxy note 8 had one of the exceptional cellphone cameras to be had, in line with The Telegraph's overview .

AR Emoji
First there have been the iPhone Animoji, and now other cellphone makers are following the trend . Samsung has launched AR Emoji, essentially a cross between Animoji and Bitmoji, which uses augmented truth technology and the phone's front camera to create an avatar of the consumer.
this can then copy the users movements or facial expressions to create unique characters. Samsung says this could then be sent in Gif shape, which means you should be capable of send Animoji over messages, WhatsApp or fb Messenger with ease.
if you assume this is all a bit familiar, nicely you'd be right. it's been in comparison to Apple's Animoji, the animal characters on the iPhone X which use facial popularity to ship animations.

brilliant slow-motion digital camera
one of the maximum exciting new factors of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is its brilliant slow motion camera. This improves on its old model and may now be set to record and at 960 frames per second. that is gradual sufficient to capture a bird's wing's flapping or a balloon full of water bursting.
the brand new tremendous slow-motion mode may be determined inside the digital camera app. It uses motion detection to locate when the gradual-motion moment ought to occur, that means you honestly must set the app prepared and anticipate the spotlight.
The captured video can then be set to track and sent out on social media, or it may be set as a screensaver.

live translation
using its camera, the S9 can mechanically translate terms, words, menus or street signs and words. It calls for an internet connection to do that, however the technology means you will need never feel out of place seeking to navigating abroad.

Infinity display
The Samsung Galaxy S9 maintains that excessive-end display that challenges the best available on the market. it will have a 1440 x 2960 display and use Samsung's terrific Amoled era to hold that punchy display screen tech that fills the complete front of the cellphone. it will have 529 pixels according to inch at the regular S9 and 570 pixels according to inch on the S9+, more than on the iPhone X.
The Samsung Galaxy S9 keeps its infinity show

Bixby Al
The telephone continues Samsung's Bixby button and Bixby AI. Samsung says the digital assistant must be integrating with more products in the united kingdom, that means you can soon be able to control your smart television along with your voice using Bixby - even though this isn't always going to be live yet.
For more standard responsibilities, Bixby acts like other smart assistants and can be used to locate things on your telephone, solution questions or seek the internet.

should I buy the Samsung Galaxy S9?
There are masses of exquisite telephones out there proper now, not least the iPhone X and mid-tier models just like the OnePlus 5T which offer a cheaper alternative.

where to shop for the Samsung Galaxy S9
The Samsung Galaxy S9 can be on sale from £739 on maximum of the major networks, together with Carphone Warehouse , Mobiles.co.united kingdom , EE ,Vodafone and more.
 strike turns Ekiti varsity into ghost city
•Fayose should pay our lecturers’ salaries, frustrated university student plead

GodzGeneral, Ado Ekiti

For over six weeks, educational activities have been paralysed at the Ekiti state university (EKSU), Ado-Ekiti, since the educational staff of the institution went on strike. And the scenario has been taking a toll on the students.
members of the academic staff Union of Universities (ASUU), EKSU wing, had been on an industrial action since January 16. they're asking the payment of their eight months’ salaries allegedly being owed by the state government.
Investigations by GodzGeneral Correspondent discovered that students freshly admitted into the school, who had infrequently spent a semester before the strike commenced on January 16, have become stressed. this is just as other students, specifically the ones in their final yr, are becoming pissed off about the strike.

Ifeoluwa Stephen Sanusi, 18, a 100-level undergraduate of the department of Theatre and Media Arts of the university, told the reporter: “i've simply got admitted and have been longing for a very busy and challenging mastering experience. but then the school become shut down on January 16, and we were right here doing nothing. Efforts to read on our very own have been boring and unchallenging, as there is no lecturer to guide you.
“i'm bored and i want government to urgently pay our academics so they can resume work on time. I also appeal to the striking academics to kindly reach an affordable % with the authorities. They should placed our destiny in thoughts.”

Marian Ayodele, a 100 level student in the department of English and Literary studies, said she and her idle friends have determined a brief solace in paying frequent visits to the mosque to shed off the burden of boredom slammed on them by the strike.
“This strike isn't always desirable for us, especially those of us that are still freshers. We aren't glad because we're being not on time for no fault of ours. we're even losing self assurance in the system. We appeal to authorities to urgently heed the academics’ demand. They ought to simply find a manner and solve this hassle once and for all and on time too. The campus has become a ghost town and all of us has left,” she stated.

Olanrewaju Taiwo, a 300 level student of technology Laboratory generation, declared that the impasse caused by authorities’s non-fee of salaries was negatively affecting the fortunes of the students. He called for urgent action via government: “This strike is just delaying me and my destiny. I want each the academics and the authorities to urgently discover a way to the crisis and let us resume for lectures.”

miss Akande Morenike, a final year student in the school of law, appealed to authorities to pay the academics and quit the strike to prevent the consequences of youthful restiveness at the campus.
Her words: “I need to appeal to the authorities especially to urgently deal with the situation. This strike is affecting a lot of us psychologically and we're already getting depressed about the entire system. i'm already in my final year and were calculating that I have to be in the Nigerian law school in more than one months. but now i get weary with this pointless delay in the academic calendar occasioned by using the strike.
“All my colleagues are burdened. The fresh students are getting stressed. And  an idle thoughts is the devil’s workshop. So, I appeal to both parties, government and the striking staff of the school, to urgently reach a percent and give up this stalemate for our sake and the sake of their children also.”

Adeolu Oluwagbemiga, a 200 level student in the Economics department and Akintunji Oluwaseun of the science Laboratory technology department are heaping all the blame on the management of Governor Ayo Fayose over authorities’s failure to pay salaries. in step with them, anyone working and not receiving his salaries while due must not be blamed for downing tools.
“We learnt that our lecturers are on strike to call for some understanding from government on reduction of taxes that the government imposed on their salaries, and which they didn’t like. the lecturers additionally need the authorities to pay their outstanding salaries for 8 months. We learnt that there's this confrontation over what number of months need to first be paid. I think the authorities is imparting much less than 5 months, which is what the academics want. For us as students, we might rather pitch our tents with the lecturers because they are also fathers and mothers and have their very own children and different duties to take care of.
“imagine, if my moms and dads were to be academic lectures on this university and each of them have worked for eight good months with out getting a dime, would they be capable of pay my school fees? So, authorities has to do some thing quite urgently and stop giving us excuses.
“if they need to borrow to pay the salaries of lecturers, they must, please, do it. Governor Fayose ought to help solve this trouble as soon as and for all. We additionally need to appeal to President Muhammadu Buhari to assist our state authorities by means of giving him a bailout, if possible, to pay our lecturers’ salaries and allow us to resume in time.

GodzGeneral reporting

MANTLE OF power through Daniel Olukoya
1 Corinthians 4:20-24
Dr. D. k. Olukoya
Sons of God, God has designed school of power for His people to permit them to flow in his tremendous power at the fullness of time. whilst we talk of going through the school of power, it way to pass through a studying method, and with remarkable expectation that at the end of the day, you will prevail. Many people will join in a school but not all of them will finish the programme. some will pass whilst others will fail. a few will fail due to unseriousness, nonchalance, lack of knowledge, or their incapability to address the rigour involved. Others will pass because they may comply with the teachings and discipline. Even the ones with a purpose to succeed will come out in special grades. I want you to believe that you will succeed in Jesus’ name. The questions are: Do you honestly desire to have power? Are you inclined to pay the price, something it may cost a little? in case your answer is within the affirmative, then you are equipped to obtain the mantle of power.
whilst we communicate about the mantle of power, we are speaking of an outward manifestation of God’s power. 1 Corinthians 4:20: “For the kingdom of God isn't in word, however in power.” Acts of the Apostles 1:8: “but ye shall obtain power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” The word “power” right here is got from the Greek word “dunamis” from which we get the word dynamite. So, we can say, “You shall receive “dunamis” after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you.”
what's DYNAMITE?
Dynamite is a powerful explosive used in mining. it's far used to break mountains. It means that once the power of the Holy Spirit comes upon you, it's going to ruin each obstacle to the honour of God. when the power comes upon you, each problem in your way will be exploded. This power will only come across you when you yield your life unto the Lord. this is why Isaiah 55:12 says, “For yea shall go out with pleasure, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all of the trees of the field shall clap their hands.”
there is a going forth and a being led forth. whilst the Bible says you will go out with pleasure, it method that it's far possible to go out with unhappiness. numerous people exit and come again pissed off and unaccomplished. It says you shall be led forth with peace; this is speaking about the peace of God being with you even when you walk through a horrific environment. The Bible says that as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they're the sons of God. because the Spirit of God leads you forth in this darkish world, you'll be at peace. The mountains and hills stated in that passage refer to obstacles to your way; such hindrances will break forth into singing. And all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. the whole lot will work to your peace. when the power of the Holy Spirit comes upon you, it will split all the obstacles and they will give glory to the Lord. this is why you want the mantle of power.
Why do we need the mantle of power?
1. To witness Christ to the world: Acts of the Apostles 1:8 makes us to remember that the mantle of power will allow us to be God’s witnesses. anyplace you pass, the fullness of Christ will spring forth through you.
2. To do exploit for God: Daniel 11:32: “but the people that do know their God will be strong, and do exploits.” In hard situations, such people will be able to prevail by the reason of the mantle of power.
3. The mantle of power is an logo of God’s presence: The presence of God causes terror to the enemies all the time. Psalms 16:11 : “In thy presence, is fulness of joy; at thy proper hand there are pleasures for evermore.” The joy of the Lord swells in you as the mantle of power falls upon you.
4. For ransom from destroyers: Hosea 13:14: “i will ransom them from the power of the grave; i can redeem them from loss of life: O death I will be thy plagues; O grave, I will be thy destruction: repentance shall be hid from mine eyes.” You want the mantle of power to be free from the powers of the destroyers. The enemy is out to steal, to kill and to ruin. however through this power, you'll be preserved.
5. For the manifestation of Christ: Jesus, who's seated on the proper hand of power, said, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” He surely offers this power to as many as believe completely on Him. So, His manifestation is the mantle of power.
6. To prevent our hearts from fainting: Isaiah 40:29: “He giveth power to the faint; and to them that haven't any might, he increaseth strength.” The mantle of power is wanted to reinforce our hearts due to the fact a lot of people nowadays can not cope with the state of affairs of the prevailing world. Satanic technology is advancing and the fee of growth of many Christians nowadays isn't always adequate to resist it. due to this, a number of people are fainting and cannot virtually stand for the Lord. however the Bible says that God gives power to the faint and to them that don't have any would possibly He increases their strength.
7. To put together us as God’s battle axes: We need the mantle of power to emerge as God’s conflict axes. because the warfare with the dominion of darkness is getting fiercer there is need for us to do away with the works of darkness and placed on the armour of mild.
HOW DO YOU acquire THE MANTLE OF power
allow us to keep in mind the case of Elisha. 1 kings 19:19 – 21: “So he departed thence, and observed Elisha the son of Shaphat, who become ploughing with twelve yoke of oxen earlier than him, and he with the twelfth: and Elijah passed by him, and cast his mantle upon him. And he left the oxen, and ran after Elijah, and said, allow me, I pray thee, kiss my father, and my mother, after which i will comply with thee. And he stated unto him, go back again: for what have I performed to thee? And he returned again from him, and took a yoke of oxen, and slew them, and boiled their flesh with the instruments of the oxen, and gave unto the people, and they did eat. Then he arose, and went after Elijah, ministered unto him.”
The passage is talking about the call of Elisha. The Lord led Elijah to forged his mantle on him, indicating God’s call on his life. we are able to analyze a few lessons from this passage.
1. The immediate response of Elisha to God’s name: The Bible says he ran after Elijah. a whole lot of us nowadays know that God is calling us to particular matters, however we find excuses to postpone our reaction to His call. We procrastinate and by way of this, abuse His grace upon our lives. so that you can get hold of the mantle of power, you have to at once respond to God’s call. a number of us would say that until this and which are fulfilled in our lives, we would not be equipped to respond. if you sincerely desire the mantle of power for your self, you need to make up your mind to respond urgently to God’s call.
2. Elisha made preparations to comply with Elijah diligently without looking back: He determined to provide his parents a parting kiss. The Bible says that he took a yoke of oxen, slew them and boiled the flesh with the device of the oxen and gave people to eat. He prepared a farewell party with all he had to tell his family that he was leaving them to follow the Lord whole heartedly and there would not be an event to turn back although the way becomes difficult. and even if he desired to look back, there would be not anything to look back on.
there's a need so that it will prepare your self as you respond to God’s call. You want to be ready to undergo whatever it's going to cost you to follow the Lord. You want to make sure that you aren't following Him just due to the earthly blessings that you may get hold of, however due to the eternal value attached. You want to count the cost if you need the mantle of power due to the fact if there may be something pulling you back as you respond, the fullness of the power will now not be made happen on your life. there may be a want for you to prepare your house, check yourself and environment, due to the fact you cannot get hold of the mantle of power and be idle. God will endue you with power for a purpose. And the purpose can be hard but you may make arrangements for it.
The Israelites had no water until they dug the ditches. (2 Kings 3:16). there has been no recovery for Naaman until he had the seven dips. there was no oil until the vessels were amassed. And Jesus did not turn water to wine till the vessels had been filled with water. There may be no harvest until the floor has been broken up. so you want to break your fallow ground. There can be no reconciliation without repentance, and no entrance into heaven with out being cleansed by the blood of the Lamb.
liked, you need to count the cost and be geared up to pay the price. what is the price? You should be equipped to surrender your life and lay your all at the altar of God.
3. Elisha did now not make provision for any eventuality: He did no longer try to hold anything he could fall again on in case things did now not go on nicely with the call of God. The Bible says that he slew the oxen with the instrument thereof and it was not done steadily. He submitted absolutely. unlike quite a few people might say, “i am attempting, allow me do it gradually.” God desires a whole submission. a variety of people aren't flowing deeply in the power of God because they're yielding step by step. They don’t want to present all unto the Lord. They still keep in mind a few matters within the world dear to them higher than the riches of God’s glory. The Bible says that when bidding his family farewell, Elisha arose and went after Elijah, and became his servant.
there'll no longer be a quickening by the Holy Spirit until we are geared up to give our all unto the Lord. the glory of the Lord will now not be made manifest till all is laid at the altar. Elisha observed God diligently and the fullness of His power got here upon him. 2 Kings 2:11-14: “And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there seemed a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them each asunder; and Elijah went up with the aid of a whirlwind into heaven. And Elisha noticed it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof. And he saw him no more: and he took hold of his very own clothes, and lease them in two portions. He took up additionally the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and went back, and stood through the bank of Jordan; And he took the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and smote the waters, and said, in which is the lord God of Elijah? and while he additionally had smitten the waters, they parted hither and thither: and Elisha went over.” He finally obtained the mantle of power.
Elijah instructed him that for him to have a double part of his power, he ought to be diligent till he saw Elijah taken up. when the whirlwind from heaven became taking Elijah up, one might have expected that Elisha could first lay keep of the mantle of power, which turned into his priority. but the first issue he did, in line with the Bible, become to tear his garment into two earlier than laying keep on the mantle. a number of us are in a haste to go with the flow within the power of God with out being prepared to pay the price.
The Bible says lease your hearts and not your clothes. earlier than laying preserve at the mantle of power, there's need on the way to rend your heart. while you rend your heart, then you'll rend the heavens and the power will fall on you. The incapacity to rend the heart, which is a sign of unbrokenness has sealed up the heavens towards many. For the heavens to open unto you, there's a want to break your heart before the Lord. For a broken and a contrite heart, God will not despise. whilst you are broken before the Lord, you will get hold of the mantle of power. there's a want as a way to rend your hearts nowadays if indeed you need to go with the flow inside the power of God. In each issue of your life, show forth His victory in each place by way of rending your heart. you then shall be His actual witness and an brand of His presence.
it is God’s desire to endue us with power. however are you organized to pay the price? Are you willing to put all at His altar?
without this mantle of power, powers of darkness will operate in a more size and a variety of people will be rendered captive. God isn't always simply calling us to return, warm the chairs and shout Alleluia. He is looking us to confound the works of darkness in our surroundings. a number of us are falling quick of this because of our incapacity to lay all on the altar.
you can take the decision to come back all out for Him now with none further delay in order that he will not leave you behind. If there's some thing on your life which you find hard to give up for the Lord, take a bold faith closer to conquering it. keep in mind that His grace is sufficient for you.
PRAYER points
1. O Lord, I rend my heart today before You, in the name of Jesus.
2. O God, endue me now with the mantle of power, in the name of Jesus.
3. O Lord, permit your glory overshadow my life, in the name of Jesus.
4. Pray that the Holy Spirit must placed the sword of victory to your hand.
5. I paralyze every evil counsel against me, in the name of Jesus.
6. let each evil priest ordained towards me receive confusion, in the name of Jesus.
7. My body reject each evil arrow, in the name of Jesus.
8. every spirit of war working against this country, be paralysed, in the name of Jesus.
9. all of the satanic agents making plans hassle for this nation, be paralysed, in the name of Jesus.
10. let the spirit of peace reign in this country, in the name of Jesus.The blood of Jesus work towards every power of darkness running against my life, in the name of Jesus.
2. Father Lord, fill me afresh along with your fire, in the name of Jesus.
3. I refuse to give up at the threshold of my step forward, inside the name of Jesus.
4. let the fire of God consume every drawback to my spiritual breakthrough, in the name of Jesus.
5. I loose myself from any bondage by using the power in the blood of Jesus, in Jesus’ name.
6. permit the arrows of fire locate my oppressors and cut them into pieces, in Jesus’ name.
7. let the stone of hearth hit the brow of my Goliath, inside the name of Jesus.
8. I reject every spirit of fear, in the name of Jesus.

For more words on d.k olukoya sermon

The dangerous sleep— Dr.d.k olukoya


Memory is the term given to the structures and processes involved in the storage and subsequent retrieval of information.
Memory is essential to all our lives. Without a memory of the past, we cannot operate in the present or think about the future. We would not be able to remember what we did yesterday, what we have done today or what we plan to do tomorrow. Without memory, we could not learn anything.
Memory is involved in processing vast amounts of information. This information takes many different forms, e.g. images, sounds or meaning.We have two different principle coding system,which are short term memory(STM) and long term memory(LTM)

Memory covers three important aspects of information processing:

1. Memory Encoding
When information comes into our memory system (from sensory input), it needs to be changed into a form that the system can cope with, so that it can be stored.  Think of this as similar to changing your money into a different currency when you travel from one country to another.

2.Memory Storage
This concerns the nature of memory stores, i.e, where the information is stored, how long the memory lasts for (duration), how much can be stored at any time (capacity) and what kind of information is held. The way we store information affects the way we retrieve it
Most adults can store between 5 and 9 items in their short-term memory. putting this idea forward and we called it the magic number 7. We though that short-term memory capacity was 7 (plus or minus 2) items because it only had a certain number of “slots” in which items could be stored.

3.Memory Retrieval
This refers to getting information out storage. If we can’t remember something, it may be because we are unable to retrieve it.  When we are asked to retrieve something from memory, the differences between STM and LTM become very clear.
STM is stored and retrieved sequentially. For example, if a group of participants are given a list of words to remember, and then asked to recall the fourth word on the list, participants go through the list in the order they heard it in order to retrieve the information.
LTM is stored and retrieved by association. This is why you can remember what you went upstairs for if you go back to the room where you first thought about it.

Simple ways to improve your memory

1.Give your brain a workout
By the time you’ve reached adulthood, your brain has developed millions of neural pathways that help you process and recall information quickly, solve familiar problems, and execute familiar tasks with a minimum of mental effort. But if you always stick to these well-worn paths, you aren’t giving your brain the stimulation it needs to keep growing and developing. You have to shake things up from time to time!
Memory, like muscular strength, requires you to “use it or lose it.” The more you work out your brain, the better you’ll be able to process and remember information. But not all activities are equal. The best brain exercises break your routine and challenge you to use and develop new brain pathways
Think of something new you’ve always wanted to try, like learning how to play the guitar, make pottery, juggle, play chess, speak French, dance the tango, or master your golf swing. Any of these activities can help you improve your memory, so long as they keep you challenged and engaged.

2.Start Your Day With fruit
Starting your day with fruit might just ensure that your memories stay sharp as you age. fruit is a good source of pigment rich in vitamin A and c with other essential nutrients(click here to read more on the benefits of fruit you probably have not heard of)  ,research published in the European Journal of Pharmacology has found effective in preventing memory loss among animal test subjects. And on those days when grapefruit just won’t cut it, add these 3 Perfect Breakfast Meals for Blasting Belly Fat to your menu!

3.Make time for friends
When you think of ways to improve memory, do you think of “serious” activities such as wrestling with the New York Times crossword puzzle or mastering chess strategy, or do more lighthearted pastimes—hanging out with friends or enjoying a funny movie—come to mind? If you’re like most of us, it’s probably the former. But countless studies show that a life full of friends and fun comes with cognitive benefits.
Humans are highly social animals. We’re not meant to survive, let alone thrive, in isolation. Relationships stimulate our brains,in fact, interacting with others may be the best kind of brain exercise.
Research shows that having meaningful friendships and a strong support system are vital not only to emotional health, but also to brain health. In one recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health, for example, researchers found that people with the most active social lives had the slowest rate of memory decline.

A thirsty brain is a forgetful brain. Even minor dehydration has been linked to reductions in functional memory , so if you want to be sure you’ll remember your boss’s wife’s name, where you left your keys, or the combination on your locker at the gym, keep a water bottle handy.

5.Get Some Sun
Getting a little controlled sun exposure could be the best thing you do for your memory. A review of research suggests that low vitamin D status is associated with an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, so don’t be afraid to spend a few minutes outdoors sans sunblock each day.

6.Eat More Red Fruit
An apple a day does keep the doctor away,if it’s a Red Delicious, that is. Resveratrol, a pigment found in red fruit, like apples, strawberries, raspberries, and grapes , potentially leading to improvements in memory among those without dementia, as well.

7.Have a laugh
You’ve heard that laughter is the best medicine , and that holds true for the brain and the memory, as well as the body. Unlike emotional responses, which are limited to specific areas of the brain, laughter engages multiple regions across the whole brain.
Furthermore, listening to jokes and working out punch lines activates areas of the brain vital to learning and creativity. “laughter… seems to help people think more broadly and associate more freely.”

8.Identify and treat health problems
Do you feel that your memory has taken an unexplainable dip? If so, there may be a health or lifestyle problem to blame.
It’s not just dementia or disease that causes memory loss . There are many diseases, mental health disorders, and medications that can interfere with memory:

**Heart disease and its risk factors.
Cardiovascular disease and its risk factors, including high cholesterol and high blood pressure, have been linked to mild cognitive impairment.

Studies show that people with diabetes experience far greater cognitive decline than those who don’t suffer from the disease.

**Hormone imbalance.
 Women going through menopause often experience memory problems when their estrogen dips. In men, low testosterone can cause issues. Thyroid imbalances can also cause forgetfulness, sluggish thinking, or confusion.

**Medications. Many prescription and over-the-counter medications can get in the way of memory and clear thinking. Common culprits include cold and allergy medications, sleep aids, and antidepressants. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about possible side effects.

9.Take practical steps to support learning and memory
You can’t remember something if you never learned it, and you can’t learn something,that is, encode it into your brain,if you don’t pay enough attention to it. It takes about eight seconds of intense focus to process a piece of information into your memory. If you’re easily distracted, pick a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.

10.Get Plenty of Sleep
Getting a good night’s rest is one of the best things you can do when it comes to improving your memory. Not only can most people attest to the brain fog that follows a night when you’ve barely slept at all, research suggests that inadequate sleep can have a negative effect on human memory in the long-term, as well. In fact, a study conducted reveals that memory consolidation,what happens in the brain between when something occurs and when it becomes a lasting memory,and related motor skills are notably improved by getting an adequate amount of sleep.
Now you have a choice. You can continue to neglect yourself, which will definitely cause you some form of memory loss. This is especially true if you have a disease or trauma to the brain. Or, you can take the 10 suggestions presented above and make changes to improve your life and memory....

Reverend billy graham, the influential southern preacher who've grow to be a spiritual advisor representative to numerous u.s presidents and hundreds of thousands of american citizens through their tv stations, has died, his own family stated Wednesday. he was 99.
the one-time backwoods minister who finally became the world’s most vital christian evangelist, unfold a message of spiritual redemption at tent and stadium revival conferences, in a profession that spanned many years.

“billy graham is the closest thing to a national pope that we will ever see,” journalist garry wills as quickly as wrote in the washington submit.
graham changed into a pioneer of “televangelism” to transform souls to christianity as tv had been given off the ground in the 1950s.
born on november 7, 1918, he became raised as simply one of 4 children on a dairy farm in charlotte, north carolina.
graham had a spiritual awakening in 1934 that changed the course of his life. he in the end attended the florida bible institute, now trinity university of florida, and modified into ordained as a baptist minister in 1939.
in 1950, he based the billy graham evangelistic association (bgea) in minneapolis, minnesota and released a weekly “hour of decision” radio station.
graham and his partner ruth bell graham — the daughter of a missionary medical professional who grew up in china — had 5 children.
those embody with anne graham lotz, a christian author and speaker, and  sons, who like their well-known father have become ministers.
one son, william franklin graham iii is now the head of the billy graham evangelistic association.
his wife ruth, regardless of the truth that married for almost sixty four years to the world’s most baptist preacher, remained a lifelong presbyterian. she died in june 2007 at the age of 87.
not like other immoderate-profile evangelists, graham managed to break out intercourse and money scandals with the aid of maintaining a meticulous watch over his personnel and finances.

“my best fear is that i’ll do something with the intention to convey disrepute at the gospel of christ before I go,” graham stated in a 1991 interview.
he suffered from a number of ailments late in life, along with parkinson’s sickness and prostate most cancers. in 1995, weakened with the resource of infection and old age, he grew to hand  over operation of his ministry to his eldest son.
GodzGeneral will be coming up with one of his message soon....
Billy Graham one of the greatest evangelist of our time.....
A student's life is busy and dealing with study, part time work and personal life may be difficult. right here are few recommendations for university students to Stabilize study, work, and private life.

have a look at, work, and private life
there are fundamental components of a student’s lifestyles which consumes most of their time; study, work, and personal life. have a look at study and work each day can soak up an enough amount of time and very much less time can also remain for personal stuff. this is one of the essential issues a student lifestyle. so the question is: how to balance study, work, and private life?
(Click here to read on how to study without having a problem)
a college generally has  semesters or 3 trimesters. each semester has a couple of courses, normally 3 to 4; but, in a few instances faculties offer university students the capability to select what personal they choice to sign up mainly semesters, known as as electives, and what number of courses they need to sign up. each course can typically soak up a whole lot of hours in line with week.
Part time vs Full time university students
The workload of a Full time student can of direction be very unique as compared to the workload of a Part time student. for an entire time student, there may be very less time left for work or personal life. so proper time control for college students could be very critical. however, for a issue time student, there may be plethora of time left after research for work and other private stuff.
it’s important to pick out the take a look at load accurately. for instance, if you are already working full time, then it could be clever to pick out a Part time take a look at load so that you can still preserve you task, preserve making a living, cover your charges and fees, and nevertheless have a look at.
another things to remember is that taking Part time study may additionally take a very long term to finish the studies. for instance, if a pupil takes a masters course, then if full time pupil completes it in  years, it is able to take up to 4 years for the equal course to complete in case of Part time study management.
moreover, in case you fail a course it may sincerely end up taking a variety of more time. if it’s your last semester, you may get your certificate or degree after Another different 6 months without a doubt because of that one course that you have not been able to clear. eventually, it’s additionally very essential to clear it in one Sitting Save time.
so it's far as much as an individual what they determine based on their personal circumstances. a few can be keen on finishing their studies as fast as possible, even as others may not much be in a hurry.

hints for time management in online studying
there are many students who choose on-line Courses to keep time and make a stability amongst their work, study, and personal life. right here are 7 recommendations on how to stability study, work, and private life when taking up on line courses.

1. do not procrastinate.
delaying matters may additionally moreover result in piling of more and more work ultimately. another disadvantage of procrastination is that it only continues including more stress at the top of each day work load.

2. recall having a time without work.
as soon as, i used to be a student; nowadays i have based my very personal seo services, so things are plenty busier now than ever. however i however attempt to create a exquisite balance among work and life. it takes lot of effort, but it's far viable. vijay, who was once an international student and now runs a successful business organisation, says “once in a while taking day off really makes things much better; it offers you power to address greater pressure, and matters begin getting higher from there on”. even the fitness professionals ask their customers to have a cheat meal however being on a totally strict eating regimen. the purpose to permit a chat meal is to maintain the purchaser inspired; else, if the client gets demotivated with the everyday strict diet regime, then he/she may moreover quit all together. a cheat meal maintains their customers from quitting.

3. keep away from multi-tasking.
even though a few can also discover it better to multi-task. but, the hassle with multi-tasking is that it consumes greater of your power than ordinary and, in many instances, it’s validated that it surely finally ends up taking more time to finish those individual duties. the satisfactory way to complete a task is to complete it after which skip to a few other one. taking breaks is of path ok, as you don’t need to drain out all of your energies; however, try no longer to do the whole lot on the same time.

4. keep away from distractions.
these days, most of us get distracted time to time with the resource of using fb, twitter, or checking our cellular phones all the time. these things can distract you from the work you may be doing, and may take lot more time than normal to finish duties. at the end of the day, whilst you are not performed with particular tasks, this could leave you burdened. so, awareness can be very essential to complete one project and circulate to a few other.

5. take care of your health.
caryn, who is a nutritionist , says "a balanced diet is vital for university students. studying specially all through exams may additionally take in a lot of energy and, hence, the proper amount of nutrients is vital part of a pupil's life".

6. make use of some time in creative matters.
this means, in case you’re a pupil, why no longer spend time studying articles on a career help web site?

7. persist with a schedule.
the motive for this is that when you plan matters, you then continuously live knowledgeable: it manner you understand when you may be in a role to complete a specific mission or college project. you could typically include breaks or a small day trip as a part of the time table. it'll work as an incentive to stick to time table, knowing at the same time as to do what; in any other case, you could emerge as with a pile up of hard work, which includes new stuff that you were not aware about because you didn’t time table. write things up, make notes, plan properly, and you'll find it Easy and simpler to balance your life between study, work, and personal life.
Europe's elite competition resumes on Tuesday with the first leg of the round of 16, with Chelsea hosting Barcelona and Bayern Munich  facing Besiktas. Barcelona have been in impossible to resist shape in the top-rated league

Chelsea boss antonio conte says he has had trouble snoozing as his aspect prepare for tuesday's champions league last-16 tie competition to barcelona at stamford bridge.
the blues have won 4 of their past 12 games in all competitions.
barcelona are in competition to win the treble and are unbeaten in la liga, which they lead via seven point.
"this team is one of the best in the global world - perhaps they may be favourites to win this competition," stated conte.
"alternatively we need to be excited due to the truth we've got a terrific possibility to play a very good game toward a really great team and to reveal which is our level," the italian says. "we should try to have the precise game."
chelsea lost efl cup semi-final to arsenal in january accompanied via league defeats to bournemouth and watford.
they have started out to turn their poor form round, with a league win towards west brom on 12 February observed by using Friday's fa cup 5th-round win against hull.
Conte's future has been the issue of dialogue this season and following the Barcelona match, his issue face a key visit to Manchester united in the league on Sunday.
"in in recent times after the game in the fa cup, i need to be sincere... it became a chunk difficult to sleep properly," said conte.
"when you have to play this sort of game, you want to put together. you need to put together the entirety. you need to prepare massive things, however the smaller info too."
Chelsea last beat Barcelona in 2012 in the champions league semifinals and went at once to win the competition for the first time.
Barca's highest goal scorer this season, Lionel messi, is but to score in 8 appearances against the blues.
"we are speaking approximately the excellent player in the world," added conte. "messi has the capacity to clear up conditions, create a hassle while you are not seeing the chance to score. this means we're speaking about a exceptional player."

team facts

Marcos Alonso and Ross Barkley, who've leave out Chelsea's three games, go back on Monday, but David Luis and tiemoue bakayoko had been absent.
Barcelona centre back Thomas vermaelen has travelled to London, but Philippe coutinho is cups tied, after playing for liverpool in the competition.


Chelsea and Barcelona are facing every other for the 13th time in the champions league, the 5th-most performed fixture in the competition.
the London club are unbeaten of their last seven champions league games in against to barcelona (gained two, drawn 5).
barcelona have won out of six away games to chelsea in the champions league and that they have by no means get a clean sheet at stamford bridge.
chelsea will attempt to qualify for the quarterfinals of the champions league for the first time since 2013/14 - they're winless of their last six knockout  games.
barcelona have reached the champions league semi-finals  once In  four seasons.
barcelona were one out of 4 teams to remain unbeaten on this season's champions league stages, along besiktas, liverpool and tottenham.
moreover they have got the exceptional defensive profile in the champions league this season, conceding one in six games.
luis suarez has failed to score in the 791 mins of play in the champions league, his longest drought in the competition.
eden hazard has scored three goals and added  assists in his last five champions league games.

scores, end result& fixture

tuesday 20th February 2018
for more thoughts, data and suggestion, go to
champions league
tue 20 feb 2018 champions league - round of sixteen - 1 st leg
venue : stamford bridge
19:45 chelsea vs barcelona
19:45 bayern munich vs besiktas
bayern munich resume their uefa champions league mission on tuesday with turkish champions besiktas visiting the allianz vicinity for the first leg of a round of -16 conflict the bavarians desire will pave the way for a 7th directly quater final qualification (kick-off 20:45cet/19:45gmt).


james rodriguez was rested for bayern’s 2-1 win at wolfsburg on saturday, even as coach
jupp heynckes can be capable to recall 1,400 appearances well worth of know-how that he left at the bench for the game while besiktas come to town. Robert lewandowski , Thomas Muller ,
David Alaba , Jerome boateng, mats Hummel and Joshua kimmich had been all afforded a rest at the weekend, but assume the seven players above to return refreshed, with thiago alcantara – who made his comeback after a three-month injury – dropping back to the bench. other than Manuel neuer, heycnkes has a fully squad to select from. "the coach is in that famous antique scenario of being spoilt for squad," stated müller . "whilst we are all fit, we have were given lots of actually precised players."
portuguese defender pepe, who helped real madrid beat bayern in the 2014 semi-finals, stands on the heart of the besiktas defence on what will be his 95th champions league appearance, even as some other skilled campaigner, ricardo quaresma, should return to the starting xi after being omitted of the weekend's 1-1 draw at konyaspor, most likely taking the place of jeremain lens. former
hoffenheim player ryan babel have to start, in the meantime, though he might not have fond recollections of his previous  visits to munich: 4-0 and 7-1 defeats.

probable line-ups

bayern: ulreich - kimmich, boateng, hummels, alaba – martinez, vidal – müller (c), james, coman - lewandowski
absentees: neuer (foot)
coach: jupp heynckes
besiktas: fabri - gonul, pepe, medel, adriano - hutchinson, özyakup (c) - quaresma, talisca, babel - love
absentees: kavlak (shoulder), atinc (knee), gokhan tore (knee), tosic (arm)
coach: senol gunes
match stats
lewandowki’s final minute penalty winner towards to wolfsburg have become his 17th consecutive successful bundesliga spot-kick, surpassing goalkeeper hans-jörg butt’s profile.
kinglsey coman is bayern’s satisfactory provider at the continent up to now this season, with 3 assists.
bayern have won 13  games in all competitions – a file for heynckes – which includes all seven games they've played so far in 2018.
bayern have reached at the least quater finals in six seasons.
these  aspects met in the 1997/98 group stage, with bayern triumphing 2-0 in istanbul and through manner of the same scoreline in munich's Olympia station.
this is besiktas' first ever appearance In the knockout stages of the ucl; bayern are at this stage for the 14th time.

This used to occur to me and i used to be considered common student, i too believed i will forget what i examine because i had poor memory
but in actual lifestyles i had high-quality memory for information and remembered the whole thing, in relation to paying attention to humans and closed ones how can this be??
you can simply not forget that's vital to you, so anybody has the same ability with regards to memory, brain discards that you experience isn't always crucial.

don't worry if your buddies recollects studying it most effective once' they may be virtually storing it to short-time period memory
if there has been one component which modified me from failed student to above average is revision ( it's really worth giving your thoughts test which you really recall or not before trying to take into account in examination hall) so revise well earlier than,
revise as fast as you look at and revise before exams

 you cannot undergo all of the stuffs in final moments, however if you can control the ability to put in writing it in single paper all the topics you have studied (you'll enhance this capability with time)
this is the only aspect i undergo earlier than going to examination,this instance of the sheet how i
take a sheet of double sheet paper fold it into 4parts you will have 8parts to fill now, break down the whole lot into mnemonics story and diagrams

this method will become fun with practice
 i.e. try to memorize matters nicely in your first try.
    ways to achieve this :-
a. attempt to recognize your problem matter , if viable exercise it on real lifestyles i.e. stuff round you.
b. watch a documentary on the subject or try to draw diagrams of what you are trying to memorize .
c.  Group study is a amazing preference , but ensure that it'd not emerge as at a cs event , suggest to mention try and have a powerful communication.
d. try to have more effective analyzing through raising your mood this may be achieved by:
1.take note of song earlier than Starting , a few thing which offers piece of mind
2. try to take breaks while studying 3.meditation

eating goodies at the same time as studying enables the mind hold to new facts and it's far connected to higher check ratings.

studies show spending hours analyzing notes to prepare for a check is useless. flash cards however, are extremely good memory reinforcement.

 scent is the maximum powerful experience connected to memory. whilst analyzing maintain some flower on your table , for ex rose. and at some point of the examination take some other rose with you. the equal aroma will help you keep in thoughts what you have found out. and you will normally tend to forget much less.

 if you chew gum when you have a look at a topic and chew the same flavour whilst you take the test it's going to help you take into account .

writing your concerns just earlier than taking an exam or each night time earlier than going to the bed can enhance your test score.

there's a music that has been validated to reduce tension via 65 %. it’s referred to as weightless through macaroni union . its have become mainly designed to gradual your coronary heart charge , reduce your blood stress and manipulate your cortisol ranges.

 studying for 30–50 minutes, with a ten minutes break is one of the first-rate technique to enhance your memory

consuming candies even as reading allows the mind keep to new data and it's far connected to higher test ratings.
with all this you need to study a healthy habitual and you can not forget sooner or later of an exam or later. and rating as desired.

The subsequent list explains you how to effectively score to attain as favored,desire it will help.
but i assume this is sufficient,i think others solutions could have covered everything what i may have left
lot more to tell !!!
very last tip for you and me
all the best.
This web page become created for all potential corp participants who have fulfilled the requirements of their respective institutions/ faculties and desire to participate within the nysc
2018/2019 nysc orientation exercise batch a and batch b (circulate 1 and circulate 11 respectively) 2018/2019 and have been authorized via their institutions respective senate.
Nysc 2018/2019 [Batch A & B Mobilization Lists, Call-Up Letter & Orientation Schedule] Latest updates
Please word that this page could be updated as soon because the 2018 batch a and b on line registration starts offevolved with a purpose to be likely by using march 2018 .
The Nigeria youth service corps (nysc) management has successful deployed 2017 batch b stream 1 corps member to all states of the federation for his or her service yr.
Now you might be asking whilst the 2018 batch A may be going for service?

Please be aware that at the time of writing this newsletter there can be no proper date for registration and mobilization of nysc batch A 2018 potential corps participants,however we are expecting while you must expect it.
Please be aware that the 2018 nysc batch A stream 1 may be going to camp around march/april 2018 so allow us to be about it.
if you have now not achieved your clearance in your respective institution please make sure you use this period to try this speedy as your institutions will no longer ship your names to nysc for mobilization.
The 2017 batch b stream 11 orientation route is on 16th january of 2018 . it will hold to 5th march of 2018 . this is the professional information from mobilization desk of nysc.

The mobilization desk and major activities of this three hundred and sixty five days:
there was briefing for future students among 12thoctober and 10th november;
From 12th to 15th october – the assertion of serving programs;
at the same time, nysc published the listing of potential applicants;
between 16th and 21th october the listing of graduates become approved via educational board;
between 23rd october and 20th november – there was the registration time for neighborhood and overseas corners;
Hat the same time, the potential corpers lawsuits were taken into consideration;
From 17th to 20th november there was a time of getting ready and sending letters to all wished educational institutions;
within the time of 18th and 21st november the nysc time table for students turned into published;
updated news on nysc batch b stream 2 became announced.
And now it's time for nysc destiny corners to be prepared for brand new vital enjoy of their lives. All applicants had to go through the registration technique. It emerge as important to satisfy 9 requirements to finish the process.
we are capable of be overlaying the subsequent updates for the 2018 nysc mobilization exercise.
Nysc 2018 [Batch A Or B] on-line registration of institutions [Pre-Mobilization]
Nysc 2018 [Batch A Or B] mobilizations of graduands [Senate Lists]
Nysc 2018 [Batch A Or B] green card and call-up letter printing
Nysc 2018 [Batch A Or B] orientation timetable e.T.c

2017 batch ‘b’ stream ii orientation course

The nysc 2017 batch ‘b’ stream ii orientation stream is scheduled to
hold in fifteen (15) nysc orientation camps best, in particular; abia,
Bauchi, benue, delta, enugu, sokoto, jigawa, kaduna, katsina, plateau,
Lagos, osun, oyo, rivers and the fct. The orientation direction is to
commence as follows;
(a) commencement and registration: tuesday 16th january, 2018
(b) end date for registration: midnight wednesday,17th january, 2018
(c) swearing-in ceremony: thursday, 18th january, 2018
(d) ultimatum: monday, 5th february, 2018
2. All potential corps individuals for the 2017 batch ‘b’ stream ii
Orientation course are advised to continue to their respective camps as
stated on their call-up letters. foreign-skilled graduates are to
record to the camp with their traveling passport for identification
similarly to their certificates/transcript for verification.
3. in the occasion of any loss of call-up letter, the corps member who
collected the call-up letter from his/her institution is suggested to
get police document and sworn court affidavit and thereafter, document
To the institution of graduation for further vital motion. those
Who first of all revealed their call-up letters online can re-print the
call-up letters as usually as they want within the case of loss.
4. prospective corps participants are to be aware that their states of
Deployment may additionally vary from their orientation camp venue, as a result; they
need to take cautious have a look at in their respective orientation camp venue
earlier than intending to camp.
Requirement for registration:
(a) real call-up letter or call-up letter published
(b) declaration of result endorsed thru legal officer with proper signature.
(c) institution identity card, consisting of traveling passport for
overseas-professional graduates.
(d) medical doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists and optometrists
Are to supply proof of registration with their expert bodies.
(e) potential corps members ought to visit camp with useful
Account number and bank verification no (bvn) to facilitate fee of entitlements.
(f) in addition, each prospective corps member ought to present certificate of fitness from a central authority or military hospital displaying
His/her health reputation earlier than he/she can be registered and admitted
For the orientation course.
The director–wellknown, brigadier trendy sz kazaure dss phd fcsn
desires all potential corps members journey mercies to their respective camps
And a memorable orientation route.

S/n.   event         date
1. Briefing/sensitization of final 365 days institution students/potential corps members. 12th oct – 10th nov 2017

2. show of list of all accredited programmes for institutions on nysc portal for cross checking and comments 12th – 15th oct. 2017

3. Collation of prospective corps participants’ information through using corps producing institution cpis 12th – 15th oct. 2017

4. Submission/uploading of senate/academic board authorized result for full/part-time graduates and revalidation lists via way of cpis 16th – 21st oct. 2017

5. online registration by means of overseas and regionally educated nigerian graduates 23rd october to 12th november 2017

6.leisure of complain from potential corps members by means of the state deployment and relocation officials and nysc help on-line/desks officials. 23rd october to 12th november 2017

7.Forwarding of court cases to mobilisation dept thru nation deployment and relocation officials 23rd october to 12th november 2017

8.Deployment and printing of call-up letters by means of ict branch 13th – 17th nov, 2017

nine. Notification/printing of call-up letters/delivery of call-up letters to institutions (streami) 17th – 20th nov, 2017

10. on-line printing of deployment disposition via corps producing institutions(cpis) 18th – 21st nov, 2017

11. 2017 batch ‘b’ orientation course (stream i) 21st november to 11thdecember 2017

12. 2017 batch ‘b’ orientation course(streamii) 16th january to 15th february 2018

source: GodzGeneral
what occurred the last time lionel messi played v chelsea at stamford bridge
a high-highexcellent deal has been made of the fact lionel messi has in no way scored against chelsea within the build-up to tuesday’s champions league game.

in spite of playing against the west london outfit 8 times all through his illustrious career, the barcelona superstar has in no way managed to hit the back of the net.
but, it’s well worth remembering that failure to get on the scoresheet doesn’t necessarily equal a poor overall performance. messi has however produced a few performances in opposition to chelsea.
his most great overall performance came returned in february 2006, while he produced a awesome person display in barcelona’s 2-1 win at the bridge.
messi, who modified into just 18 at the time, emerge as a regular danger over the course of the ninety minutes and hit the crossbar with a greathigh effort from the edge of the box.
the argentine ahead also produced an outstanding piece of ability against arjen robben inside the thirty fifth minute which led to asier del horno receiving a at once red card for a horrible challenge moments later.
messi, who changed into accused of ‘acting’ by way of jose mourinho after that healthy, again to the bridge 3 years later for the unforgettable 2008-09 champions league semi-final 2nd leg.
andres iniesta famously scored the motive that despatched barça through to the very last inside the dying seconds of the Match, courtesy of a bypass from messi.
all all over again, he’d made an effect notwithstanding failing to get himself on the scoresheet.
what happened the closing time messi accomplished at stamford bridge
three years after that, in april 2012, messi came back to the bridge for any other champions league semi-final - this time for the number one leg.
this is messi’s most-current appearance at chelsea’s domestic floor - however how did he carry out that night time?
quite nicely, without a doubt.
chelsea obtained the wholesome 1-0, courtesy of a didier drogba aim at the stroke of half-time, however messi modified into typically vibrant all through the match.
a goalless ordinary overall performance offers the influence that he struggled however watch his individual highlights from the match and it’s patently clean that’s now not the case…

how the press rated messi's ordinary overall performance
the independent exceeded messi an 8/10 rating, making him barça’s great acting player at the night time along xavi.
so all this talk that messi has continuously struggled at stamford bridge is, quite frankly, nonsense.
don’t be surprised if he in the long run breaks his duck on tuesday night.
lionel messi has an brilliant record of scoring in competition to english teams inside the champions league, with 17 desires in 16 games. he has scored a hat-trick in competition to manchester city, 4 desires in a single endeavor against arsenal and determined the net in  exclusive finals to crush manchester united.
but, he has by no means managed to reap in the direction of chelsea.
it's far surprising, particularly whilst you remember the argentine has faced them eight times. there are not a selection of teams, both in spain or during europe, who can say they have generally controlled to hold messi off the score-sheet - however chelsea can.
messi has had 8 games and 29 pictures in general against the most fulfilling league side, but has in no way scored. it's far tough to fathom for a player who has 525 desires in 606 appearances for barcelona, however it's true. he even Lose a penalty in opposition to chelsea in april 2012, whilst his effort hit the bar.
leo messi vs chelsea: ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌

Whether you're trying to apply for undergraduate university admissions, graduate school, scientific college or regulation school, your GPA counts. if you have been gaining knowledge of schools and their admissions requirements and found out that your GPA isn't always going to meet their standards it’s time to determine if you may raise your GPA within the time you have got left.....
if you start paying interest early enough, you could raise your GPA to meet maximum graduate school admissions’ requirements. the less credit hours you have got earned, the less complicated it is going to be to elevate your GPA.

1. go to class frequently

I know this one is thoughts-numbingly obvious however it’s essential. Many professors lecture directly from PowerPoint and post the slides to the net. This makes it tempting to skip class, down load the lecture notes, and study the material to your personal. despite the fact that you may probably get away with this in easy courses, you’ll face issues in challenging ones. with the aid of skipping class, you leave out out on a few critical things:
*designated verbal explanations which might be key to understanding the material
*The chance to invite questions and listen to the Q&A of different students
*special bulletins
*opportunities for extra credit
It’s additionally vital to consider how skipping class affects your recognition. In most Lectures, grades are somewhat subjective. which means the grader’s belief of you can make or break your grade. in case you frequently leave out Lectures, you’ll be perceived as a person who lacks respect for the professor and the subject matter. Why must they give you the benefit of the doubt or round but it’s too important to not mention. Skipping class can make you appearance bad in the eyes of your professor. due to the fact grades are rather subjective, it’s a terrific concept to avoid irritating the person that can be handing out the marks. If attendance is an difficulty, you could be stuck with a B versus the A- you deserve.

2. take part in class
If you’re shy or new to the university experience, it can be hard to muster sufficient braveness to take part in class. nonetheless, that is exactly what you want to do. Lectures participation shows the professor you're keen to learn. It additionally will increase the chance that you'll take into account material from class to class.
not only will sitting in the front row build self esteem, it'll automatically engage you in the lecture. You’ll appear to be an eager student and rather seen to the teacher. this could assist your academic reputation and make it more likely you’ll expand a relationship with the professor. You’ll have a far less difficult time retaining recognition and could feel more like a participant than a passive observer.
university lectures tend to construct on previous material. if you come upon a lecture or concept which you do no longer understand, you have to deal with the problem right now to keep away from getting absolutely lost. confusing points may be clarified with assist from your professors, classmates or library sources.

3.organize your self
If you don’t have a study approach, you can observe all day and night and nonetheless not get anywhere. The best certain manner to make the maximum of your study time is to appoint a study method that enhances your agenda and learning style.
Getting prepared is one of the easiest approaches to elevate your GPA in college. while you’re prepared, you automatically lessen the quantity of time and effort that it takes to do nicely in university. stuff you have to prepare (besides your thoughts) include: your class time table, notes, study time, reading assignments and handouts.
extraordinary professors have unique teaching styles. a few lecture, a few use power point slides and a few rely on handouts and textbooks. The inconsistency could make note-taking complex from class to class. The nice way to deal with this is to broaden a note-taking system that works with every professor’s teaching style.
the sooner you could get commenced for your assignments, the higher. attempt maintaining a
listing of confirmed information sources, internet apps and different dependable assets so you can locate some thing the second you need it. The saved time may be used to examine, have amusing or just sleep.

4. Do a weekly study evaluation
A not unusual problem students encounter is attempting to study an huge amount of cloth right before the midterm or very last examination. this is practically impossible. You’ll find it much simpler if you take a slow method to reading. at the least as soon as a week, review your notes beginning from the beginning of the course. This most effective needs to take 15 or 20 mins, just enough time to construct familiarity with the material.
by way of doing a weekly overview you’ll regularly memorize the whole lot and will higher apprehend how one concept builds on the next. installing small amounts of attempt on a regular basis will extensively reduce the quantity of studying you need to do right before the test.

5. go to office class
Professors and TA’s usually make themselves to be had at ordinary instances throughout the week for college students to ask questions on assignments. Do your self a prefer via taking gain of this possibility. First, attending office hours will motivate you to get in advance in your work and put together inquiries to ask. this can provide you with a huge side in understanding problems that aren’t surely defined inside the lectures. 2nd, it's going to build your reputation as a excessive-effort student who merits high grades.
if you aren’t glad with the grades you’re presently getting, you may want to consider talking With your professors. simply don't forget to be well mannered. Throwing out wild accusations or stressful that a grade be changed is nearly by no means a very good idea. you'll be better off asking about viable steps you can take to improve your grade in every class.

6. Befriend with smart students with excessive GPA
In publications that involve institution work, that is crucial. no one desires to get stuck with a gaggle slackers, must do all of the work themselves, and end up with a terrible grade to expose for it. The exceptional of the your learning experience is without delay related to the attitudes of the people you figure with. running with clever people will facilitate dialogue. The nice way to apprehend an idea is talking about it with different shrewd Student.
Who you work with additionally impacts your educational reputation. if you associate with students that aren’t interested by getting to know, instructors and graders will expect you feel the equal way. It’s also a exceptional way to hook up with people who have comparable pursuits and goals.
You’re bound to make plenty of buddies in university. If you may, try to spend a while with a study pal who has a high GPA. Your clever friend may be able to help you out while you struggle and may show to be an amazing influence need to you feel the urge to slack.
Taking component in a examine institution is one of the excellent ways to stay on course and raise your GPA. have a look at groups now not only make you accountable, they also force you to come to be more organized and talk about what You have just discovered. If you can’t find a take a look at institution to join, strive forming one your self.

7. keep away from all-nighters
normally, having to drag an all-nighter method that you slacked off all semester and need to fit three months of learning into one day. in case you use a slow have a look at strategy this will by no means be necessary. All-nighters don’t work! sure, it might be viable to get a terrific grade if the route is easy, but it’s more likely that your grade can be considerably decrease. All-nighters damage performance because they make you tired and harassed. You’ll additionally overlook most of what you study right after the test, decreasing the realistic cost of your education.
even though it’s proper to spend a fair quantity of time studying earlier than a test, it’s simply as vital to get sufficient rest. Sleep improves concentration, solidifies what you have found out and improves your capacity to arrange and bear in mind records. bad performance in school can regularly be at once related to sleep deprivation.

8. make use of Library
Dorm rooms aren’t the excellent vicinity to observe. It’s manner too clean to get distracted by using roommates and visitors. Your observe time canl be greater productive in case you use your faculty’s library or a similar facility. on every occasion you enter that building, your mind will shift into work mode and stay there until making a decision to leave.
You should examine everything that is assigned to you after which some. reading lots makes you a better thinker, better author and, most significantly, better scholar.
although certain classes are greater interesting (and more critical) than others, it’s crucial which you take each magnificence seriously. If you may keep a great grade in each elegance, it'll make a large distinction for your universal grade point common.

9. take a look at clever
a few professors and schools provide opportunities for additonal credit. these opportunities are GPA gold mines; try and take benefit of them. more credit can enhance your average and decorate your college revel in.
Attending magnificence can be a waste of time when you have a long travel or a professor who likes to ramble. because of this and plenty of extra, you may need to take into account taking a number of your lessons on line. You’ll get to take a look at the equal cloth and save time inside the procedure.
university assessments will have a huge impact to your GPA. To ensure you’re ready on check day, begin analyzing as quickly as you can. Take a bit time to study the issue rely every day so that you’ll be better organized than you would be if you waited till the remaining minute to cram.

10. Set a purpose and praise your self
proper grades are their own reward, but it doesn’t harm to have a little more incentive. attempt setting a GPA purpose and profitable yourself with some thing which you really want after you acquire it.
That’s all. follow these 10 steps and you will see your GPA shoot through the roof.Good luck